That’s Just Rude…

Posted September 28th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I was wondering what I should post about today, and then I logged into WoW, lol. It seems like there’s always something that happens that I mean to mention in my blog, but rarely remember to do so! This time I was irked enough to actually make a note and take a screenshot however, so I thought I’d better actually write about it!

I have been killing Coren Direbrew every day on each of my 10 level 80 characters to grab some frost badges and Tankards of Terror. My rogue is my newest level 80, and I have been hoping to get Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker on her! On my rogue, in today’s Direbrew group, I had somehow managed to pull agro on some of Coren’s adds. I noticed everyone was missing a bit of health so I used evasion in case the healer was new and having some trouble. A drilling machine hit me when my evasion faded, leaving me at just over 500 hit points when Coren died. Everyone was missing some health so I clicked on the healer to see what was up. She was targeting me, but just jumping around. The loot was rolled for and the healer walked over to me, still targeting me, stood there for a moment, and then left the instance, leaving me at about 800 hit points by that time.

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I know Direbrew is a joke and could be killed by most groups blindfolded, but if you que as a healer, I strongly believe your job is to heal! The priest’s name was Peachydon from the Eldre’Thalas server, so I checked her out on Armory to see if maybe she was really undergeared and maybe had no idea what she was doing. Nope, apparently she’s so well geared that healing pug members must now just be below her.

I know I didn’t die, but one more hit and I would have, and I know since she would have happily let me die while she managed a whole 2k dps on the boss while jumping all around the room, she would not have stuck around to rez me had I died. I get the whole “elitiest” we’re better than everyone attitude players get when their gearscores turn the colour of blood, but isn’t being “elite” all about being the best at what you do? What’s the name for the people who just think they are so amazing that they don’t even see the need to act out their character’s roll anymore? And why are they even playing WoW!?

A similar thing happened on my mage a few minutes later. I was getting low on health just as Coren died, but you know what the healer from that group did? They healed me! *gasp* I thought I would try to add a positive to my somewhat negative post by writing down that healers name too! A special thanks to Vendettah from the Maiev server who took the time to throw me a heal before leaving the dungeon. Maybe it’s because he was a Horde, or maybe it’s just because he wasn’t a dick, but either way it made me feel a bit better about my rogue’s unfortunate experience.

I have a decently geared 80 priest, and I know that at times healing overgeared groups can get boring, but it is easy to dps a bit and keep an eye on people’s hit points! I would never intentionally not heal someone, even if someone in a group makes me angry about something, I may be a bit slower healing them than everyone else, but I would never just watch a group member die! I just don’t understand it…

Have any of you had similar experiences? Or do any of you let group members die just for fun? I’d love to hear some opinions on this one, no matter what they are!


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  1. Rathay

    Hey.. healers DPSing is the new… “That’s a hunter weapon!”
    >_> You know, crazy and stuff.

    On a serious note, I find that this happens a lot in groups for that particular “dungeon” queue. Often, I have to cast a few healing waves or something just to keep myself or others alive.

    I personally wouldn’t queue for something and then just stand and do nothing. Some people are just really lazy I guess and don’t want to push a few buttons and on top of that, receive 2 frost badges for it and possibly their rare mount/weapon/item.

    Also, I had a problem with a couple of level 80 trolls that happened to be in our level 72 dungeon queue, Azjol-Nerub… I forgot exactly what provoked them. I think it was because I pulled aggro off of our level 80 tank or something. They started yelling, “STOP TANKING WTF STOP TANKING LOSER MORON.” Oookay… So I kick voted both of them and they got kicked… xD Nobody else wanted to deal with a couple of asshats even for a decently fast run. It was awesome.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Lol, I like the comparison and I do so love that kick feature! I ran into a similar situation with a couple level 80s being in a 70 something dungeon who had higher gearscores than all my characters combined, lol. They were from the same guild as one of the lower members in the group and they were all being complete jerks and needing any blue gear that dropped (which they very obviously did not need)! I knew there were too many of them to get my vote to kick to pass, but I was so irritated I didn’t care, and tried anyway. They were mad “someone” had tried to kick one of them, and so the three of them left! It was great and myself and the remaining non-jerk in the party only had to wait a few minutes for our group to fill up again, lol.

    It’s too bad because I know there are so many nice people out there playing WoW, but people aren’t all in-your-face with niceness like they are with jerkness, lol. I’m hoping someday they add some kind of a player review button, so if someone is a douche like 99% of the time, everyone could tell just by inspecting them! I know it probably wouldn’t change much, but it would at least feel good to be able to give someone who made you angry a “bad player review”! hehe

  3. Rathay

    I just had an experience that made me think about this post again. I posted this on the WoW forums but let me just tell you what happened. I was on my (ret) paladin, leveling to 80. I was at about level 78 and found a group for Culling of Stratholme. So we go along and we wipe some time after the first boss. Oh well, no big deal. We all walk back and I notice the healer is just not keeping the tank high enough on hp. He was sitting at 5-10k~ most of the time even on the trash pulls. So I saw him fall to about 2,000 so I threw a few heals out to give him a boost, which decreased my dps obviously.

    So one guy asks why my dps is so low (on one fight…) and I explained to him that I was healing so we wouldn’t wipe again. I even said that it was nobody’s fault, that we just had bad luck… Well a minute later, I get kicked out of the group! Okay.. I raided in Burning Crusade a little and I learned that off-healing is a great idea if someone is going to die. So I guess now… even if you’re going to wipe, healing is a bad idea as a DPS spec’d class…. WTB > bad player review patch, PST!

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Wow, that’s ridiculous! I hate when players are so oblivious as to who is really at fault! I had a similar thing happen to me near the beginning of wrath in VA. I’d been one of the first people to join a PuG 25 man after Wintergrasp and waited around for 30 minutes for the thing to get started. We go in and everyone is standing in the fire, the tank isn’t moving the boss around so he too is standing in the fire. I was on my paladin trying to dps and help keep the burning tank alive with some heals and my LoH, but the group inevitably wiped.

    As we’re running back, in a matter of seconds, someone says “Sylv, zomg 1.5k dps?!”
    Another group member chimed in with “wtf? kick imo!”
    I get kicked from the group.

    I whispered the group leader explaining that judging dps on a wipe is probably not a smart move (I also had been part of a raid team in BC and had saved us quite a few wipes by doing just what you mentioned, healing when someone is about to die instead of dpsing blindly, unaware of what’s happening in the raid around me). I explained the fight to him and pointed out that standing in fire is bad, but he just ignored me. I’d gotten an acquaintance to join the raid, and they stayed in the group after I was kicked (lol, something I probably would not have done) but they were all punished with 5 more wipes on the same boss before the raid gave up.

    At least it’s a comfort to know that all those players who blindly blame others for mistakes they aren’t actually making are usually horrible at most aspects of the game, lol though it might be more of a comfort to be able to give them a bad review! 😉

  5. Scallywwagg

    Not exactly the same but I was on my mage in CoS and we got all the way up to the boss that drops the mount and I suddenly found myself in Dalaran wondering what the hell had happened. I was shocked and then I noticed that I had been kicked from the group. It took me a while to work out what had happened but I guess they really wanted that mount! They were all from the same realm and guild and it sucks that people can manipulate the system to suit themselves.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Scallywwagg : Wow that’s horrible! That mount is so easy to get now a days it’s ridiculous that they would see the need to kick you to ensure one of them got it! It does suck that people can use a system designed to get jerks out of a group, to be jerks! So frustrating!

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