Elaynna the Warlock – Level 40

Posted September 30th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

And I thought getting from level 20 to 30 took me a long time, lol . . .

I don’t know what it is about leveling this character, but almost every time I sit down to power through some levels, I end up quitting after only a little while because it’s putting me to sleep! Maybe I geared my character a little too well for a lowbie and the fact that I can kill 90% of the stuff I am fighting with my eyes closed is adding to my boredom. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s probably my 20th time doing most of the quests. Either way, making it through Azeroth has been a struggle, (a struggle of boredom)!

I attempted going run-for-run through Zul’Farrak with my guild mate like we’d done at earlier levels, but it was just as, if not more boring! We both decided questing was a better choice, so off we went to Stranglethorn Vale to slaughter animals and rain down firey destruction on some pirates. I do prefer leveling with a buddy over leveling alone, so I managed to stick with it for a bit longer than had I been just braving the jungle alone, but it still took us nearly a month to make it just 10 levels!

Would you like to know what the highlight of my last ten levels was? Leveling my professions, lol. As soon as I reached level 35 I hearthed back to Stormwind and trained for Artisan Engineering and Alchemy (up to skill level 300). I was hoping for some amazing Engineering goggles that would be for a level 60 Engineer that I could rock at level 35, but the “Master’s Engineer Goggles” only gave me +16 Stam +17 Spirit. I guess that’s a good chunk of hit points, but I wanted something with spellpower! At least they are green I guess, I like that they kind of make me look like a Blood Elf!

I didn’t have to spend much gold leveling Engineering and Alchemy because I had so many mats saved up from leveling previous characters, and have still not had to send my Warlock any extra funds, which is cool! I believe that will change as I get into Outland mats though, especially for Engineering. I have been trying to collect some Fel Iron for myself on my alts, but I’ll need like 200 ore, and I don’t have near that much yet! I’m getting ahead of myself though, in my level 60 post I will talk all about leveling my profession through Outland, for now my focus is on leveling! I reached 80 with my rogue, meaning Elaynna is the last of my toons that I need to get to 80 to have an 80 of every class before Cataclysm gets here.

Hopefully the next 10 levels go by faster than the last 10!

Thanks for Reading!

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