Sometimes Kindness Can Do More For You Than Sarcasm.

Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I have been doing my best to make lots of gold before Cataclysm gets here. One of the methods that I have been having the most fun with is flipping items. I scan for under-priced auctions of thing I know sell well about 4-6 times I day. This morning after my scan I caught some Toughened Leather Gloves that were posted at 75s a piece.

I know these are a crafted item, and guessed that someone had made the 5 pairs while leveling Leatherworking and then posted them without knowing what they were worth. I bought all five pairs and re posted one pair for the average market price of 75g and guild banked the rest of them. I then finished up some Brewfest stuff and logged off for a while.

When I logged back in just a few minutes ago I noticed I had some mail entitled “Toughened Leather Gloves”. I imagined it would be a sob story about how someone miss-posted the gloves for the wrong price and could I please please send them back. I always attempt to be nice and try to believe that kindness will get me farther than greed, so I was preparing myself to send back (probably all but one pair of) the gloves, when I read the letter. It said:

“I guess who needs 375 gold right?”

And that was it! He didn’t explain the situation or beg for the gloves back or anything. I checked and he was online, so I thought maybe he was planning on whispering me, but after a few minutes he logged off. I get that it would probably suck to miss-post an auction like that, which is why I am always very careful not to do so, but I just don’t see what the point of his letter was? The most ridiculous thing is that I would have happily sent back 4 of the 5 pairs, (I’d keep one pair to sell myself, which I don’t think is unreasonable considering the circumstance) had he just been nice and asked for them, or at least expressed disappointment over losing them. Instead he sends me sarcasm? Lol, what the heck!?

A similar thing happened to me once before, but from the other side. I was transferring things in the neutral Auction House to start leveling a character on the Horde side of my Alliance server, and the person who was buying the items I was posting wasn’t quick enough on one item and someone else snatched up my Hydralick Armor for 1 copper.

At first I was so mad, but then I realized I really didn’t have anyone to be angry with but myself (or maybe my friend buying the items, because he was too slow, lol). It was my own silly mistake, my armor was gone, but I don’t like admitting defeat before I’ve given something my all. I looked who had purchased the item, an Alliance character named something like Ilovehorde (I wish I remembered the exact name, but it was a few years ago), and wrote them a letter. It said something along the lines of :

“Hello, I’m sure you realize that the Hydralick Armor you recently purchased from the Blackwater Auction House for 1c was an item someone was in the process of transferring cross faction. I know it was my own fault that I lost the armor, but thought I would write you and simply ask if you’d please return it to me. If not, that is completely fair and I understand, but if you did send it back that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.”

It wasn’t long before the armor was in my mail box along with a letter explaining that he bought things being transferred between factions for 1 copper all the time from the neutral Auction House, and he was surprised to get my letter, as no one had ever asked him for any of the items back. Because I had asked nicely, he said he was happy to return it to me, and because he’d been nice enough to actually return it, I sent him the money the armor was worth. It was a win/win, lol.

The point of my story is, if you make a mistake and lose something to another player, being polite and explaining yourself to whoever benefited from your loss could actually work! Behind that character is a person, and sometimes people can be nice! Occasionally even players who can come across as rude or harsh will be agreeable if you just appeal to them politely and sensibly, so if something like this ever happens to you, don’t immediately nerd-rage! Stay calm and give retrieving your item your best go, if you don’t get it back, at least you tried, and if you do, well that’s perfect. Also, if you ever benefit from someone’s mistake, and they ask you nicely to return their item, consider complying, or at least working out some kind of compromise.

Thanks for reading!

As an after note : I wrote this person back, asking them what they’d meant because I realized thanks to a couple of commenters that perhaps my assessment of his sentence had been wrong! He wrote me back with the following :

“I’m putting the ball in your court. I am acknowledging my mistake… I’m sure you are very aware that they are worth 75g not 75s, you have the option to say ‘that’s what you get for not paying attention’, or being merciful and being kind when it is not deserved. As I said the ball is in your court.”

Had he simply said something like this in the first place, I would have happily sent him back his gloves, lol, which was the point I was trying to make in this post. I haven’t decided what I will do yet, but I will probably send him back however many pairs I haven’t sold yet (which I believe is 3). We’ll see, lol.

4 Responses to “Sometimes Kindness Can Do More For You Than Sarcasm.”

  1. Adam

    Maybe he was simply admitting defeat? Not necessarily a sarcastic reply, a simple “Haha, my mistake, you got me.”

    Y’never know.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Adam : Yes that could be true I guess, I hadn’t thought of that. Still seems somewhat unnecessary to me to send a letter though, lol. If there had been a “haha” or “lol” or even a smiley face I may have drawn a different conclusion from his letter, but the way I read it, I just couldn’t imagine it being anything other than pure sarcasm, hehe.

  3. StitchMonkey

    I agree with Adam that it was meant to be a somewhat funny “Well played, you got me” message.

    As for why to send the message. Well sometimes it can take a sting away a little to say *something*. It also could be their way of saying something to the effect of “It was a mistake I not really that stupid about the market” I’d rather someone think I misclicked/typed than was just ignorant.

    Really his message sounded more accepting than bitter and whinny. Id actually rather get a message like that that seemed at least light hearted than a long boring sob story.

    As for why no “ha ha” or “lol” maybe he felt it was implied and not needed.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    StitchMonkey : I am more curious now as to what he meant the message as, lol. I guess it must have just been me, but I thought his one line of text just screamed sarcasm. Perhaps I was feeling guilty about finding such a great deal on the gloves and I was expecting hostility, and therefor read his message the wrong way? :)

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