Brewfest aka Goldfest

Posted October 5th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

So Brewfest is finishing up now, and I began to realize just how much gold I’ve made so far by taking part in the holiday! I have 10 level 80 characters, but only 6 of them are Alliance, which is where I am working to build my fortune. I like mounts, so I managed to kill Coren Direbrew once a day on each of my 6 Alliance 80s for 12 days.

This only took me about 7 minutes per character and some days as little as 3 minutes if the ques were really fast. You get 19g and a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest for the first kill of the day with any character who kills him, which contains 2 Frost Badges and a chance of getting a Tankard of Terror, Brewfest Kodo, Brewfest Ram, Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker, and Direbrew’s Remote. Everything is BoP except the Tankard of Terror, of which I found 8 times on the Alliance.

Right now at the end of Brewfest, the Tankards are only going for about 50g on my server, but I am keeping 5 of them to attempt to sell a month from now, because I think I could get at least a couple hundred for them then. The other three I gave to my Shaman and Rogue.

Just counting the 19g per day per character for 12 days made me 1386g. I also had accumulated 24 Frost Badges on each of my 6 Alliance characters, so I bought a Primordial Saronite with each of them, and sold the 6 pieces for 2400g (400g a piece). I’m figuring it took about 8 hours over the 2 weeks to do all my Brewfest stuff, (which I wasn’t doing to make gold, but just to try and get my characters mounts), I ended up making about 450g/hour.

The next holiday boss coming up is the Headless Horseman. The Hallow’s End holiday runs for 13 days, so if I can que and kill the Horseman once a day on each of my characters just like I did with Brewfest, I am probably looking at making another 3 to 4 thousand gold!

I realize not everyone has as many 80s as I do, but even if you only have 2 or 3, that’s just less time it will take you to make about the same amount of gold/hour that I did! As long as you can accumulate your 24 Frost Badges for Primordial Saronite, I think it’s well worth you time! Plus, the Horseman’s Mount is the coolest, so you should try everyday to get it anyway!

Thanks for Reading!

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