Posted April 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Hi and welcome to my blog! I have always been a huge fan of blogging, and a huge fan of gaming, so I am combining my two loves into what I am hoping will be a fun, informative and entertaining site!

I have been gaming since I was very young, getting my start on the Atari playing some Q-Bert and Joust whenever my dad would give me a turn. The first game I can remember obsessing over was The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo back when I was six or seven, I think it took me like a year to finally beat it! From there I got into some Mario (of course) and Donkey Kong, though Legend of Zelda remained my favorite game throughout my childhood.

In my teens I played lots of Golden Eye on the N64 and of course was crazy about The Ocarina of Time, which was the first game I played until my eyes were so red and watery my mom was sure I had caught pink eye. I also started playing some AD&D with some friends and family (of course having to pass the initiation of reading The Hobbit before my friends and I could join into the adult’s long running campaign) and I spent quite a few sunny afternoons battling against my neighbors in The Sims competitions (the winner : who could make the most simoleans without cheating). Funny thing was though, that I really did not consider myself a “gamer” until much later, when I began playing . . . World of Warcraft! I started playing WoW in June of 2005 after my boyfriend convinced me to try it, and it was shortly after that I got into some seriously obsessive playing!

Enough about my gaming origins though! I enjoy almost any kind of game now a days, but am not a huge fan of the Wii, so don’t expect to find any Wii game reviews here (hehe, sorry kids). If you are wondering about my name, “Miss Mediocre” I though it was fitting, seeing as I am crazy about gaming, but have yet to play a game and be the best! My dream is to one day log onto some game and just own, but for now, my skillz of a gamer are mediocre at best, so hopefully some of you can relate or at least sympathize, lol. My console of choice is of course the Xbox 360, but I do enjoy a good PC game now and again. Oh, and yes, I do still play World of Warcraft,  although much less fiercely than in my early days! I have even started hosting the odd Dungeons and Dragons game, though at times I wonder if my group of players is a bit too young still, hehe.

So, expect to see many posts on these things and more! Between rentals and demos and a rising credit card debt, I try the majority of games released these days, so if you ever want my opinion on a game or think I am missing out on a good one, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment pointing me in the right direction! Good or bad, feedback and reader input is what keeps a blog alive, so whether you love me or hate me, agree or disagree, I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Thanx 4 Reading!

MissMediocre <3

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