Finally Got My Phoenix!

Posted October 10th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

My pet collection is no longer . . . Incomplete! (Little joke there for any of you who are familiar with my parody songs, lol.)

I was working on some of my last minute attempt-to-get-before-Cataclysm things yesterday, which included getting the Zulian Tiger, the Razzashi Raptor, the Polymorph : Turtle tome, and my Phoenix Hatchling. I was only successful finding the Phoenix, but I was pretty happy to at least get that!

I now have every in-game pet that is available excluding the Trading Card Game ones and ones that you can buy from the Blizzard store. I am missing a few pets that are/were from the holiday events. I was never lucky enough to get either of Ahune’s pets during the Fire Festival (the Scorchling or the Frigid Frostling), I have not yet gotten the Disgusting Oozling impersonator from the Love Is In The Air event (Toxic Wasteling), and I never managed to get the Vampiric Batling from Karazan during the Hallow’s End events during the scourge invasion.

I now have 116 vanity pets (121 if I can ever bring myself to buy the pets available from the Blizzard store) but I am still missing one pet that is available for me to get right now! One pet that I have been after since Vanilla! One pet that costs 20,000g… That damn Hyacinth Macaw!  When they made it an epic pet, I more or less gave up my hopes of finding it in the Auction House for cheap, but I still check multiple times every day. So far I’ve never seen it below a 20k buyout, 15k bid, but I’m only sitting around 45k myself, and as much as I LOVE pet collecting, I just can’t bring myself to spend 1/3 of all my gold on a single pet!

I have decided that once I reach 100,000g, I will fork out the 15-20k for the jerk! I am just hoping that I can reach 100k before Cataclysm (I dunno if that is possible for me or not) because I don’t know if the Hyacinth Macaw will still be available then, and if it isn’t I can’t even imagine what the stupid thing will go for at that point! My new focus though for before Cataclysm will be to make another 50k and buy myself this epic bird, (and level my Warlock, of course!). I should calculate how much gold I’ve spent so far on vanity pets! I am sure it’s a lot!

Edit : So, I calculated how much gold I’ve spent on my 116 pets and it was WAY MORE than I thought it would be!!! Between vendor costs and the Auction House I have spent 23,246 gold on pets!!! And have spent about 45 hours farming for ones I didn’t purchase from the Auction House. Lol, yikes!

2 Responses to “Finally Got My Phoenix!”

  1. Scallywwagg

    I am a lesser collector of pets, I couldn’t compete with you but I have had a disgusting oozling drop for me before whilst mining in Un’Goro and I couldn’t resist selling it and then I found one on the Ah for 1k and flipped it for nearly 4k. I think my love of gold is more than my love of pets.

    I can see why you wouldn’t have a go farming it – the Hyacinth Macaw drops 1 time for approximately every 13,500 level 40-43 Bloodsails killed on average, or at a .00007406820915841% drop rate, to be precise.

    Not sure if that is still accurate but at 20k at pop I would bet it is.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Scallywwagg : I knew the drop rate on the Hyacinth Macaw was really low, but I didn’t realize it was THAT low! Every time I’ve passed those Bloodsails in the past 4 years I have killed at least one of them (and usually more) hoping to get lucky and find it, lol, but that seems almost pointless now knowing it’s 1 in 13,500! A friend of mine found one while questing years ago, so it’s always seemed to have the aspect of availability, if I just kept trying for it! Perhaps not so much… lol

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