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Posted October 10th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

One of my favorite things in World of Warcraft is fishing, which may be strange because most people hate it, but I have always enjoyed it nonetheless! I have the Salty Title, so I know my way around a fishing pole, in game anyway (I’ve never gone fishing IRL, lol). So when Cataclysm launches and everyone is off starting the new quests, rolling Worgen and Goblins and exploring, I will be fishing in Stormwind!

I have always dreamed of (yes, I have actually had dreams about it) getting a Realm First achievement! There will be one for reaching the 525 skill in fishing first, and you will get the title “Illustrious Angler”, which will make my “Salty” title look like “Explorer”! It would be SO awesome to have a title that no one else on the server has, and for that reason my focus as soon as Cataclysm is loaded onto my computer, is fishing!

There was talk of major changes to fishing in Cataclysm, but the only change I have seen is that you now get a point for every day you complete one of the new Stormwind/Orgimmar Fishing Dailies. There are 5 new dailies for Horde and Alliance.

Alliance :
Hitting A Walleye
Rock Lobster
Thunder Falls
Diggin’ For Worms
Big Gulp

Clammy Hands
A Staggering Effort
A Golden Opportunity
No Dumping Allowed
A Furious Catch

None of these send you out of Elwyn Forest/Durotar (which is so wonderful!). You get a Bag of Shiny Things (much like the bags rewarded for BC and WotLK fishing dailies) and 9g40s for each quest. There is also the achievement “Fish or Cut Bait” for completing each of them at least once.

I am estimating it will only take me about 2 hours to reach 525 fishing when I get Cataclysm installed. Each skill point takes exactly 8 casts and was averaging to take about 90 seconds. To get the 75 skill points, it will take me 600 casts or 1.875 hours. My biggest concern is just how quick it is going to be over! If the line-up in my city is way longer on release night than someone else’s on my server, or if someone from my server works at a game store and gets their copy early, I will be out of luck if they go after the realm first! Hopefully I can get it, or at least be close! If I log on and someone already has it, that would be really sad, lol.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Kammler

    Thanks for the post on fishing, and your professions update. I am a JMTC subscriber, and read it there.

    Good luck on your realm first–i hope you get it!

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : Thank you! I hope so too! 😀

  3. Donny

    That’s an awesome thing to go for. Good luck! I’ll try to remind the lads here at the MM fanclub to cheer you on.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Donny : Thank you! Hehe, MM fanclub? I like the sound of that! 😀

  5. Nevyn

    now this is a brill idea for realm first :) I’ve recently had some argy-bargy with a couple of ex-guildies so I may just have to try for this on my realm & tell them to ‘stick that in your pipe & smoke it!’ good luck, I hope you make it

    PS, I’m a JMTC reader too :)

  6. Indy

    I’ve been a longtime WoW fisherman, too. In BC, I spent a lot of time fishing outside Shattrath or Allerian instead of leveling to 70, heh… but those Golden Darters paid for flying!

    I finally got the Salty title some months back, a real bit of luck… I really hate the fishing tournament. (This was well before the Kaluak derby.) But I *do* have a realm first fishing achievement!

    Incidentally, I don’t think that’s a title for the Realm first 525; they originally were going to give titles for more realm firsts in Wrath, and decided that wasn’t a good idea and removed the profession etc ones. I don’t expect them to put them back in now.

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : That’s awesome that you have a realm first, was it the one to reach 450 fishing? They could still definitely take the title out or change how it is obtained before Cata gets here, but I’ve seen a few posts about it and it’s in WoWhead, so I’m pretty sure it’s for the realm first!

    Wowhead :
    Zug Gaming Post :

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Nevyn : I think that getting it would be a perfect way to show up some unpleasant ex-guildies! Hehe, so good luck to you as well and thank you for the comment! :)

  9. Indy

    Yes, my realm first was for fishing! It took me all night, I hit it early in the morning (as in, after daybreak). I fished off the docks in Borean Tundra, and mailed off stacks of fish as I got them. Those fish lasted a LONG time… come to think, I might actually STILL have a few stacks of the Rockfin Grouper… Unfortunate that I ended up vendoring the Man O’wars well before the recipe to use them was added to the game.

    The achievement is in WoWhead, but the bit about the title is in a comment. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not… hard to say. I wasn’t expecting Blizzard to reverse course on the profession/class/race realm first titles, though. Not after they pulled them from Wrath. El’s Angling doesn’t mention the title.

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : Lol, how strange… I checked Wowhead after reading your first comment and was like yep, there it is, but apparently I was just seeing what I wanted, because now that I look it doesn’t say anything about the title other than in the one comment, hehe. I then thought I must have seen something in the beta, but after looking through the achievements, I couldn’t find anything about the title. I’m sad, having a title no one else had would have been awesome! At least I know now instead of actually managing to get the realm first achievement and then being like wtf!? Lol.

  11. Zuggy

    Hey Miss!

    Great post (as always), I am definitely with you on the fishing boat…no pun intended. I know a lot of people can’t stand it, but I can’t get enough! I love the fishing tournaments, dailies, achievements. It’s just such a unique and interesting profession.

    I’m always going to make a run at the realm first achievement, hope we both get it! =)

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Zuggy : Hehe, fishing boat… I hope we both get it as well! Fishing is my favorite, so it would be awesome to get a Fishing Realm first!!! :)

  13. Alejandro

    Hi miss mediocre! Sorry, my english is very bad. Im Alejandro from Argentina. I like wow fishing! but havent cataclysm beta for test fishing. My question is: any change in the fishing mechanics cataclysm? it is necessary to fish in some zone to especially raise fishing, or it only is based on the amount of cast independent of the zone?

  14. Miss Mediocre

    Alejandro : Hi! There aren’t any changes to the fishing mechanics in the beta, no. You can still raise your fishing from 1-525 while standing in Stormwind. It takes 15 casts to get one point, and from what I can tell, that is regardless of where you are fishing.

  15. Anne

    Good luck! ^_^

  16. Miss Mediocre

    Anne : Thank you! :)

  17. Alejandro

    Here I am again, miss!
    Will the new Illustrious Grand Master will be learned in Capital cities like Stormwind?
    I need to lear “fast” new IGM when server up! to

  18. Miss Mediocre

    Alejandro : As far as I can tell, you should be able to learn Illustrious Grand Master from any fishing trainer in any capital! I know you can for sure learn it in Stormwind from Catherine Leland and in Dalaran from Marcia Chase.

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