4.0.1, I Kind of Love You!

Posted October 15th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

It’s funny, I keep seeing people saying how much they hate this patch and all the changes it brought! Even though I’ve had to respec and re-learn how to play almost all of my 80s, this could be my most favorite patch ever! It is unfortunate about the epic gem transmute cool down still being in place when so many of us prepared for it to be removed, but even that is working out in my favor! Let me explain!

The character I have been leveling lately is a Warlock, so I was very interested to see how they had changed. As soon as I noticed soul shards are no longer stored in your inventory, I was concerned that my Abyssal Bag (soul shard bag) which I had just made, would be useless. I was so surprised to see that it was now a 22 slot bag, (which is the same size as the Glacial Bag)!

The pattern for the Abyssal Bag is available from the Knights of the Ebon Blade quartermaster at the Shadow Vault in Icecrown for anyone at the rep level of at least revered. It only requires 435 tailoring, unlike the Glacial Bag pattern from the Sons of Hodir which requires exalted reputation and a skill level of 445. Anyone who has never leveled tailoring in Northrend may not realize how large a gap there is between those 10 skill points. It takes a huge amount of materials to get points past 430, and in my opinion it is far easier to gain rep with the Knights of the Ebon Blade than the Sons Of Hodir because of the option to wear the Tabard of the Ebon Blade in level 80 instances for bonus reputation!

The Glacial Bag takes 4 Moonshroud, 4 Ebonweave and an Eternium Thread to make, the mats for which (on my server) would cost you approximately 264g. The Abyssal Bag takes 4 Ebonweave, 2 Spellweave and an Eternium Thread, and the mats for it cost around 200g.

There are a few reasons I am loving these Abyssal Bags. One is that I have a huge stockpile of Frostweave and Infinite Dust to make the Imbued Frostweave. Second, everyone who had a huge stockpile of eternals in preparation for the removal of epic gem cooldowns, are now selling off their extra stock, so I am picking up the Eternal Shadows for under 5g a piece in bulk, and the Eternal Fires for as low as 13g. Finally, not many people have noticed this change so my competition is very limited! Because of these things, my personal cost to make one of these bags is only about 50g and I am selling them for 275g to 375g! The best part is they are not “unique”, so people are buying 2 -4 of them at a time! I’ve only been selling them since yesterday around dinner time, and they’ve already made me almost 4k!

Add that to the 10k I’ve made selling glyphs, and I’d say it was a pretty great patch! Hehe. Finally, I’d just like to mention that if any of you are thinking you’ll start selling Abyssal Bags, but notice they aren’t selling very quickly, mention that they are in the Auction House in Trade, because most players have no idea they’re now the cheaper equivalent of a Glacial Bag!

Thanks for Reading!

12 Responses to “4.0.1, I Kind of Love You!”

  1. Rivs

    Tasty Find, Gotta get the word out. This could be a hot seller.

    Thank MM!

  2. Moravec

    I take it there’s no cooldown on creating these then? Another reason why these are more awesomesauce than the Glacials. Thanks for the tip MM!

    Just noticed your podcast list – might I suggest you have a listen to Mana Obscura and the Twisted Nether Blogcast.

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Moravec : Nope, no cooldown for the bag and the cooldowns for the cloth were removed a little while ago! :) Thank you for the podcast suggestions! I love listening while I play so I’ll check those out asap!

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Rivs : 😀 You’re welcome!

  5. Donny

    Cool, none of us knew about this. We got the gang together and equipped everyone with a shiny new set o’ bags.

  6. Indy

    Be worth having at least one just for the different bag icon.

  7. Miss Mediocre

    Donny : Hehe, excellent!

  8. Miss Mediocre

    Indy : Most definitely! I like having variation in my bag icons too! :)

  9. Shaft

    I got sent here by JMTC as yours is the only blog featured on his recent post that I have not looked at. I am VERY glad that I did this bag thing is GENIUS it even made me log in at 1am my time to my server and check to see if anyone else realised this and from checking the AH there were no bags there so I made one and started trade chatting to tell people of the change. Can’t log back into WoW till later so not sure how successful I will be but at least I have easy access to bag upgrades now and maybe I can buy cheap fires off the people who got burned by the transmute cooldown debacle.

    Oh and a little trend I noticed is that mongoose enchant is selling well again up to 800-1000g on my server when it used to be around 300g before not sure why but most of the mats can easily be made with a little work and tailoring + enchanting so maybe some gold to be made there.

    Nice blog keep up the good work.

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Shaft : There are a few other people making the Abyssal bags on my server now, but I am able to sell them for about 260g, which is still a good profit! Thank you for the Mongoose tip, they are going for about 500g on my server, but that’s still 200g more than the mats cost! :)

  11. Evidicus

    Hey MM! Another JMTC referral here. The Abyssal Bag is selling for 350g on my server, and while announcing the benefits of the bag in trade could bring more sales, it could also bring more sharks in the water. I was the only person listing them all weekend long, and I’ll probably keep quietly going about it until I see some competition pop up without me putting up a huge, neon sign that says “THESE BAGS ARE GREAT! PLEASE UNDERCUT ME!”

    Nice site! I’ll be reading up on your older posts.

  12. Miss Mediocre

    Evidicus : I hadn’t thought about the possibility of creating more competition by announcing their availability in trade! That’s a good point, I will maybe keep quiet about them because I already have more competition than I’d like, lol.

    Thank you for leaving me a comment and I hope you enjoy my older posts! :)

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