Happy Birthday PFK

Posted October 18th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Today is my guild’s 5th birthday, and in honor of that I thought I would write a little post about it!

I had always wanted to run a guild, so I created The Pink Fluffy Kittens when my main character (Lauriella) was level 35, because at that point I figured I could actually help out others, because level 35 was such a huge accomplishment in those days (hehe). I had managed to save up a whole 50g and thought that would be more than enough to fund a guild!

I didn’t have much trouble recruiting back then, and our numbers grew quickly. I thought only female players would be interested in joining a guild called Pink Fluffy Kittens, but it was mostly male players who were excited to join up and sport their bright pink tabards all over Azeroth.

The only guild I was ever in before I made PFK was called Dragon Slayers. They once had an in game race that I’d somewhat stumbled into, and won myself a Bombay Cat Carrier (which was my very first vanity pet!). I decided that I wanted to run that type of guild, so we spent a lot of time in PFK racing, dueling, and answering trivia for prizes! We even had a weekly Game Show event where we would all meet up in one of the Stormwind Bars (we called it “our” bar, it was tucked away in the Park I believe) and everyone would compete to answer WoW trivia for gold. Once the first two triva rounds were over, the three players who had won the most gold could decide whether they wanted to take their gold and walk away, or trade it for one of 5 wrapped gifts, one of which always contained an epic or a rare worth far more than the amount of gold you could win. We called it “Gifts for Gold” and it was a blast while it lasted!

We also had lots of Guild Meetings where we would discuss Guild issues, show off our newest pets or just get drunk and dance around wearing nothing but our tabards, lol. I really miss this side of WoW, and attending Raid From The Heart made me realize just how much! The Pink Fluffy Kittens fell apart originally when the majority of us joined a new guild to start raiding, but I should have made more of an effort to keep PFK intact! I am hoping I can now restore it to it’s goofy glory, but recruiting seems way harder than it used to be, lol. With any luck though, perhaps we can get in a game of Gifts for Gold sometime before Cataclysm hits and possibly destroys our former meeting place!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday PFK”

  1. Rivs

    Congo Rats on your 5th birthday. It’s an achievement for a guild to last that long. be proud!

    Though all the pink would hurt my eyes.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Rivs : Hehe, thank you! I am (a little) proud of it! I believe it’s one of the oldest guilds on my server, but I would be more proud if it was more than just an alt graveyard! Hopefully I can breathe new life in it for Cata!

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