Look What I Found! Cataclysm Pets!

Posted October 20th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

As any of you who are familiar with me and my WoWing priorities know, I’m a bit vanity pet crazy! To say I am more excited about getting new pets in Cataclysm than anything else, probably wouldn’t be much of a stretch. All of you gold-making opportunists out there get ready to farm or craft these babies and post them on the Auction House for ridiculous prices, because I will be the sucker buying them from you for thousands of gold, lol.

I’ve been checking the Auction House in the Beta every day for pets, but so far I have only come across one of these, and I couldn’t afford the 40,000g they were asking to buy it, lol. It and the rest of these might not actually make it into Cataclysm, but I sure hope they do, as I’d be thrilled to have any of them!

Without further delay, here are the pets I found by searching Google for Cataclysm pets and then looked up in WoW Model Viewer to get good pictures to post on my blog when I wrote about them! (*takes a breath* lol)

Engineering Pets :

With any luck Blizz will stick with making Engineering pets tradeable! It seems like they just made Lil’Smokey and the Pet Bombling available to non-engineers, so I am hoping they follow this trend with all profession pets for Cataclysm!

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion : I am going to be heartbroken if I can’t get one of these! My opinion might be swayed by the fact that I have a bunny, but I just think this is ADORABLE! And so shiny! And his big green eyes would match my Warlock’s goggles perfectly!

Personal World Destroyer : I think this little guy will be scaring gnomes all over Azeroth, as he appears to be about their size! He’s like a mini Fel Reaver, only with purple!

Archeology Pets :

Fossilized Hatchling : I’ve managed to get all of the other Raptor Hatchling Pets, so I must get one of these no matter what it takes, lol. For a skeleton, isn’t he surprisingly cute? Probably wouldn’t be very cuddly, but what raptor truly is?

Crawling Hand : This pet kind of creeps me out, lol. It looks awesome and is unlike any of the vanity pets in game so far, but the sight of a little hand scurrying after me wherever I go . . .  yeah, I think I’ll save him for Hallow’s End, lol.

Enchanting Pet:

Enchanted Lantern : These are kind of cool! The one on the left was listed as a Blood Elf Lantern and the one on the right was listed as a Draenei Lantern. I’m not sure if only one or the other will be available to each of the factions, or if they will just be two different pets, but it sure is awesome that enchanters will finally be able to use their magics to make companions, hehe!

Mining Pet :

Elementium Geode : This is the pet that I have seen in the Beta Auction House a few times. Hopefully I can purchase it cheap early in Cataclysm when everyone is mining like crazy, as long as the drop isn’t too rare! It is mined from Elementium nodes.

Other Pets :

Tiny Shale Spider : Apparently this pet drops from a level 85 rarespawn called Jadefang. Perhaps this can be the new camping location for my campy toon once the Dalaran Spellscribes are history!

Armadillo Pup : Now that is a cute pet! You get him for completing the guild Achievement Critter Kill Squad, which is to kill 50,000 critters. That is going to take a long time to solo… but I’ll do it if I have to so I can get this pet, lol.

Fox Kit : Another adorable pet addition! This is a BoP pet, and I’m not sure where you find it. Hopefully it’s not too hard to get!

Rustberg Gull : When I first noticed the Seagulls hanging around the Harbor in Stormwind I hoped there would be a Seagull pet, and my hopes came true! He is available from the Baradin’s Wardens Quartermaster at honored reputation.

Dark Phoenix Hatchling : I just got my Phoenix Hatchling from MGT, but I’m already looking forward to getting his dark brother! This is rewarded for completing all of the Heroic Cataclysm dungeons with your guild. I better have more guildmates by then so I can actually get one of these, lol.

Those were all of the pets I could find. If any of you know of any pets coming in Cataclysm, please let me know so I can check them out and possibly add them to this post!

Thanks for Reading!

5 Responses to “Look What I Found! Cataclysm Pets!”

  1. Tadedra

    Hi, just wondering why you thought the Spellscribes would no longer be there. I haven’t heard any danger to the the Black Tabby availability.

    I, too am crossing my fingers that the Engineering pets will stay BoE. I love them all so much.

    Finally, the lanterns. Have you noticed on the beta anything that indicates if it’s an alliance/horde recipe. The Purple one is nightelf while the blue one… I sigh ever time I walk past the Lamp on the Table in Silvermoon City. It’s located by vendors, specifically across from the AH and also between the Scribe trainer and the Alchemist trainer areas.

    Thanks for the updates, I gobble them up.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Tadedra : The Spellscribe is definitely not in Cataclysm! Silverpine Forest has seen some major changes, and elemental type creatures now occupy Amber Mill where the Spellscribe once spawned. It is possible that the Black Tabby will be made available by other means, but myself and a few others are banking on them going extinct and saving as many as we can to sell once they are no longer available.

    I haven’t found the enchanted lanterns in the beta yet, but I hope that both are available to either faction! The pattern is an uncommon drop that requires 500 enchanting to learn, and because there doesn’t seem to be two separate patterns, I was guessing that your faction will designate which of the lanterns is created. It’s just a guess though!

    Thank you for leaving me a comment! 😀

  3. Zuggy

    The fox and seagull are definitely my 2 favorite new pets, they look awesome!

  4. Anita


    This site leads you to obtain the new withers campanion :) not sure if you knew about it or not

  5. Miss Mediocre

    Anita : Thanks, someone had pointed me to this link as well and I’m working through the chain in my spare time! Hopefully I’ll have my Withers soon! 😀

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