No Arena Rating Required for Wrathful!

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Hiya Readers,

Edit : It’s not a bug! I was just out of the loop on this one. You can buy everything but the ilevel 277 weapons and shoulders without an arena rating. Thank you for pointing this out Mageshadow & Jack! 😀

I just found this out and thought I would get a post up about it as soon as possible! Many believe this is a bug, so they may fix it soon, but as long as they don’t take away what you purchase, it will be totally worth taking advantage of! Nargol Lashcord in the Sewers of Dalaran is selling off his wrathful gear that usually require 1800+ arena ratings, without the rating requirements! The items are grayed out as if you cannot purchase them, but you actually can! The prices are really cheap as well, the shields and off-hand items are only 70 honor, the wands and librams are only 260 and the off-hand weapons are only 760! The only item it seems still requires the rating are the shoulders.

I recommend grabbing up whatever cheap gear you can use for your pvp set or even just to get your alts some decent gear! I will be pvping as much as possible to try and save up the 2600 honor for the 2 handed sword for my pally before they fix this possible bug!!!

Time to get back to it! 😀

10 Responses to “No Arena Rating Required for Wrathful!”

  1. Jack Naylor

    My first time reading this blog but I thought it might be worth mentioning that as far as i have read (and this is untested) but even with this bug you might not be able to buy the weapon as this is the only item I have heard still requires rating. Might be worth checking before you grind all that honor

  2. Mageshadow

    This is not a bug and is actually intended, a blue post has confirmed this.

    Quoted from MMO-Champion
    – 5 Things about 4.0.1 that I never had the time to news –
    ” You can buy most of Arena gear even if you do not have the proper rating, requirements seems to be gone from all items. ilvl 277 weapons and shoulders are the only items left with a rating requirement. ”

    I would link you the blue post but sadly I cannot find it :(

  3. Miss Mediocre

    Jack Naylor : Thanks for the warning, the BGs are buggy so I’d sort of given up, but I won’t worry about it now, as the sword was the only thing I wanted, hehe.

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Mageshadow : Well that’s good that it’s not a bug! I can vendor everything I replaced now without worrying, lol. No one in my guild had any idea about this, so I thought it might be big news, lol guess not. Still cool that the arena rating requirements are gone for most things though! 😀

  5. Crowelf

    Thanks for the post! I picked up the staff for my priest over lunch.

  6. Miss Mediocre

    Crowelf : Sweet! 😀 The staff is scary but awesome looking, lol.

  7. kammler

    I have verified that restricted gear can be purchased and equipped without the arena rating. is anyone else afraid that after the new season starts the arena requirement will be suddenly applied, and gear you can wear today will be unavailable then? i guess i will risk it and honor farm for some kickin’ new gear

  8. Indy

    Uh… you *do* realize that the new season is going to be level 85, right? That gear that looks so nice now (and is nice, *now*) will be trash then.

    Besides, they’re not going to have arena rating requirements at 85, either, except for cosmetically recolored pieces with the same stats. (Well… not sure about weapons, we might get a higher tier weapon requiring rating, I can’t recall.)

  9. kammler

    I didn’t…..but that makes sense.

  10. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : I don’t think they’ll make the gear you already have and are already wearing suddenly unwearable. 😀 Apparently they intended to take away the arena rating for the gear that is now available, and the only bug is that it still says it requires a rating! Also what Indy said! Come next season it will all be 85 stuff :)

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