Elaynna The Lock – Level 50

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Those 10 levels took me about 4 weeks. It’s been slow going, but I’m almost to Outland!

Not much happened to me in the last 10 levels. I didn’t have any profession leveling to do and my lock didn’t change too much in 4.0.1. I did rescue someone though! I had a Flawless Draenethyst Sphere I’d saved from when I’d killed Teremus the Devourer in Blasted Lands ages ago. I know turning them in is worth a lot of experience, so I was on my way to do just that! The orbs turn in to a NPC in the Blasted Lands, so I was cruising through the Deadwind Pass when I saw a mage in trouble. She was level 41 and at the time I was level 48. She’d turned down the wrong fork in the road and had pulled one of the level 56 Sky Shadows (vulture). She was at half health when I spotted her and was dropping fast, so I sent poor Gelyal (my imp) after the bird while I started frantically trying to fear it. One of Gelyal’s fireballs hit, and he pulled agro just as the mage blinked away and ice blocked. She was at less than 10% health so I threw a Heavy Runecloth Bandage on her and told her to run! We both managed to escape the Sky Shadow’s high level talons, but poor Gelyal was not so lucky. The little mage thanked me and I patted her on the head, and continued on my way to the Blasted Lands without any more excitement.

On my way through Theramore one day, a different mage challenged me to a duel. I was level 41 and he was a level 39 Gnome, so I accepted because any day that I get to kill a Gnome, is a good day, hehe! He started off by sheeping me and then starting to cast a spell. I used “Every Man For Himself” (the human racial) to break the sheep, and as soon as the stun wore off I Death Coiled him, added a Immolate and then hit him with Confliglate and he was crispy Gnome toast! I felt a bit bad for beating him so thoroughly, so I did bandage him up and pat him on the head (I seem to use that emote a lot, lol), but he cried and scurried off. Can I just say, I am loving Destruction!

The final thing I will mention from my last 10 levels is the Pirate Genocide I took part in over in Tanaris. For some reason Tanaris was packed with people leveling while I was questing through there (something I haven’t seen since pre-BC on my server) so four of us grouped up to kill the pirates on the east coast. There was myself, two mages and a shadow priest, and it was so much fun! Those pirates didn’t stand a chance, and it was nice to only have to fight for kills against 8 other players instead of 12!

I really didn’t mind the last 10 levels as I like questing in Dustwallow Marsh, Tanaris and the Searing Gorge for the most part! I have just been too busy to give my Lock the attention she deserves! I’m still aiming to hit 80 before Cataclysm, even though I’ve just taken on a new (very big) secret project IRL. More about that coming soon, hehe!

Now off I go to Un’goro!

Thanks for Reading,
MM <3

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