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Posted May 24th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

So I tried to look into what the best mage spec was, and was having some trouble finding it! I know I see a lot of arcane mages, and have grouped with a fair number of them as well, but when I tried to be arcane, not only was I doing less damage than when I had been my own spec, it was kind of boring to play, lol. I am not claiming that the following is the best mage spec out there, it’s just the best for me! If you like playing how I do, you may enjoy it too, otherwise you may think I am a noob, hehe.

So this spec is mostly for running heroics! I don’t raid with my mage, but the few times I did, this spec wasn’t the greatest, so if you are a raider, or plan to be, go with an arcane spec! If you are running hundreds of heroics however like I do, I can usually manage 3-3.5k easy in most of them using this spec, and I don’t even have the best badge gear I can get yet. (As a side note, the worst your group is, the better you will do with this build, lol)

So here is the talent build (click to enlarge)

The Glyphs that I have are a necessity if you are going to use this spec, so make sure you get at least Glyph of Molten Armor, Glyph of Scorch and Glyph of Blast Wave! I’d recommend getting Glyph of Living Bomb as well, but I did go quite a while without it.

It is important to realize that you may die more often with this spec if your tanks can’t hold agro. It’s like being a mele range mage, because of the rotation I use, but if you are quick with your ice blocks, frost novas and invisibility, even when the tank is bad, you can survive!

Rotation for Groups of Mobs:

1. Living Bomb (up to 4 of them) 2. Dragon’s Breath 3. Flamestrike (should be instant and cost no mana) 4. Blast Wave (will not knock mobs back with Glyph of Blast Wave, so tanks won’t get angry!) 5. Flamestrike (another instant cast with no mana) 6. Pyroblast (should have an instant one by this time) 7. Repeat from #2

Rotation for Boss or Single Target Mobs:

1. Living Bomb 2. Combustion 3. Mirror Image & Trinkets (if it’s a boss) 4. Scorch (until you get a hot streak) 5. Pyroblast 6. Repeat

Hopefully others will have some fun playing as this spec! I just find it so entertaining jumping around burning mobs, hehe, and it’s quite rare that I am not the top on my dps meter! If you know of a similar but better fire mage spec and rotation, or if you totally disagree or cannot make this spec work for you, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks 4 Reading!

MissMediocre <3

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