That Was A Little Epic!

Posted November 2nd, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

I was rushing to get to level 78 on my warlock by Saturday so I could start queing for the Horseman and get the epic caster rings. I was level 76 and had just picked up the quest to kill Cyanigosa in the Violet Hold, so I qued for it and was hoping to find a group even though it was the middle of the night. It actually didn’t take too long, and because Violet Hold is a pretty quick and easy instance, I was sure I could manage one quick stressless run before passing out for the night . . .

The group consisted of myself, a 77 resto Shaman from my server, a 78 Deathknight Tank, a 76 Mage, and a 78 Ret Paladin. I was a bit worried when the first thing the Deathknight said was “Paladin, thanks for giving me might, Dumbass!” and the Paladin responded with “I cast it on myself and it goes on everyone, Dumbass!”. It’s never a good sign when your Tank starts bickering with other members of the group that quick, but I was hoping he would stick it out until the end! . . . He didn’t.

After the first boss was down (Moragg) the Ret Pally quit the group without saying anything. Seconds later the Tank went offline, and never came back. Now this is Violet Hold, the portals don’t stop spawning and by now I think everyone knows that! I can understand leaving a dungeon if something important IRL comes up, but at least have the courtesy to tell your group before you leave, especially if you’re the tank! It irritates me how fickle and thoughtless the majority of players are these days, but that’s not what this post is about, and I could go on, and on, but I won’t!

Those of us who were left in the group, myself, Chucker the 77 Shaman and Greymlin the 76 Mage, were attempting to deal with the portals while we waited for a new tank and dps to join. I’d been so sleepy before I got into Violet Hold, but it took everything I had to dps those mobs down before the healer got overwhelmed! I don’t think I blinked once, lol. We tried to stay spaced out and swapped agro, kind of kiting the mobs around when we could, but it was stressful and it didn’t seem like something we could keep up for very long!

When we made it to the next boss, I was surprised, but then a little sad to see that it was Zuramat the Obliterator. I’ve had full groups wipe on him before, so I was sure this would be the end of the line for our little trio. I gave it my all, despite my doubts, and before long I noticed that we might actually be able to pull it off! I popped cooldowns and drank potions and consumed healthstones all while dpsing like crazy, and praise the healer we actually did it! I was shocked, as was the mage, but the healer seemed to just take it in stride, lol.

We didn’t have long to celebrate before the portals started opening again. As we neared the 18th portal I started worrying. I couldn’t believe it was taking that long for a tank to join our group, and I kept checking that we were in fact in que. I was disappointed that we had made it so far only to fail at the end, and that I was so close to finishing the quest to kill Cyanigosa!

It was still just the three of us when she jumped down off the balcony and landed in the middle of the room. I knew this was the end, but wasn’t going to let Cyanigosa win without a fight! She attacked and the Shaman, that amazing little healer, popped Heroism! I’d totally forgotten about Heroism! I summoned my Doomguard and went nuts, I had to drink my health potion and use my healthstone when I got close to dying, but we actually did it! A Warlock, Mage and Shaman 3-manned Violet Hold!

The Mage and I did a bit of celebrating when it was all over, but the healer just left the group without saying a word, lol. I hope he was at least a little pleased with how it had turned out, because it really had been epic! I managed to do 2.5k dps (which was a personal best), and the Frost Mage had managed to do 1.4k, which I believe is pretty decent for level 76! I was a bit wired after such an exhilarating instance, and managed to hold onto the high of our victory all the way to level 78 before finally going to sleep, lol.

I am now, Elaynna The Hallowed, and just two levels away from my ultimate goal! (Which is to have an 80 of every class, for those of you who haven’t read that post, hehe)

I hope you all enjoyed my story! Have any of you experienced anything like this situation where a few group members had to pull out the big guns to make up for people leaving or just being horrible? I’m sure it must happen fairly often because people are always leaving groups at the worst possible times, lol. Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

4 Responses to “That Was A Little Epic!”

  1. Ceyla

    Epic indeed. Very nice fight and tale.

  2. Miss Mediocre

    Ceyla : Thank You :)

  3. Kammler

    Very nice story. Those are the nights when all the grinding heroics on your main and other alts really pays off. Those are the nights that I find it hard to stop–on a roll, let’s do another!

    A recent experience for me was fairly memorable. I have a DK tank who is fairly well geared and very experienced in heroics, so when my 70 feral druid was logged as dps for a random, I was comfortable with the DK tank who ended up in our group. We were running Azjol-Nerub. On the first pull, the DK gripped a spider, pulled it to the group (where he was still standing) and proceeded to lose aggro on everything that followed.

    How do you spell wipe? D-e-a-t-h-g-r-i-p-p-u-l-l…….almost.

    I swapped to bear and finished tanking it for him and the others in the group just bashed him relentlessly. Both dps died and the tank too. I tried to encourage everyone to let him continue, but the healer left and then the other two dps left, so it was just him and me.

    Since I was left with the group leader tag, I began talking with him and discovered he had never tanked before, had just dinged 72, and had not really done any dungeons before. He was a pure PVE quester! His gear showed it, mostly quest gear and some low blues.

    We talked for a while and I gave him some pointers, told him how to look for mobs who were running off for the healers, etc. Sort of a down and dirty “tanking for dummies” session. We then re-queued and he used the macro I made him save, so when the group formed he hit his button and said “I’m new to tanking, I’m doing my best, please bear with me. Try to target my target to help me hold aggro”.

    Know what? We finished the dungeon with no wipes, just a death here and there (me, lol), and I never had to swap back to bear form. I could see he was gaining confidence and by the end, he was really doing well! He even got a nice tanking belt.

    He sent me a tell at the end thanking me, and I haven’t heard from him since but hopefully he is still tanking and doing great.

    The random queue is a great tool, but it also attracts some real tools, if you know what I mean. I really don’t like to “churn and burn” for emblems (or the points now), and like to run with groups that enjoy playing. Sorta like it sounds like your group in VH.

    I love stories like yours–keep ’em coming! Oh, and gratz on “Hallowed” title!

  4. Miss Mediocre

    Kammler : That’s so nice of you to take the time to give the guy some tanking advice! I’m sure many groups since are in your debt! If more people took the time to guide people playing a class that they have an 80 of and are familiar with, I bet there would be less wipes out there for all of us! I feel a bit bad, I’ve quit groups when the tank is being horrible in the past without ever taking the time to ask if they were new and perhaps just needed some direction. Tanking can be stressful enough even when you do know what to do, so I couldn’t even imagine jumping into it blind, lol. It’s a bad way to look at things, but from a few past experiences I always just assume people are going to be jerks about being bad at their class. That isn’t always the case though, like with the DK you tutored, so I’ll have to remember this story the next time, and offer help instead of just leaving with everyone else. :)

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