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Posted April 27th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Hello Readers!

I thought a suitable topic for my first official blog would be World of Warcraft, seeing as it has and does consume oh so much of my time! First of all let me remind you, I am no gaming pro, so the things I will share with you in this post are just things that I find to work! To give me a bit of credit, I do have 5 level 80 characters, and yes to some that might seem unimpressive, but I am proud of them, lol so shush! I have a bit of a paladin fetish, so two of those 80s are paladins, but one is horde and one is alliance. I also have a Deathknight (who doesn’t right?), a mage and a priest (all horde).

I found that once the leveling phase of World of Warcraft ended, I was a bit lost at first. I didn’t know if any of the abilities and spells I was using were correct, I had no idea what stats I should be focusing on, and had no idea where I should start looking for gear. I floundered around in a raid guild with some old friends on my first 80 (a holy human pally) and had a hell of a time even healing through a heroic, which was rather discouraging and prompted one of my first WoW frustration breaks. I was away from the game for a couple of months, but then returned as a horde paladin, only interested in leveling. When I reached 80 with her, I took my longest WoW break to date, a whole 6 months!

My latest bit of WoW gaming has been much more satisfying. After leveling my Priest and Mage on a new horde server, I found out about a few Add-ons and sites that have really helped improve my play style, though I am still no WoW master, hehe.

The best site I have come across so far is! I seriously visit that site like 10 times a day at least, hehe. You input your information, (for example if you are an arcane mage running 5 man heroics), and then it will give you a list of the best gear you can get, where to get it, how to gem it, how to enchant it, what spell rotation you should be using to maximize your dps and even what foods and flasks are best for your class. It even has class builds, though I find them easier to follow on a site I will mention next!

If you have noticed that you are gearing up and still are unable to keep up in dps, (I had that problem on my mage), it may simply be that a few talent points that are out of place! It’s hard to tell how to spend you talents as you level, especially if you’re in the middle of a dungeon when you ding, but a simple respec can really help, even if it’s just for a few points! I use the talent builds at You just have to check your class and spec and it will show you lots of different builds, all rated between 1 and 5 stars. Of course try and get yourself a 5 star talent build, hehe and make sure you remember to check which glyphs are rated the best for your spec before you leave!

Once you have started seeing an improvement in your dps you may be thinking about joining a few raids! I was always nervous about going to raids for the first time, and was set on starting at Naxx and working my way up. Unfortunately no one was really running Naxx by the time I was ready to raid, so I thought I was stuck. Amazingly however you can actually get yourself sufficiently geared for ICC 10 without doing any raiding! If you are wondering what you should be focusing on raid wise, a great site is! You just pick your realm and character and it will show you this nifty little bar; green raids should be really easy for you, yellow raids are the raids you should be focusing on, and red raids are the raids that are still beyond your gear level. You might be surprised what you are actually geared enough to be running!

A few Add-ons can go a long way as well! I was against Add-ons for the longest time, but honestly some of them are kind of awesome! I download all of my Add-ons from, as I am sure the majority of people do, hehe.

The one Add-on that has saved my life a few times is Deadly Boss Mods, it lets you know when you are standing in the wrong spot during fights, or when you should be laying off dps, or not healing, it tells you everything you need to know when in a dungeon.

Recount Damage Meter is great if you are competitive about your dps! You can easily see how you are shaping up against group members, and keep track of who might be holding your party back, so you can kick them out, lol.

Gear Score is my latest add-on. It adds up characters overall gear score that are within inspection range, and then color-coats it! I find it’s handy when I am doing random heroics on my priest, as I can basically judge how hard it’s going to be to heal before we even make the first pull. You can easily tell if someone in your group is slacking too when they are only putting out 1k dps but are sporting a 5k gear score.

The last Add-on that I cannot play without is Visual Heal. It is a really basic healing mod that is great if you don’t like add-ons that take over your whole computer screen and have you just clicking colored boxes with different mouse buttons to heal. It just shows you how much the spell you are casting will heal your target. If it is going to be a huge over-heal, it changes color to let you know that a smaller heal will suffice. I find it’s handy for anytime I go to heal someone, but have myself selected by accident, I immediately notice and can switch targets, usually before someone dies… hehe.

I hope that some of these things might be able to help someone else avoid taking a frustrated WoW break like I did before finding them! If you have any other great add-ons or websites that I haven’t listed here, please let me know, as I am still learning how to be leet!

Thanx 4 Reading!

Miss Mediocre<3

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  1. Clemente Preslar

    I was just browsing for related blog posts for my project research and I happened to discover yours. Thanks for the excellent information!

  2. admin

    Thank you for commenting! I looked at your Newbie/Common Knowledge Guide, hehe such a good idea! It’s always astonishing how many people don’t know such basic stuff! Perhaps it will help some of them become less irritatingly oblivious! XD

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