Death By Elements

Posted November 16th, 2010 by Miss Mediocre

Did anyone else experience those pre-Cataclysm events today!? I’d been a bit busy this weekend yelling at my television as I learned the new CoD Black Ops levels, and hadn’t been on WoW much, but I logged on today to check auctions and re-post things that hadn’t sold in my absence. The first thing I noticed when logging on was some lag, and as I looked around I realized where it was coming from. I should have taken a screenshot, but I was a bit confused and unfortunately didn’t think to do so, but from the Auction House to the arch leading out of Stormwind was filled with mammoths! I’ve never seen so many mammoths in one place before, lol.

After a few bewildered seconds of wondering what everyone was doing and why people were asking for raid invites in trade chat, the event started. I noticed at the top of my screen it said something about sandbags required. I then noticed some sandbags with green arrows over them by the arch on my way out of Stormwind, so I grabbed one and ran back into the city. I found some red arrows by the docks, and dropped my sandbag there. I then headed back for another.

I was in the Cathedral district when the last of the sandbags were placed and the next phase of the event started. Rifts opened up in each of the districts of Stormwind, spawning elite elementals. I figured they’d be wimpy and attacked one on my own, only to end up in the graveyard out in Goldshire a few seconds later. Turns out I was wearing my level 60 Soulforge armor, lol, oops. I ghost-ran back to my body, and rezed a few others who had also met a similar fate before joining in the battle (now wearing level appropriate gear).

We killed all the elementals in the Cathedral district before joining up with the rest of Stormwind and heading to the Docks to fight off the remaining elementals. I was getting some pretty ridiculous lag, and was more or less useless, but the hundreds of other players took care of things, lol.

Once all the elementals were dead, I noticed people asking for groups in trade for the “special bosses”. I figured they’d be in the dungeon que if there were special Cataclysm event bosses, and sure enough, there were four of them; Kai’ju Gaz’rilla, Crown Princess Theradras, Grand Ambassador Flamelash, and Prince Sarsarun.

I qued for Grand Ambassador Flamelash first (because that was first on the list) and had a group in a little over a minute. At first I was surprised to see myself in Blackrock Depths, and then recognized Grand Ambassador Flamelash, formerly known as just Ambassador Flamelash, a boss from BRD. I then recognized the names of two of the other “special” bosses. Crown Princess Theradras is Princess from Mauradon. Kai’ju Gaz’rilla is Gaz’rilla from Zul Farrak. I’m not sure about Prince Sarsarun because I never got to see him.

I made the mistake of amusing each of the bosses would be available basically until Cataclysm got here. I did Grand Ambassador Flamelash twice, Crown Princess Theradras twice and then Kai’jun Gaz’rilla once before I could no longer que for any of them. At first I thought perhaps it was a bug, or maybe I could only kill so many a day, but none of my other characters could que for them either. I found out that you can only que for the bosses after the elemental invasions are stopped by your faction and only for a limited amount of time.

The bosses drop ilevel 251 gear and you get a quest for killing each of them from someone near the boss. Apparently the events happen once every 2-3 hours, but I haven’t seen another one yet, though I did get distracted playing more CoD, lol. I’m going to check back on now and see if the events are starting up again now, and you all should too! They have loot lists up on wowhead already, so you can decide what you want and from who as you only have a limited time to try for it!

2 Responses to “Death By Elements”

  1. Desaan


    I just spent a bewildering few minutes in this event. My understanding is that a raid invite is not required. Is that correct?

    Also…I couldn’t find the emissaries to get the totems. Of course…I found them after the event was over. :o(


  2. Miss Mediocre

    Desaan : That’s correct, you don’t need a raid invite, that just increases your chances of getting a heal I guess, lol. Did your server/faction manage to fight off the rifts? On Alliance on my server we always get Ironforge cleared out quickly, but then Stormwind takes forever and sometimes we don’t get it cleared out in time and miss out on fighting those two bosses :(

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