9 Years of WoW

Posted November 18th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

In honor of World of Warcraft’s 9th Anniversary today I thought I’d write a little post about how WoW has changed for me over the years. As I believe I have mentioned here before, I started playing WoW just shortly after it’s release in 2004. My boyfriend at the time sat me down at his computer and told me to make a character on his account, claiming this shiny new game was just like Dungeons and Dragons, but ONLINE! Needless to say, from the moment my little human warrior’s feet hit the ground in Northshire, I was hooked. I then took over my old boyfriend’s account and still have that first level 12 warrior who shared a name with my D&D character. Since then WoW has been a big part of my life, sometimes a bit too big.

Years 1 to 3

When I first started playing my whole focus was interacting with other players. I was just so mesmerized by the fact that all those little characters running around were actual people and I wanted to befriend all of them. I started up my guild when I reached level 30, which was what I felt a good level to be able to really help people out. The guild was The Pink Fluffy Kittens and people still tell me that their time in that guild was some of the most fun they’d had in WoW. I’d help people level and run dungeons and make them gear, but the main focus of PFK was just fun. I’d organize trivia competitions, gnome battles, scavenger hunts, just any kind of fun event that everyone could be part of. We even had weekly guild meetings in a bar in Stormwind, thought it has since been destroyed by Deathwing. The guild got to be a good size, around 300 players in it’s prime, but when Burning Crusade hit, my focus changed and the guild inevitably died off. It’s still there now, but I use it and it’s bank as junk drawer more than anything else.

Years 3 to 5

In Burning Crusade I started playing Blood Elves a fair bit. I made the Evil Fluffy Kittens as a Horde guild to attempt to keep us all connected, but it didn’t really work. I also got interested in doing more dungeons and end game content and joined a guild that was a bit less casual than PFK. It was kind of incestuous though. The players were older and quite a few had actually met up IRL and had relations, a MMORPG thing I’d been totally oblivious to! I got really involved in the “drama” of the guild when I started actually speaking to them on team speak, making WoW more like a playable soap opera than a video game. It was really entertaining for a while but of course with all the drama, that guild completely imploded. When it all fell apart I started to get into raiding.

I joined a raiding guild close to the end of BC that was more or less drama free. It wasn’t a hardcore raiding guild, but we all did our best and progressed through the early BC raids, Kara being my favorite. I really liked working on fights and mechanics, figuring things out and overcoming obstacles as a group. I didn’t like having to play on a schedule though and I believe that is what eventually drove me away from raiding, that and the release of Wrath anyway.

Years 5 to 7

When Wrath hit and all the gear I’d accumulated while raiding for hours and hours became totally obsolete, I changed my focus entirely to leveling. I re-joined PFK on all my alts and just started leveling everything! By the end of Wrath I had an 80 of every class and two 80 priests and paladins. I’d always liked having lots of alts, but that was the first time I got them all to max level. I got into PvP then because I had such a good understanding of how all the different classes worked. It definitely gave me an edge and for a while I really enjoyed it. By the end of Wrath however my interest in WoW was starting to wain. I was playing more xbox 360 games than WoW, basically just because I didn’t really want to raid, but had done everything else I could think of!

Years 7 to 8

When Cataclysm hit I was determined to get a realm first, level fast and blog my face off about it. I missed my realm first for fishing by 3 minutes and leveled my first couple of characters very fast, but then my interested faded. I tried starting up a new leveling guild that would eventually raid called Luck, but it never really got off the ground. I’d maxed my archaeology, was making really good gold in the AH, was kind of sick of leveling and there was this new game, Rift. I didn’t want anything to do with other players in WoW anymore, any social interactions basically made me lose faith in the human race. Players were mean and greedy and would take you for everything they could. I joined a guild with my little brother and while they were nice to me, anyone not from their guild they were horrible to, just for their own entertainment. I cancelled my WoW subscription and started spending my time in Telara with all my pretty characters and their armor customizations. Then I stopped gaming entirely for about a year, lost 110 lbs, went through some very hard times and did a lot of growing up.

Year 9

I got Pandaria 2 months to the day after it’s release. It was the first time I hadn’t gone and stood in the midnight line up for an expansion. I played to level 90 on my main character and then un-subbed a couple months later. I didn’t come back until September of this year. I’m still very anti-social in game. I avoid interacting with players almost at any cost. I don’t even do dungeons. Now I basically spend my time leveling characters, trying to get back into making gold and farming old content. I spend 99% of my time in game alone and I’m not sure that will ever change. I’ve just had too many bad experiences with nasty players. Even my guild, Luck, I’m leveling completely on my own. I have a few RL friends who play, but they started on another server when they joined the game. I’ve started over on new servers so many times that I just can’t play over there without feeling like it’s a waste of time. My home is Terenas, where it has always been, unless the merge it with something else anyway.

I just found it interesting looking back over the last 9 years at how much my WoW playing has changed. When I started all I wanted was to interact with players and now I do everything I can to avoid ever interacting with anyone. I’m enjoying playing right now, but I am aware that unless I get into end game content, or they release another content patch, I’ll likely lose interest in playing again before Warlords of Draenor gets here. I will be back for WoD though, because that sounds way too awesome to miss!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary WoW! (Even though I’m disappointing that you didn’t send me a pet!)

Dammit Moon Moon

Posted November 7th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

Dammit Moon Moon, why are you floating!?

Some Time on the Timeless Isle

Posted November 6th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I have been re-subbed to WoW for a month now so I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’ve been liking it this time around! It took me a while to check out the Timeless Isle because honestly, new content kind of scares me. Most of the time I jump in there, everything kicks my butt and it turns out I need to do a dungeon or find a group or something. I did finally port over there though and I believe I’ve been doing dailies and killing rares for two weeks now. I know a lot of people really hate it, but I actually love it. Perhaps it’s because I’m so new, but I love how easy they made it to gear up if you’ve been away from the game for 6 months or so like me. I also love how solo-friendly it is! You don’t have to find a group or have friends to help you, you can just run around tagging rares getting sweet epics! I’ve gotten a few of the vanity pets, which are totally my thing. I just managed to reach 400 of them last week so I was sent Venus as a reward, who kind of creeps me out.

I also got the Huolon mount and then was like, wait, why can’t I ride it!? I figured out that I had to go talk to the Order of the Cloud Serpent people, which for some reason, I had just totally missed and didn’t know they existed. At first I was grumpy about it, grinding dailies for rep is not my favorite thing but it actually only took me a handful of days to get to exalted! Between a few Quivering Firestorm Eggs from my adventures on the Timeless Isle and the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent which I purchased at revered, it really was a very quick process! I also got to tame the three baby cloud serpent battle pets when I reached exalted, which are pretty darn cute!

For some reason it took me three characters and almost two weeks to find one piece of timeless gear for my pally, the shoulders. I had two other alts in full timeless gear before I finally found some spaulders in a chest behind a tree. I had been collecting lots of those Burden of Eternity things though in the meantime so now I have almost upgraded all of my gear to ilvl 535. It’s pretty awesome how much butt I can kick now as a ret paladin. I haven’t felt like that in a long time because I basically skipped gearing her up in the last two expansions, which was obvious by getting the achievements [Epic], [Cataclysmically Epic], [Mystically Superior] and [Mystically Epic] all at the same time! There are now many rare elites on the Timeless Isle that I can face alone and killing 20 elite creatures a day is a cake walk. I have also started gearing up my warlock and priest, and even they don’t have a hard time killing the elites anymore. I’m just enjoying being tough again, gear was pretty unattainable to an anti-social player in the past.

I’ve still been working on the Austerity project, she’s level 27 after visiting all of the Candy Buckets of the Eastern Kingdoms and doing some of the Hallow’s End dailies. I had been purchasing some Unclaimed Black Market Containers too, but they seem  to be selling for around 12,000 G now, which is a bit too steep for me, since last time I got some beautiful BoP level 60 mage boots for about 9,000 G. I don’t really have any gold making strategies anymore because I was away from the game for so long, so dropping 12k every couple days on potential garbage would burn through my coffers pretty quick. The only way I have been bringing in gold lately is with some much overdo guild bank cleansing, and most of that goes to Timeless Isle repair bills to be honest. I’m pretty bad at staying out of the AoEs…

Anyway I will continue to post as I continue to play! I’m not feeling like the un-sub will come anytime soon plus I would still like to get every class to 90!

Thanks for reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

What Should the Definition of a Gamer be?

Posted November 4th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

Traditionally, it was not a very difficult task to define what a gamer is. The number of different machines on which you could play games on was limited and having access to a gaming machine was quite a privilege. Prior to the nineties, only a small amount of people owned one of the earlier games consoles. At that point, the easiest way to get involved with some fun gaming action would have been to visit an arcade and play the various classic games there. If you were old enough to experience this in the eighties, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with some of the timeless classics, such as Kong and Space Invaders.

By the time the nineties arrived, the prices of consoles reduced as their quality improved. The Sega Megadrive and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) were launched around this point, and offered a standard of gaming like never experienced before. At this point, someone who played these consoles and/or arcade machines was considered the definition of a gamer.

The definition of a gamer remained the same for around a decade, while the next generation of consoles were launched. We saw the rise of the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation 1, which were far more sophisticated than anything we had ever seen before. Around the same time, the first handheld devices began to emerge. Nintendo released their Gameboy, and these became so popular that its players were considered to be gamers, much like the console players. Some time later, the next generation of consoles came out: the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox.

About a decade ago, we began to enter the next age of console gaming, which was mainly marked by the rise of online gaming. Being able to connect to other players over the internet has opened up a world of possibilities in the gaming industry, and this became the area in which the ‘hardcore gamers’ veered towards.

The most recent major shift in the general gaming industry was initiated by the launch of Apple’s first iPhone. This was the start of the smartphone era, and they have developed significantly since then. As they have improved, they have been able to support more powerful and sophisticated games. Not only are the games more complex, the smart phone technology allows for HD graphics too. The fact that smartphones are always connected to internet means that players can compete in games against people across the world! Being able to access games from a mobile device has appealed to people who would not otherwise buy and play games. As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, its players are becoming recognized as ‘gamers’ in a similar way to console gamers.

The trends in the market are also helped by the high prices which it costs to buy and update games. Buy a game on the PlayStation 3 and you could easily end up spending £100 once you have bought all of the update packs. This is unaffordable for many, which has led to more and more people trying out mobile games, which can often be trialled for free and purchased for a couple of pounds.

The surge of internet-connected mobile games has allowed the rise of mobile gambling apps. People wanting to make a bet can easily place a wager instantly from the convenience of their mobile phones. The days are gone where you have to go down to a bookmaker shop to try to win some money. Today, there are so many mobile casino apps available for you to choose from. If you visit mobile-casinos.org.uk, you can find some detailed information on the best casino apps on mobile phone. There is a whole range of different online gambling apps available, depending on what you are into. There are loads of apps for playing bingo, poker, casino games and placing sports bets. As time goes on and smartphones continue to replace computers, these apps are only going to increase in popularity we will see more and more of them appearing on the app market.

With an ever evolving gaming landscape, it is difficult to put a specific definition on what a gamer is. We need to accept gaming in all of its forms.

Happy Halloween Painting

Posted November 1st, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

Night Elf Vampire

Posted October 29th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

This is a Night Elf who is so excited to be dressed as a vampire for Hallow's End.

I have been playing WoW… A LOT lately! Mostly because right now it’s just a very effective distraction. I lost my poor sweet kitty to cancer a few days ago after 18 years together and very rarely while I’m playing I forget for a few minutes how sad I am. It’s better than laying in bed or watching movies for taking my mind off it anyway. Hallow’s Eve is almost here and though I didn’t really feel like posting anything, I did want to share the couple WoW/Halloween artsy things I’d finished last month before Hallow’s Eve has passed.

Austerity – Level 1 to 20

Posted October 20th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

14 Hours, 53 Minutes, 1 Second

I meant to write a level 1 to 10 post about my experiences while leveling my priest, Austerity (without killing anything, if you missed my earlier post), but by the time I sat down to write it, I was already level 20. So obviously it hasn’t been too painful an experience yet. I’m actually kind of enjoying this alternative and slightly roleplaying-ish way of leveling. So far I’ve just been focusing on picking herbs, mining and doing any quests that don’t require me to kill any mobs. I’ve been bouncing between continents hitting up all of the low level Alliance zones and really the most frustrating thing so far has been WALKING! It’s been so long since I started a new character that wasn’t able to ride a horse within like 2 hours of creation, that I had forgotten how slowly you get places when you have no flight paths discovered and have to walk everywhere, lol. As soon as I dinged level 20 though I hearthed back to Elwyn Forest and trained the riding skill at last! I feel like things will really speed up from here.

She made me bleed my own blood!

I had a rather disappointing experience in Westfall. I was questioning the homeless Stormwind citizens for a quest, and one of them didn’t want to answer me so she turned hostile. I didn’t take her out of course, just threw on a shield and continued questing and collecting things. I’m not sure why, but she just would not leave me alone! My shields kept me from taking much damage from her, and I’d fear her whenever I wanted to pick an herb or mine, but she seriously followed me all over Westfall for almost 15 minutes! She ended up punching me all the way to Sentinel Hill, where a kind high level warlock one-shotted her in passing. I was happy to be rid of my abusive side kick until I noticed it’d counted as a kill! That was pretty crappy and I considered scrapping the whole project but eventually decided that I still knew I hadn’t killed anything so it was still something I was interested in seeing through.

It’s going to be kind of tricky from here because I realized in a mine in Dun Morogh a few levels later that if I fear something and someone else kills it, it sometimes counts as me killing it. So people who are being helpful by killing the mobs smacking me, thinking my poor priest is overwhelmed when really I’m just trying to get to some copper, are actually ruining everything! My stats say I have killed two mobs now, but I haven’t! I don’t have a weapon equipped and have never even used one of my offensive abilities. I’ll try  to be careful about the fearing thing from now on, but really I had no idea I could be scaring these poor mobs to death.

It’s taken me just under 15 hours to get to level 20, which isn’t bad considering what I’m doing and that I’ve AFKed out a couple of times at least. Now that I can ride my horsey, I’m thinking I’ll start hitting up all those nifty candy buckets that are located in the Inns for Hallow’s End! They each reward a decent amount of experience and it will coincide nicely with my exploration! Hopefully I’ll be posting about level 30… or maybe even level 40 soon!

The Austerity Project

Posted October 13th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

Gaming is a pretty awesome escape for me. When things get really bad, sometimes losing myself in a virtual world for a few days helps me deal, without really focusing on dealing. It’s probably not the best method, but hey, there are much worse things I could lose myself in! Someone I know was having a bad a day so I suggested World of Warcraft to them as a fun distraction. They thought it wouldn’t work for them because they didn’t want to have to kill things! Even in a video game, it was just something they didn’t want to do. That gave me kind of an interesting idea!

So I made, Austerity, the human priest, who will never kill a mob of any kind for any reason. I really don’t know how well this is going to work out but I am really interested to see if you can be at all successful in the World of Warcraft if you refuse to kill things. I know there are collection quests, experience for mining or herbalism, exploration experience and probably other things I haven’t even thought of.

My goal will be to get to level cap with a “–” still as my “number of creatures killed” (meaning zero). Then if I can get all the way to 90, to find out how successful/useful a character Austerity can be! This probably seems like a silly waste of time to a lot of people, but I’m hoping a few of you might find it as interesting an undertaking as I do! Anyway I will continue to post about my progress until I reach my goal or throw in the towel, lol. If anyone has an alternative experience gaining ideas for me, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for Reading,
Miss Mediocre <3

My Moon Moon Adventure

Posted October 13th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

This has been my first week re-subbed to WoW. My game priorities tend to  be pretty different than a lot of players I think. I didn’t jump into any of the new content or start running dungeons, instead I just checked out the Darkmoon Faire and everything that had changed since I departed from Azeroth in the spring. The first thing I noticed was the ability to upgrade heirlooms to level 85, and that it only cost 44 tickets per item. Since I’m a hardcore alt-a-holic, this excited me! While I was grinding tickets across my many alts I saw the zone-wide notification about Moonfang spawning in the woods. I figured she’d be something that would be too tough for me, or something I’d at least need to find a group for, but someone in general mentioned where it was so I thought I’d go check it out.

I helped kill her and was happy to discover that I didn’t have to be part of a group to get loot. I really love that new feature because I’ve always hated trying to get into groups for such things. Then I got 10 tickets for turning in Moonfang’s paw, which was awesome since I was trying to get as many tickets as possible to upgrade all my heirloom pieces! After killing her on a couple of my other characters to get the paw turn in and more tickets, someone ran by me trailed by the Moon Moon companion, and I knew I had to have one of my own! I hung around Darkmoon for the rest of the day, helping to kill Moonfang every time she spawned. I figured out it was roughly every hour and I had a level 90 on two different servers, so I hopped back and forth between them for most of the week, killing her about 38 times.

Yesterday I noticed a level 20 looting her corpse and I realized I didn’t need a 90 to kill her. I then started hopping between my 6 main servers, piling up another 42 kills before finally finding a Moon Moon of my own tonight on my old Horde server.

Pet collecting is a pretty big deal to me from long before pet battles came along, so I was very happy to add this new little guy to my pet family. I’m currently at 362 unique pets and have noticed lots of other new pet faces running around since my return, so collecting them will be one of my next big in-game projects. I just wanted to post about my little Moon Moon adventure because it did take up a huge amount of time this week and just in case anyone else was trying for the pet and getting discouraged, I just wanted to say to keep at it, across as many servers as possible and you’ll find one!

PS – As I was finishing this post, Moonfang spawned, I killed her and found a second Moon Moon! Hopefully I can sell it for a decent amount since there have not been any listed on my main server’s Auction House all week!

Re-Subbed to WoW

Posted October 7th, 2013 by Miss Mediocre

I reactivated my WoW account for real today. This will be my test month, to see how much I actually play and decide if it’s worth it to stay subbed throughout the winter. Part of me misses my old obsession days when I’d wake up and log on before I even ate breakfast. It was unhealthy the amount I played back then, but it sure was a lot of fun. The only thing that’s really changed is now I play all alone and back then I was with a guild and a few family members. It really is the more the merrier with WoW, but I’m managing to have a somewhat merry time solo so far! I know I could probably find new people to play with if I transferred servers/factions, but I think my transferring and re-rolling on new servers days are behind me! I seriously have 80s all over the place from attempting to find a new group to play with!

I’ll continue to blog about my solo adventures in WoW and whatever other games I pick up in the next little while. I’ll also keep posting any game-related artwork I do. This one I finished last night of my main, Lauriella the Paladin, in her new transmog set.

Side note, as I was attempting to post this Friday, my internet went down and stayed down for the WHOLE WEEKEND! So I wasted the first few days of my WoW subscription but got a lot of artwork done while I was internetless. Thankfully it’s now fixed so I can get to WoWin’!

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