Still SWTORing

Posted March 6th, 2012 by Miss Mediocre

I’m still around, just busy busy but managing to find a little time for SWTOR. I have been playing maybe 3 times a week for about  6 hours total. I haven’t been doing anything but leveling alts really. My brother joined a raiding guild and has been trying to get me to sign up, but I just don’t have the time for that kind of in game commitment these days unfortunately, though I hear the end flash points and Ops have some amazing stories and I’m pretty jealous of his sweet gear…

I’ve managed to get one of every class to level 10 now, so I have 4 Republic characters and 4 Imperials. I’m trying to pick each of the different advanced classes as well, so for example my Imperial Inquisitor is a Sorcerer and my Republic Consular is a Jedi Shadow, just so I get to experience as much as I can through my 8 characters. All of the starting quest lines have been interesting and I am finding it harder and harder to shut down the game as I get further into each of my character’s main story. I am really enjoying my companions too and am finding myself driven to learn more about them and make them love me, lol.  I’m always so excited whenever the little icon pops up to let me know they want to have a chat, though sometimes it’s just tricking me and I get to my ship and they are all like, “what do you want?” That’s always disappointing.

I haven’t played my level 50 very much. I finished her story quest line and now only log on to check my mail for love letters from my husband, Andronikos Revel haha. He keeps sending me level 1 epic courting gifts. I’d prefer credits or maybe a sweet new pirated light saber or something, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. I’ve managed to get all of my Inquisitor’s companions to like me 10000/10000 except Ashara, who isn’t too friendly if you’re female and doesn’t really like any gifts, so she’s only at 6000/10000.

I’m really liking my Bounty Hunter who is level 30 now, but I’m only playing her with someone else, so I can only play her when they want to. Same goes for my Sith Warrior, Smuggler and Imperial Agent, but I may start soloing if I run out of alts!

Anyway I just wanted to pop in and update on what I’ve been up to! I’ve been thinking of playing some more Skyrim or buying The Vampires Masquerade Bloodlines on Steam, just for something different, but I really don’t have that much gaming time, so I’m trying to resist getting into anything else. I’ve been working on a new website too, it has nothing to do with gaming but in case any of you want to have a look at it, it’s

Thanks For Reading (even though I don’t post often lol)
MM <3

So…. SWTOR!!

Posted January 25th, 2012 by Miss Mediocre

It’s kind of strange, I have been hearing things about this game’s approach over the years, but I really wasn’t that excited about it. Maybe because with every other MMO I’ve tried other than WoW my interest has always been fleeting. I’d give it a try, play for a few months, get bored and go back to WoW. Knights of the Old Republic was one of my favorite games ever, so I knew I’d give SWTOR a try at least, but I really had no expectations going in. Now, I am in love, hehe.

I don’t know what it is exactly, just everything maybe, but this game has actually managed to keep on par with my early WoW days experiences! The quests are amazing and just don’t really feel like quests because everyone talks to me, and I can talk back! And be so evil! I’m always finding myself bursting out laughing in the middle of the night at some dialog or cackling manically depending on the circumstances, hehe.

My main character is a Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer. I’m currently at level 38 and am having so much fun being as mean as I can be! I love Khem Val, me and him are tearing up the galaxy and making Jedi everywhere cry. It’s been a blast so far. I also have a level 29 Bounty Hunter, who I’m trying to make a good guy, and a level 24 Sith Warrior who is as evil as can be.

Anyone who may be wondering if it’s worth trying out, it is! I’d go into all the things I love about this game, but really I just don’t have the time because I want to get back to playing, lol. The icing on the SWTOR cake? There’s a freaking SWTOR INSTANCE PODCAST! Listening to the Instance was really the only thing I was missing about no longer playing WoW, so I was more than thrilled when I found out there was a new SWTOR edition! I’m listening to it right now, hehe.

Fus Ro DONE!

Posted December 22nd, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Yaay, after 135 hours I am finally all finished the achievements in Skyrim! The last thing I needed to finish up was getting to level 50 so I leveled some of those skills I never used, like block! It’s so nice when I can actually 100% games without putting in like years of my life to do so, lol. We’ll see if I play anymore before an expansion comes out, or if I get caught up doing other things. As soon as the servers come back online, I’m going to give this Star Wars The Old Republic a try… I’m hoping I don’t like it tooooo much, I don’t want to miss Christmas!

I like dragons… so I bought Skyrim. Also Oblivion was the only game I ever got 100% of the achievements for, and I played the crap out of Morrowind back in the day, so I figured I’d at least enjoy Skyrim a little. I’m 115 hours deep now, have 42/50 achievements completed, and am still loving it! Bethesda’s good at making games that are long, but don’t start to annoy me when I’m trying to finish them. I have only run into a couple bugs, and there were a couple things that bothered me, but some patience and a couple of fan-made addons fixed everything right up.

I decided to play a Nord as my first character, and with some serious self control, I’ve managed to stick with that character all the way through (I’m a bit of an alt-o-holic, which makes it take forever for me to get things done usually, but not this time). I decided to make my character (Elaynna) warrioresque, so she wears heavy armor and dual wields one-handed swords. I like the  combat on the PC, though if anyone is in the room when I’m playing, my mouse clicking tends to annoy them, lol. Having my two mouse buttons swing my two swords is so fun, though I’m not sure why I like it so much…

The quests have all been fun, especially the College of Winterhold ones and the story is really interesting. The dungeons aren’t too repetitive, they are a bit, but not intolerably so. Playing on normal difficulty (Adept) gets really easy as you level up, but you can switch the difficulty level at anytime, which helps to keep it challenging. I’m getting a little sick of slaughtering dragons, but at least they give me lots of gold. I’ve got a bit over 200,000 now, so I’m not too concerned about making it anymore. I still have houses to buy, which will likely burn through it quick, so far I only own Breezehome in Whiterun.

My character hasn’t gotten married yet, I haven’t been able to find anyone I actually want to marry, lol. I was pretty disappointed that Sven from Riverwood wasn’t interested, since he’s been my sidekick since level 3 or so, plus he plays the flute like a pro. I was thinking maybe I’d marry his girlfriend Camilla Valerius, just so he couldn’t… haha. I’ll have to pick someone soon, if only for the achievement! The only ones I have left to get are that one, Standing Stones, Wanted, Master Criminal, Skill Master, Oblivion Walker, Thu’um Master, and Master. They should all be fairly easy to finish up I think, except for Oblivion Walker (to get 15 Daedric Artifacts) which will take some time.

I figure I’ll have all the achievements by Christmas or so. I can’t wait for the first expansion, hehe.

Thanks for Reading!

Hey Don’t Eat That Candy!

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Hi Readers,

I’ve been playing WoW a little more frequently lately. I managed to get my new mage character up past level 20 at last, and logged onto my paladin main to check out how Hallow’s End was different post Cataclysm. I noticed that you don’t talk to Innkeepers anymore to trick-or-treat, you just click on the candy buckets. You also don’t have a trick-or-treat cool down now, but you can only do it 79 times for Alliance or 108 times for the Horde because that’s as many candy buckets as there are. There are new daily quests that reward Tricky Treats, which are basically the new Hallow’s End currency, which I didn’t realize at first, and was running around on a sugar high, puking them up and wasting them, lol.

You can also get Tricky Treats from the candy buckets, and I ended up with about 160 of them after visiting all of the candy buckets (other than the ones in Outland) for Alliance. Of course I spent my Tricky Treats on the Feline Familiar pet, which cost 150 Tricky Treats. It is a cute little black cat that wears a witch hat and can even fly on a broom! It’s great! There is also another new companion pet you can get from the holiday quest line that starts in Stormwind from Anson Hastings in the Trade District or Orgimmar from Edwar Goodwin in the Valley of Strength. The pet is called Creepy Crate, and it’s basically a creepy crate that follows you around and EATS CRITTERS! It’s so funny, and counts toward the guild achievement Critter Kill Squad! Time to go plant my little Crate in the Deeprun Tram… lol

Back to Telara?

Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I change my mind a lot… I was going to quit WoW, then didn’t, then did, then came back, now am quitting again. I loved Rift, thought it was the coolest thing ever, got to level 50, told everyone they should play, got kinda bored, stopped playing, and now am thinking about re-subbing again. The only reason Rift started to bore me was because I was mostly playing alone and they were missing a few (of what I considered to be) staples. I think it was the week after I cancelled my account that they introduced the Random Dungeon Finder, which was something I’d really wanted. Then a little after that they added Guild Banks, which would be very handy for my platinum making. In the latest patch, they are adding in new 1 and 2 person dungeons (called Chronicles), which is kind of awesome for a player like me, who can never seem to find more than 2 other people with which to do stuff in game. I even hear they are getting close to releasing the barber shop! That alone would tempt me to start playing again, there’s just something about running around with the same pink hairstyle that drives me crazy, and there’s not really enough cool cleric helmets to keep me from getting bored.

Also, one of my early posts here was about how Blizzard seemed to ignore their veterans more or less, and how I thought they should reward those players who’d been around since the beginning somehow. In Rift’s Ashes of History update they are adding special veteran rewards for people who keep their sub active for a certain number of months. The rewards are pretty awesome too, including your very own portable mailbox if you remain active for a whole 18 months. Sure that’s a $360 mailbox, but you’re paying to play anyway! I think it’s really great of Trion to give you special things based on how long you’ve been wandering around Telara and wish Blizz would have done something like that other than the odd Feat of Strength that everyone kind of has.

I just know there’s been a rift in my gaming lately, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll fill it with Rift! Lol…

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

Experiment Fail

Posted September 27th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Hi Readers,

Thanks for the comments on my last post, I’ll answer them all asap, just been a bit busy lately! I guess my experiment didn’t really work, I was going to see if I noticed any change in my new “healthy(ish) lifestyle” while getting back into playing some World of Warcraft, but I haven’t logged on for more than a couple hours all month, so I can’t really judge. I have until Oct 6th before my account expires again, but since I’m starting a new job tomorrow and moving this weekend, I am doubting I will get a chance to play again at all before my time is up. My experiment should have been, can I handle any gaming while doing everything else I need/want to do in a day, because then I’d have a conclusion, which is apparently no. I haven’t played any games this month other than getting my mage to level 12 and a deathknight to level 58. I haven’t even built any Sim houses! I was going to play some Oblivion today because I’m starting to get excited about Skyrim’s release, but then I thought I should probably pack and not play xbox, lol. Now I’m doing neither, and blogging!

People seem to be liking my Lady Sylvanas dance video, so I thought I’d relink it here since it’s been like a year since I last did! It’s so silly, but yea, was fun to make. I miss Sylvanas!

MM <3

Is Playing WoW Unhealthy?

Posted September 9th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I mentioned to my little brother that I had reactivated my WoW account again, and he said something along the lines of, “Oh, so you’re giving up this ‘healthy thing’ now then?”.  That got me thinking, I have been totally focused on just being healthy and happy this summer, which did have me away from the computer and games for the majority of my free time. I got lots of sunshine and have been exercising lots and eating healthy and I really haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager, but I’m not really convinced that has anything to do with me not playing WoW… Don’t get me wrong, I know WoW is where a lot of my issues got a bit out of hand. I was pretty addicted in the early days, and then eventually it got easier to just not hang out with friends IRL, but stay in and play WoW with people who were kind of my friends in game. WoW was never the cause of any problems, it was always just the way in which I chose not to deal. When I stopped playing this last time, it wasn’t because I had decided to be healthy and just couldn’t manage a healthy lifestyle that involved WoW or anything, it was just that I was bored with the game. It had nothing to do with me and what was going on, it was just that Firelands came out and it was the same thing as always and no one I knew played anymore so I called it quits. I’ve never been a very active Summer player anyway and it’s always been the time of year when I usually take one of my breaks, but as Fall approaches I always get itching to start a new character or just go grind out some quests when there’s nothing else going on.

Personally I do think it’s very possible to play WoW and be healthy. Many people manage full happy lives while WoWing, and those that don’t, well I think that has to do more with them than whatever game they are playing, that was always the case for me anyway! I may not even be able to get back into playing again, I’m only level 12 after a week (I used to be able to do that in like an hour, lol), but if I do start to enjoy it again and playing more often, I think it will be another good experiment! I use a website to track all my eating and exercise, so it will be pretty easy to spot if my daily calories start going up and my calories burned start going down as my WoW time increases, even though I don’t think that’s going to be the case!

What do you think? Is it possible to be healthy and a serious gamer? Does WoW specifically encourage people to be unhealthy? Let me know!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Kay… Not So Done With WoW…

Posted September 7th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

Hi Readers!

So, my last big post was about how WoW and me were finally calling it quits after 6 long happy years together, how I was over it and moving on… Then my friends started playing again, and talking about it again, and before I knew it my account was reactivated and I was rolling a toon on the Galakrond server to be around them in Azeroth. A friend is paying for my first month in case I can’t get back into it, so it was risk free in that sense, so I’ll post again soon about how it’s going! I am thinking my new “main” will end up being another Night Elf Mage, since Missmediocre didn’t even make it to Northrend, we’ll see though. I’m going to avoid my Terenas server for now, I don’t want to get back into auction housing or archaeology or pet collecting, I just want to level whenever I have some free time.

My Easy Canvas Print

Posted August 16th, 2011 by Miss Mediocre

I’m artsy. At least, I like to think of myself as artsy, it’s a trait I always give to my Sim characters when I’m trying to make them close to my likeness anyway! I love drawing and painting and love hanging my stuff on the wall for my cat to admire (or anyone else who comes in my room I guess, lol). I also never got passed that thing parents tell their kids when they are too young to have any of their own money, that “a gift you make yourself is way more meaningful than something you buy at a store,” so my family has been bombarded with numerous sketches and paintings for Birthdays and Christmases over the years.

I was recently introduced to Easy Canvas Prints, a simple to use website that lets you upload whatever image you want to be printed onto canvas. I was very intrigued and had a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted to get printed onto canvas to hang on my wall. I was going to do an epic shot of my main WoW character looking over Stormwind, but since I don’t play WoW anymore, I thought that might not be the best choice. I thought of getting one of the sunset over Lake Huron, since I have some pretty awesome pictures of that from all the summers I’ve spent there, but since it could be an image of ANYTHING, I decided I wanted something more personalized! And what’s more personal than my face?

I like to play with Photoshop, so I took a picture of my profile, and then made it look all cool and blue. Then I went through all of my favorite songs and picked out a few lines of lyrics from each and put them into the picture around my face, each song in a different font. I was a little concerned about having such a large picture of myself on the wall (I went with the 12″ x 18″ size) but the more I look at it, the more I like it! (The picture itself, not my face, lol). I think it will be awesome to look back at in another 10 years, just to see what I looked like now and what my favorite songs were and how me and my taste in music may have changed. Plus the quality is amazing!

They aren’t cheap, but I think the bigger the size, the better the value. As someone who has bought blank large canvases in the past to paint, I know that they alone can be pricey. I do feel the price is worth the product, because it’s personalized and something that looks awesome that I will keep forever. I am planning on getting another one as soon as I decide what else I really want! They would also make an amazing Birthday or Christmas gift, and would still fall into that “something you make yourself” category!

What do you think of it? My little sister’s only comment was, “Why aren’t you smiling?” lol.

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