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I thought I would post this for anyone else who had leveled a transmute speced alchemist after 4.0.1 and was disappointed to find out that you could no longer learn to transmute epic gems from the trainers. I wanted to remind those of you in my situation that although we are missing out on hundreds […]

/Sigh . . .

October 27th, 2010

I have been leveling my warlock like crazy lately to attempt to get her to 80 before Cata gets here. I finally got her to 70 tonight and made my way to Dalaran to learn some Epic Gem Transmutes because I also just reached 450 alchemy. I was surprised you couldn’t learn them from the […]

Hiya Readers, Edit : It’s not a bug! I was just out of the loop on this one. You can buy everything but the ilevel 277 weapons and shoulders without an arena rating. Thank you for pointing this out Mageshadow & Jack! 😀 I just found this out and thought I would get a post […]

So, I spent some time exploring the Beta yesterday and I was interested to see what “Potion of Illusion” turned you into. All it says in the description is that it “transforms the imbiber look like someone else”, so I spent a good 2 hours leveling my Alchemy to be able to learn to make […]

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