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I was sure I’d be able to finish up this last part of my armor chain in one day, but I was a bit over confident, lol. I made my way to Blackrock Mountain to talk to Bodley, a little gnome ghost who you can only see by using the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer (an item […]

I went into this part of the chain feeling pretty confident! I already had 3 whole set pieces and it was only my second day working on the quest. The first few steps were easy; go to Strathlome, talk to some ghost, do a Baron 45 run, which is pretty easy at level 80, lol. […]

Dear Readers, I have been listening to the Instance for a while now, and every week they say something else in WoW that you should try to do before Cataclysm gets here because it may no longer be available. A couple weeks ago they suggested collecting the “Tier 0″ set and doing the quest line […]

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