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Hello Readers, Can you believe it? I am writing a post and it’s about WoW! Yaay! I was playing my ret pally earlier today (who is my main) and was doing some Archaeology while listening to the Obscurecast Podcast. I listened to today’s episode but realized I had somehow missed last week’s! On last week’s […]

Farming Lovely Charm Bracelets

February 6th, 2011

EDIT : You can no longer post Lovely Charm Bracelets in the Auction House (unless you have access to the remote auction house), so otherwise if you farm any, they have to be sold in trade, which isn’t something I like doing, and so I will not be doing any more Charm Farming. I just […]

My Favorite Niche Gold Strategy

September 27th, 2010

I couldn’t think of a good niche gold making strategy that was worth posting about when I first read the topic for Markco’s October Gold Blogging Carnival, but then I remembered the “Love Is In The Air” events from earlier this year! I had just come back to WoW after a 6 month break and […]

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