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I’m not so great at making the videos to go along with my parody songs, but I hate uploading the mp3 file with just a picture, so once again I have given it my best shot, lol. Hope you guys like it!

Here are the lyrics again:
Check out my gear
Isn’t it sweet?
Don’t you think [...]

Part of Your Alliance Parody Song

September 7th, 2010

I finally did it! I wrote these lyrics like 2 years ago and had them posted on my old blog, and just not got around to singing and recording it! Of course when I wrote this I was a bit more pro-alliance than I am today, but I still like it! I’m going to attempt [...]

Oh don’t you just hate when you start something that seems like a good idea, and never quite finish it? Then, someone else has nearly the same idea and does finish it, lol. I was listening to this podcast called The Instance today (the episode from yesterday) and near the end they play some song [...]

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