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I do like the lyrics I came up for with this song, but I just could not sing it very well!!! All those high notes plus screamyness, I just so couldn’t do it. I am aware it’s not very good, but hey, there are worse things posted out there! lol. I just got to the […]

Alright so today’s epically long downtime gave me lots of time to whip this baby up! I’ve never attempted recording my voice and adding music and making it sound decent before, so please excuse the sub-par sound quality! The Backstreet Boys sneak out in the background vocals from time to time, and I cut out […]

Tuesday Morning Downtime #5

July 20th, 2010

I always forget it’s Tuesday until I try and log on, lol. Today I decided I would try and make up a new WoW song! I was going to make the lyrics about the Tiny Emerald Whelpling that I still have not been able to get (sad face), but then decided that little bastard did […]

Oh don’t you just hate when you start something that seems like a good idea, and never quite finish it? Then, someone else has nearly the same idea and does finish it, lol. I was listening to this podcast called The Instance today (the episode from yesterday) and near the end they play some song […]

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