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Werewolf Quest As A Low Level – ESO

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Getting to Reaper’s March

I was pretty excited when I found out there were Werewolves and Vampires in ESO. Originally I’d decided that my main character, Lauriella would someday be a vampire but the more I thought about it, I changed my mind. She’s a Nord Dragonknight and becoming a Werewolf seemed like a better fit for her. I’m only level 25 but I used the “teleport to player” option to get to Reaper’s March early by checking out the roster of the big trading guild that I’m part of and finding someone of level who was questing there.

I’d looked everywhere online for some information about werewolf spawn locations and times but I couldn’t really find any solid leads. There were a couple of maps that gave me a rough idea but basically I just rode around on the eastern side of the map until I found a group of people. I’d hang with them until I got bored, then I’d continue my search. I did this for a few nights, one was a full moon in game which some people seemed to think would guarantee a werewolf spawn, but there was nothing.

Where I Was Bitten

I’d more or less given up on finding a werewolf, especially at my level, so I went back to questing for a couple days. I logged on Wednesday evening around 10pm EST however and thought, maybe I’d just check one more time. I ported over to Reaper’s March and general chat was going crazy. Everyone was talking about seeing werewolves and it really didn’t sound like trolls trolling (like it had the other nights). I started cycling through the spawn locations I’d been hanging out at over the past few nights when I saw someone call out that there were some werewolves over by the Dune Wayshrine. I was pretty close by so I checked it out and sure enough there were two big werewolves beating on some player. He ran away and reset them just as I got there so I followed them and hit one when they got back to their spawn point, which was just South West of the Dune Wayshrine. There were lots of players around but they let them hit me for a good 40 seconds before someone taunted them off me. I checked my character screen and saw I had the “Sanies Lupinus” active effect, which said I’d been scratched by a werewolf.

Where To Get The Quest

I was so happy but as I stood there watching people eventually kill the werewolves I realized I had no idea what to do next. I again tried to find out online. There were a few quest guides but I was only level 25 and hadn’t discovered many Wayshrines, so when they said which one to go to, I had no idea where that was! I started just running around to all the areas of the map I hadn’t been to yet and eventually found the Rawl’kha Wayshrine right in the middle of the map. Sure enough as soon as I ran up to it I saw the NPC with the starting quest for me. She informed me I could either cure the disease at the temple or head up north to talk to the pack master. Obviously I made my way to the packmaster!

Leveling Up To Complete The Quest

If you’re working on this quest or the quest to become a Bloodfiend, they are definitely easier to complete the higher your level! Your bite/scratch will not go away once you start your respective quest line so if you’re having trouble completing it, do some fast leveling and then come back to it! If you’re anxious to start howling at the moon or drinking the blood of your foes and want to know how to level as fast as possible, you can Click Here and check out the best leveling guides currently available for ESO!

The Werewolf Quest

The quest was red for me but I knew I’d read about people as low as level 15 becoming werewolves so I wasn’t concerned. I went through a portal, Hircine changed me into a werewolf and told me to go take down suitable prey for my brethren to eat. I ran around the instanced zone which is one of the ones you have to do solo. The mobs were level 42 and you only have 2 werewolf abilities to work with, a pounce and a fear, so it was difficult surviving the area at level 25. I found a special troll that was level 42 and attacked it. It basically two-shotted me so once again I went online to try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I found a post that explained that there were actually 3 different bosses that could spawn and to reset the instance you just had to leave through the portal, wait 5 minutes and then zone back in. I tried this and was lucky enough to get the boss they suggested taking on if you were under-leveled, The mammoth. I tried to stay behind him like the post suggested but he still kicked my butt. Then I read that you could actually fight the mob before you’re transformed into a werewolf, then sprint back, get turned, go back to the corpse and complete the quest. I tried this, fought the mammoth for 10 minutes as myself, killed it and by the time I got back to the body as the werewolf, it disappeared right in front of me! I tried again, killed it after 10 minutes, made better time getting back and actually howled at the corpse like the quest wanted me to. A bunch of werewolves came out, ate the body and nothing happened. Apparently they fixed the quest so this method no longer worked.

Fight The Snow Troll

I worked on the quest for a few more hours. I fought the snake, tried the big troll again, tried the mammoth a few more times and then finally I zoned in and couldn’t find any of the three bosses I’d been bashing my furry head against for hours. After a bit of exploring I came across a little snow troll that I didn’t even realize could spawn. He was SO EASY to kill, I didn’t even need to drink a potion. Turns out this little guy is in there for us low level werewolves to fight, but none of the posts I’d read online had mentioned anything about him. He’s to the right in the pile of bones if you’re running into the zone from the shrine. I howled at the corpse, my werewolf buddies came and ate him, then I bowed to the alter of Hircine and bam, now I’m a full blooded level 25 werewolf!

I just wanted to share my story in case anyone else out there is in the same boat as I was! There was so much information I couldn’t find and even more that was incorrect so maybe this can help someone else become a member of ESO’s Team Jacob, lol.

Playing Elder Scrolls Online

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

I have basically been looking forward to the release of this game for 12 years. From the moment I stepped into Morrowind back on the original xbox all I wanted was to be able to traverse Tamriel with fellow adventurers! And now it’s finally here. Of course I opted in for the early access pre-order since I wasn’t fortunate enough to get into the beta and had been dying to give the game a try. It’s really the first game I have been excited about since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW back in 2007.

I have put in about 20 play hours so far, trying out the Dragon Knight and Templar classes, and thankfully it has yet to disappoint! It really feels like I’m playing Skyrim but just suddenly there are other people in my game. The combat is interesting, a combination of mouse clicks, abilities, dodging and blocking which makes it so your character can really handle herself once you get the hang of it. The characters look awesome and the customization reminded me a lot of Rift but better. As always, I wish there were more choices for hair, make up, etc, but I don’t know if anything has ever actually been up to my standards for that, but oh man, you should see my posterior dimensions!

Customizing your character’s spec is pretty in depth and I’m hoping there’s a way to respec eventually because the more I play and understand stuff, the more I want to change how I’ve spent my previous points! There’s three main specs for every class, then you can spec into your armor type, weapon type, guild, profession, etc! It’s overwhelming when you want to do everything at once, but I keep reminding myself that that’s what alts are for!

Questing has been fun. I went with the Aldmeri Domination and Queen Ayrenn seems cool, she even killed some stuff in a crypt with me and I was only level 7! I like when leaders don’t discriminate based on level. I had read somewhere that the questing felt really repetitive but I haven’t found that at all. Yea I am only level 10 but it’s pretty similar to to questing in any MMO… actually I’d say the quests are more unique and interesting than I’m used to. And the environment is so pretty!

I figured I’d jump into professions as soon as I could and since both my characters I have been playing are heavy armor wearers, I have been focusing on Blacksmithing. I did a lot of blacksmithing in Skyrim and it’s similar. It takes forever to level up though, I have found destroying items for mats gives me the most progress so far. You can also research magical items to learn how to put that effect onto your armor/weapons that you make, which is pretty neat. I haven’t tried any of the other professions yet because I’d have no inventory space then. Upgrading your bags is pricey for a new character and you only have 60 slots to start out!

All your characters share a bank, which is kind of worrisome for an alt-o-holic like myself. It’s already full and I only have two characters on the go right now, but you can upgrade it as you make gold as well. You can’t mail your own characters item which kind of sucks but you can send mail to other players from anywhere in the game, no standing at a pesky mailbox in ESO!

So far the only problem I have with the game is that I didn’t buy the Imperial version and have to wait until the 4th to upgrade my account, lol. Oh, and that it’s down for maintenance right now and I had been planning on playing all night. Hopefully I’ll really get the hang of things in Tamriel and start posting on here regularly again all about it!