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Seasons of Disappointment

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Black Desert Online recently ran a contest to submit screenshots of the different in-game seasons that had a chance to be included in a BDO calendar. Since the prize for having one of your images chosen was 2500 pearls and 5000 pearls if you were one of the 12 main winners, obviously I was excited! I really thought I had a chance since I spend so much time in-game taking screenshots anyway of the beautiful scenery so I maxed out my graphics and spent about 7 hours over a week taking about 300 screenshots, lol. I thought my new graphics card did the game justice, but after not having any of my images selected and taking part in the voting for the images that were, I can see I wasted my time on this one! You weren’t allowed to edit the photos other than to adjust hue/saturation/etc. If people’s games actually look as good as those winning screenshots did, I think I’m going to need a new PC! I mean my Super Smash Flash 2 game looks amazing on my PC! But seriously I turned every setting available up to maximum and theirs still looked at least 20 times clearer than mine did, and I bought a new graphics card like two months ago!

pumpkin-1I did manage to be one of the winners of the Pumpkin Carving contest they held over Halloween at least, so I’m not too salty about this loss. I’m still logging on every day at least to garden and get my scrolls but my guild has pretty much died off and my brother doesn’t play anymore either, so I’m kind of all alone out there. It’s still fun alone. If I’m bored I’ll level an alt or something. I’m actually working on leveling a character to 55 on a different server than my own for when the server merge happens on the 30th so I can get all of those leveling rewards twice! If I have a wave of ambitiousness I’ll even do it on the third server! You get about 26 million gold in bars alone and I’m already at level 30. Plus it’s double the Family Coin boxes and Black Spirit Board Game rolls every day! I’ll update on server merge day with the total of extra silver I made with this little plan!

Also since I don’t have a use for these now, here are some of my screenshot entries!

summer-8-2 summer-6 summer-4-2 summer-5 spring5 2016-11-07_772744975

National Red Nose’s Armor Day

Friday, October 14th, 2016


Please Note : We were told today that new Boss Gear Boxes are being issued to those of us who received the Red Nose’s Armor since it was totally a glitch, Yay!

Yesterday, National Red Nose’s Armor Day, was the worst day I’ve had all month! Maybe my life’s too easy or maybe I just get into games too much, but either way when I logged in at 8:01pm to claim my Boss Defense Gear Box, after logging in (or re-logging) at the same time for 30 consecutive days, the disappointment I was greeted with was pretty deflating. I can’t say there’s anything else I did every single day this month (other than brush my teeth, eat and sleep anyway), so for me to actually do a specific thing every single day was a pretty big deal! I mean, even if I’d known at the end of the month I was guaranteed to only get Red Nose’s Armor, I still would have done it. The rewards along the way were cool and I’ve been playing this game like crazy anyway, but what I can’t stand is giving your player base that kind of false hope! A lot of people in general chat were saying it was like Kakao was just giving them a big middle finger, especially after Wednesday’s extended (and then extended) maintenance downtime.

Now I don’t know if the fact that everyone on my server (and every other NA server that I’d heard of) got the same disappointing piece of gear on purpose or if perhaps this was some kind of glitch. The Boss Defense Gear Box definitely claims to contain one of the following : Tree Spirit’s Armor, Giath’s Helmet, Red Nose’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves or Muskan’s Shoes. It says in the tooltip, “Right-click to randomly obtain one of the following”. Since the box only contained the least rare and most unwanted piece of gear, I think that’s some pretty serious false advertising.

It’s extra painful for those players who have been playing since launch and are still missing one of the super rare pieces of this gear that isn’t even available on the Auction House unless you pre-order it for a crazy amount, like Bheg’s Gloves. This box was like a shiny beacon of hope for players who have opened hundreds of Bheg bundles but just haven’t had that RNG on their side in the past!

The BDO social media sites have been silent despite the many tweets about National Red Nose Day and questions about whether this was intentional or a bug. The community is not happy and this time I’m right there with them. I’m worried when they do get around to answering their community, they’ll just play the RNG card. If I’d witnessed just one single player receive anything other than Red Nose’s Armor, I’d be accepting of that defense, but I did not. Now Red Nose’s Armor is down to a disappointing 11,000,000 on my server.

Let’s be honest, gamers are usually pretty harsh and unforgiving. Kakao should be aware of this after loosing half of their player base earlier in the year when they made a lot of changes regarding their “Pay-to-Win” system. To have a game just full out lie to their community like this is something I’ve never actually experienced before (and I’ve played quite a few MMOs). It’s going to be difficult because so many people have already opened and sold (or deleted like in this video, lol) their Red Nose’s Armor, but I really hope they can figure out a way to correct this falsehood and turn National Red Nose’s Armor Day into a funny memory instead of the day so many people stopped trusting this company!

Makeovers and Overs and Overs in BDO

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

I have been in Black Desert Online for 40 days now. I’ve had a Value Pack on my account the whole time, which lets me change my character’s appearance whenever I want. I find if I’m waiting around for something or just depending on my mood, I end up in the “Beauty” tab, giving myself a makeover. Because the characters are just so awesome looking and the character customization is so in depth, I have a lot of fun with it! I was looking through my screenshots as I wait for server maintenance to be finished however and I realized just how many makeovers my poor Sorceress has been through now. 7! So I wanted to share them on here. You may notice the face changes pretty drastically around #4 and that’s because that was when I got a new graphics card for my pc!


No doubt there will be more makeovers in the future, (or maybe I should just make more characters, lol) but either way I’m sure I’ll end up posting them on here!

My Black Desert Online Home

Friday, September 30th, 2016

I have been loving Black Desert Online’s player housing system since I started playing. There are houses that you can buy all over the place, from mansions in major cities to small cottages on the tops of mountains. I spent a long time looking through houses in Heidel, which is my favorite town so far. I really wanted something that had 2 stories to work with but that I could actually compete for Rank 1 in. A lot of the houses that are Rank 1 look more like fancy item storerooms than a player’s home. Unfortunately people just fill their houses with the cheapest/highest interior point items a lot of the time so that they can gain access to the investment banking, which is only available if you have a Rank 1 house in a major city.

I did manage to find a house I liked eventually that didn’t have a crazy Rank 1 score to compete with. It was nice because I didn’t have to buy items from the Pearl Shop to make my house the way I wanted. There are actually a lot of really nice looking furnishings available from in game vendors and the auction house, plus I got a fancy chair for playing 100 hours or so and you get a bed, bookcase, couch and dinning table for buying the “Explorers Package” version of the game (which my friend who gave me his account had).

Anyway I wanted to share my little walk through video of my place! It’s #8.5 in Heidel and I think it’s a good example of how you can fit a lot of furnishings into a pretty small space, while still having it feel cozy. Finally those interior design courses are paying off, lol.

(Sorry there’s no audio, I tried to add a voice over explanation but it didn’t save with the video!)


Is Black Desert Online Pay to Win?

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016



Let me begin my post by declaring my side on this; currently I would not consider Black Desert Online to be a pay to win game. You can definitely pay for convenience but in no way are you required to purchase things from the in game Pearl Shop in order to have a rich and successful BDO experience.

It’s very rare these days to come across a MMORPG that doesn’t have some kind of cash shop set up. Elderscrolls, Rift, SWTOR and even World of Warcraft, which has that $20/month subscription fee on top of it’s cash shop items, has become far more “pay to win” than Black Desert Online is in my opinion. In WoW you can now purchase those game time tokens from their shop and then sell them for a good chunk of gold in game. That’s a pretty straight forward way to buy gold with real money through Blizzard and obviously the more gold you have, the better items you can buy. In WoW you can also buy level 100 character boosts, which I think is a very pay to win feature that BDO does not have.

In Black Desert Online there is no monthly subscription fee. You can purchase Value Packs from the Pearl Shop which are what I’d consider to be the equivalent of most game’s subscription bonuses. With the Value Pack you get more money from Auctions House sales, you can change your appearance as much as you want and you get more inventory/bank space. These aren’t necessary to enjoy the game, but they certainly help. The nice part about the Value Packs is that instead of spending $15USD on this item every 30 days, you can just buy it from the in game auction house for the reasonable price of 9 million silver (and I effortlessly make that amount every 2 days just going about my BDO business). You have to be quick if you’re buying the Value Packs in game since people do buy them up fast, but hundreds of them are posted every month so your chances of getting one are good if you keep an eye out. You can always stock up and keep the extras in your inventory until you need them too.

It’s like that for pets and outfits as well in Black Desert Online. You could spend $21USD on a cool armor set or you can just buy it in game for about 20 million silver. The only things you really have to pay real money for are the costumes, which are simply convenience items that make you cook faster, train horses faster, hides your name during PvP, increases your swimming and fishing speeds, etc. You can also buy items that make it easier to enhance your weapons, but you can just buy already enhanced weapons from the Auction House, so again, it’s not something that is a necessity. I feel the people behind Black Desert Online (the NA version anyway) have done a great job making sure that anything you really need to play the game effectively, is available to you for in game silver.

I’m not a premium player by any means. If you wanted, you could invest $10,000 into the game, sell a bunch of costumes on the Auction House and then buy yourself the best weapons and armor, but I believe that’d be a waste of your money and you’d still have to level your character yourself. Making silver is pretty easy and there are so many different ways to do so. You can basically just leave your character AFK fishing while you sleep at night and bring in a few million while you’re not even playing. As I mentioned in my first post about BDO I’m only a little over a month into the game and still reasonably noobish but I already have 225,000,000 silver. I don’t buy anything with real money to sell for in game silver, I just found myself a nice little niche market and a few good grinding spots and I’m already in the top ranking (A) for wealth on my server.

Since there are no subscription fees, I just allow myself to spend a subscription fee equivalent ($20USD) every month on Pearl Shop items. I really liked a pet that was on sale and I hadn’t been able to get it on the Auction House, so I bought it (but I do have 3 others that I just bought with silver). Also I have decided that horse breeding and training is my “thing” so I just invested in a costume that will let me train horses 20% faster. But that’s all I’ve felt the urge to buy and neither of those things were needed for me to be good at the game.

You get something called loyalty points for logging in every day (and lots of bonus loyalty points from other things as well). A lot of the convenience items like carrying weight increases and value pack bonuses can be purchased with those points instead of spending real money too.

The Pearl to USD exchange rate is roughly $20 = 20,000,000 silver. Making money has not been my focus in BDO yet at all, I’ve just been leveling and learning and have only started making a conscious effort to increase my in game wealth this week because I want to save up for the best Awakening weapon that I can get. I already have 225,000,000 silver though as I mentioned, which if you wanted to buy that amount of silver with real money, would be the equivalent of spending $225 USD. Since it’s that easy to make silver in game, but that expensive to buy with real money, I really don’t think paying that much would be worth it! I feel like the people who are the “Premium Players” either just have way more expendable income than me and are totally okay with dropping $1000 on an in-game weapon, or they really haven’t taken the time to work out the details!

If you wanted to purchase a copy of Black Desert Online and then never invest another dollar into it, that would be entirely possible and I don’t believe it’d put you at any disadvantage either! On the other hand, if someone wanted a pay to win game, they’d need to invest a huge amount in order to make BDO actually feel that way, and I’m talking thousands! So that’s why after 35 days, even though I have nothing against pay to win games, I don’t feel like BDO is pay to win. Even as a pretty-much-broke-starving-artist-gamer, I’m still able to enjoy my Black Desert Online experience fully!

Black Desert Online

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016



It has been a long time since I’ve felt inspired to start game blogging again. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve done any kind of regular blogging or regular MMO playing really, but 35 days ago my little brother convinced me to check out Black Desert Online. Almost 500 hours of play time later, I feel like it’s safe to say that I am hooked and I once again feel the urge to share my gaming experiences!

I came into BDO not knowing much about it at all. I’d seen the character creation hype back in February of this year right before the North American version of the game was released and I knew that it was a fantasy MMORPG, but that was pretty much it. So far the only thing I can compare my time in BDO to is my early vanilla WoW days. It is very different from WoW in a lot of ways, but similar in terms of the difficulty and immersion I experienced when I jumped into Azeroth back in 2004. Since then WoW has become pretty fool-proof/casual friendly but Black Desert Online is not an easy MMO by any means. There’s a noticeable lack of hand-holding and direction and that can be pretty overwhelming at first, but once you get your bearings and figure out the basics, you can start to appreciate just how vast and interesting the world is.

BDO is also not a story-driven MMORPG, which was a change for me. There are main story quests and characters, but they quickly faded in significance to me as I discovered things like World Bosses, gardening, horse breeding and of course one of my favorite things in MMOs; the auction house. The game reminds me a lot of Aincrad from the anime Sword Art Online actually because you can just be a chef or fisherman or crafter if that’s how you choose to play.

I was definitely hesitant to jump into another MMORPG. So far I’ve seriously gotten into playing WoW, Elderscrolls Online, RIFT and SWTOR, but eventually lost interest in all of them. I’ve tried and not really enjoyed countless others and I’d assumed my MMO days were behind me, but I am so glad that I was wrong! I’m not claiming that my interest in BDO won’t fade eventually (I’m actually hoping it does at least a little so I can get some things done IRL, lol), but I feel like if a game can hold my interest for 300+ hours, it’s a winner!

The only thing I’d definitely recommend if you’re going to give Black Desert Online a try is either start playing with someone you know and be ready to look things up or immediately find yourself a really patient and helpful guild. My friend (who is a 11+ year off and on WoW player like myself) tried the game by himself right after it was released and within a few hours was so lost and frustrated that he never went back (and actually gave me his account because he never wanted to play again). A lot of people (like my friend) don’t really want their games to be a challenge. He didn’t like Dark Souls games either for this reason and that’s understandable. I really enjoy challenging games however, have a lot of free time to put into them and had my little brother to answer my 6789 questions as I was starting out. If you go in expecting a really unique and challenging experience though, I feel like you’ll be a lot less likely to get overwhelmed!

The last thing I want to touch on in my first (of hopefully many) Black Desert Online blog posts is just how BEAUTIFUL the game is! The character creation is amazingly detailed, which anyone who has read any of my past posts will know is a pretty big deal to me. It took me almost 2 hours to make my first character, lol. The environment is also really breathtaking and there have been so many times as I’ve been running around questing and exploring that I’ve just stopped to admire the very detailed scenery!



There’s lots more I want to write about but I’ll save that for future posts! Basically if you enjoy a challenge and have been craving a different kind of MMORPG, try Black Desert Online! And if you don’t have anyone to try it with, roll your character on the Orwen server and come play with me! E-mail me at and I’ll give you my character info!