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Is Playing WoW Unhealthy?

Friday, September 9th, 2011

I mentioned to my little brother that I had reactivated my WoW account again, and he said something along the lines of, “Oh, so you’re giving up this ‘healthy thing’ now then?”.  That got me thinking, I have been totally focused on just being healthy and happy this summer, which did have me away from the computer and games for the majority of my free time. I got lots of sunshine and have been exercising lots and eating healthy and I really haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager, but I’m not really convinced that has anything to do with me not playing WoW… Don’t get me wrong, I know WoW is where a lot of my issues got a bit out of hand. I was pretty addicted in the early days, and then eventually it got easier to just not hang out with friends IRL, but stay in and play WoW with people who were kind of my friends in game. WoW was never the cause of any problems, it was always just the way in which I chose not to deal. When I stopped playing this last time, it wasn’t because I had decided to be healthy and just couldn’t manage a healthy lifestyle that involved WoW or anything, it was just that I was bored with the game. It had nothing to do with me and what was going on, it was just that Firelands came out and it was the same thing as always and no one I knew played anymore so I called it quits. I’ve never been a very active Summer player anyway and it’s always been the time of year when I usually take one of my breaks, but as Fall approaches I always get itching to start a new character or just go grind out some quests when there’s nothing else going on.

Personally I do think it’s very possible to play WoW and be healthy. Many people manage full happy lives while WoWing, and those that don’t, well I think that has to do more with them than whatever game they are playing, that was always the case for me anyway! I may not even be able to get back into playing again, I’m only level 12 after a week (I used to be able to do that in like an hour, lol), but if I do start to enjoy it again and playing more often, I think it will be another good experiment! I use a website to track all my eating and exercise, so it will be pretty easy to spot if my daily calories start going up and my calories burned start going down as my WoW time increases, even though I don’t think that’s going to be the case!

What do you think? Is it possible to be healthy and a serious gamer? Does WoW specifically encourage people to be unhealthy? Let me know!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

Whatever Wednesday – What’s Been Up

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d use my Whatever Wednesday post to talk about what all I have been up to in WoW lately. I have two characters at level 85 now, my Paladin and my Priest. I have been trying to get my Priest into some decent gear, because eventually I’d like to get into a raid with her. I joined a raid guild, the 5th best raid guild on my server, but I’m not sure what I think of it so far. One of my oldest WoW buddies is in the guild, along with my brother, but there’s just something about the average raider’s attitude that rubs me the wrong way. I have run heroics with a few members, and they go out of their way to try to help me get gear, but if the whole time they treat everyone else in the group like crap, it’s hard for me to be thankful, or even want to group with them again. It’s always been “Attitude > Skills” for me when it comes to players, so I’m foreseeing a bit of trouble “fitting in”.

Aside from running heroics, I spent 6000g today to finally finish leveling my enchanting to 525. It was a lot of gold, but there are enchants I want that aren’t available in the Auction House, so it was time I just learned to do them myself, lol. I’m most looking forward to Power Torrent, which will take me 5 Maelstrom Crystals to buy, and another 5 to make, but I’m hoping I can make back my gold by being one of the first people on my server with it. Why do I want this enchant so bad you ask? Well to put on my new Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan of course!

I’ve been looking for this Archaeology Relic for days now, and finally found it yesterday afternoon. It was the 54th Dwarven Relic I solved, so I definitely put a lot of hours into looking for it, but I think it was worth it. I was expecting to equip it on my Shadow Priest and suddenly see myself doing 20k dps, but unfortunately it didn’t make that much of a difference. It’s still awesome that I found it though. I’m always last place for dps, but I am wearing a few greens, so I think that will change once I catch up gear wise!

Other than tones of dailies, I also made a new character! (I know, crazy, I already have way too many) I didn’t have an Alliance Deathknight on my main account though, so I created a pink-haired Night Elf one named Fuchsia! I used to like playing my DK, before I left her behind on a deserted server all by herself, so hopefully I enjoy the new frost dps! My brother made a DK with me named Listen, and we’re going to try to level them together.

As one final note, has anyone else seen the Black Embersilk Gown? I haven’t been running heroics with my tailor, so I can’t make them because they require a chaos orb, but omg is it ever pretty! I can’t wait to make one! It’s totally useless I know, but I’m a sucker for pricey vanity items. If you are too, you can buy the pattern for 8 bolts of Embersilk from the cloth trader in Twilight Highlands.

Hope you’re all having as much fun in game as I am!

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MM <3

Whatever Wednesday – Sunshine and Smiles

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Hello Readers,

I kind of love Wednesdays, because I can post about whatever I’m thinking about, which I kind of do anyway the rest of the week, but I feel like my thoughts belong in Wednesday’s post when they aren’t directly related to gaming anyway.

I’d like to try to keep a “if I post it, it stays” motto for my blog. I really hate it when I read a post somewhere or watch a video on youtube that gets me thinking in agreement with or against what that person was trying to get across, and then I go to comment later or show someone only to see it was removed by the author. It seems unfair to do that to readers, so I will do my very best to avoid doing that here! There have been a few of my angrier or more personal posts that haven’t made it onto the site, so I think I am alright at moderating myself so far.

Anyway the reason I bring this up is because my post yesterday was bit angrier than any of my other posts and aimed at someone in particular. I feel better about the whole thing already, as I usually do after writing about something that upset me in some way or another, but I won’t take the post down. I’m not all sunshine and smiles all the time, and I think it’s important to include that other side of myself! I wouldn’t want to give you all the wrong impression of me, though I do very much prefer the sunshine and smiles!

Christmas is right around the corner, like right around the 3 days from now corner, so expect to hear a little less from me until after boxing day! There’s quite a few Christmas parties to attend, and I’m ashamed to admit I’m not quite finished my Christmas shopping, so it’s going to be a busy week! I’ll still find time to play WoW I’m sure, and if there’s something I absolutely must share, I will, but I promise to post as much as I possibly can, until I am too busy to do so.

MM <3

Whatever Wednesday – Business Socks

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Finally something un-gaming for my Whatever Wednesday post! I know this is 4 years old or so, but I just heard it the other day and thought it was hilarious and have been quoting it all week! I thought it was appropriate to share with all of you today, as it is Wednesday…

Whatever Wednesday – RL Earthquake

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

How am I finding time to write a post when THE SHATTERING just happened!? I’m writing this as I’m on Flight Paths… hehe, I guess that’s the one bonus to getting around taking so much longer now without portals!

For my second “Whatever Wednesday” post, I thought I’d write about something still loosely related to WoW, and maybe those of you reading this can leave comments with your related stories! I was thinking about it the other day, I spend a fair amount of time logged into WoW, and lots of real life stuff happens while I play. I got to wondering, what was the craziest thing that had ever happened IRL while I was logged into WoW. I’ve decided on one incident to share, and it wasn’t even that long ago!

Early this year I was working on building up my horde guild, Children of the Shadow. I was chatting with a couple of members who were also my Real ID friends, and we were checking out the Real ID group chat as it had just come out. I don’t recall what we were talking about at the time, but I was just finishing up on the game as I’d been awake a long time and needed to get some sleep! I was getting distracted by what I thought was my boyfriend hitting my chair but then remembered I was in fact home alone.

I looked around, immediately thinking, GHOST! I stood up from my chair, only to realize that it wasn’t just my chair moving, it was everything! Now, I live in Ontario, Canada, and we most certainly aren’t known for our earthquakes, but I’d actually experienced one 5 years ago, and recognized the sound! I was a bit freaked and figured I should get to a doorframe just in case because my building is like 90 years old.

Of course I took the time to type, “omg, earthquake!!” in group chat and then ran to my doorway. I then noticed my cat sitting in the window, and ran back to grab him and we both stood in the doorway for the duration of the quake. Nothing even fell over in my apartment, but wow did the building ever make some scary noises!

I have the imagination of a 4 year old, so I was pretty rattled even by the baby quake (4.6 I think it was). I ran around trying to find my clothes (I’m also messy, so this was quite a task in my sleepy startled state). I threw my cat in his carrier and was ready to head down to my brother’s apartment (he lives just down the hall from me), when I remembered WoW. I came back to the computer to see, “wow, I hope she’s okay” and “think she’s dead?” lol.

I explained quickly that I was okay, but there had been an earthquake so I was leaving my apartment because I am a chicken and didn’t want to be alone if there was another one. I then stayed at my brother’s apartment for the rest of the afternoon, but as much as I kind of wanted there to be, there wasn’t any more earth shaking. Now every time there’s an earthquake in WoW, it makes me think of that day, lol.

I am now going to get back to WoWing! My NE mage is level 8 and has a long way to go and I have to keep an eye on that Auction House, hehe. Please share your stories about the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you IRL while you were playing WoW! I’m sure there are many stories out there that can top mine!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

Whatever Wednesday – Arena Victory

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

So I had yet another idea for a little series of posts! I’m going to use Wednesday as the day I post about whatever I want! I post about what I want most days anyway, but I won’t limit Wednesday’s posts to strictly gaming, though I’m sure many of them will end up being about just that. Like today’s!

I couldn’t think of anything non-gaming to write about, so for my first Whatever Wednesday post, I’d like to share a WoW story!

I had just recently reached level 80, and had decided to try out my PvP skills in some Arena matches! I made a 2-man team and qued up, and was surprised to actually win a couple matches! I was playing as a ret paladin and my teammate was playing a rogue, and we were having a decent time, even though we were losing the majority of our matches.

We’d decided to do one more match to end us at 10 for the week, and for our last match we ended up in Blade’s Edge Arena fighting against a Horde hunter and shaman. As soon as they got my rogue partner in their sights they destroyed him in a matter of seconds, before I even had a chance to bubble him! I bubbled myself and /mourned him as I awaited a similar fate, but the shaman /comforted me and neither him nor the hunter attacked. I figured, well, it was our last game anyway, may as well chill with these hordies, so I /danced with them. They joined in and /cheered and /clapped as my little human paladin did some serious macarenaing while my team mate watched from his corpse.

We danced for a few minutes and slowly my mana regenerated and my bubble came off cooldown. I noticed that I wasn’t in combat anymore, so I tried selecting the corpse of my rogue and hit my resurrection spell. The hunter and shaman just danced away, oblivious that I was slowly resing my fallen comrade. The spell looks the same as the spell for the paladin’s charger, so I wondered if perhaps they thought I just wanted to show of my horsey, lol.

As soon as my teammate got the rez he got up, popped evasion and every other rogue cooldown, and together we destroyed the shaman before he had even stopped dancing. The hunter took off, but we chased him down, killed him, and won the match. Needless to say, we were both laughing pretty hard afterward.

I’m not sure if the Orc and Troll maybe had a weakness for blonds in pink tabards, but there’s two morals to this story. First, it’s not over until it’s over, especially in Arenas, and second, no matter how cute a character may be, never trust someone you’re pitted against, especially when you’re dancing on the corpse of her boyfriend, lol.