Whatever Wednesday – Arena Victory

So I had yet another idea for a little series of posts! I’m going to use Wednesday as the day I post about whatever I want! I post about what I want most days anyway, but I won’t limit Wednesday’s posts to strictly gaming, though I’m sure many of them will end up being about just that. Like today’s!

I couldn’t think of anything non-gaming to write about, so for my first Whatever Wednesday post, I’d like to share a WoW story!

I had just recently reached level 80, and had decided to try out my PvP skills in some Arena matches! I made a 2-man team and qued up, and was surprised to actually win a couple matches! I was playing as a ret paladin and my teammate was playing a rogue, and we were having a decent time, even though we were losing the majority of our matches.

We’d decided to do one more match to end us at 10 for the week, and for our last match we ended up in Blade’s Edge Arena fighting against a Horde hunter and shaman. As soon as they got my rogue partner in their sights they destroyed him in a matter of seconds, before I even had a chance to bubble him! I bubbled myself and /mourned him as I awaited a similar fate, but the shaman /comforted me and neither him nor the hunter attacked. I figured, well, it was our last game anyway, may as well chill with these hordies, so I /danced with them. They joined in and /cheered and /clapped as my little human paladin did some serious macarenaing while my team mate watched from his corpse.

We danced for a few minutes and slowly my mana regenerated and my bubble came off cooldown. I noticed that I wasn’t in combat anymore, so I tried selecting the corpse of my rogue and hit my resurrection spell. The hunter and shaman just danced away, oblivious that I was slowly resing my fallen comrade. The spell looks the same as the spell for the paladin’s charger, so I wondered if perhaps they thought I just wanted to show of my horsey, lol.

As soon as my teammate got the rez he got up, popped evasion and every other rogue cooldown, and together we destroyed the shaman before he had even stopped dancing. The hunter took off, but we chased him down, killed him, and won the match. Needless to say, we were both laughing pretty hard afterward.

I’m not sure if the Orc and Troll maybe had a weakness for blonds in pink tabards, but there’s two morals to this story. First, it’s not over until it’s over, especially in Arenas, and second, no matter how cute a character may be, never trust someone you’re pitted against, especially when you’re dancing on the corpse of her boyfriend, lol.

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6 Responses to “Whatever Wednesday – Arena Victory”

  1. Donny says:



  2. X-Moon says:

    Great story!

    Those hordies were fools and deserved their beatings. Gratz on the smiting!

  3. Miss Mediocre says:

    X-Moon : Hehe, thanks!

  4. kammler says:

    I have to Lol and /cheer.

    Very nicely done.


  5. Miss Mediocre says:

    Kammler : hehe, thank you 🙂

  6. Rathay says:

    Wow, that’s a really funny story. I have some stories about PvPing as a prot warrior early in this expansion. I sorta carried my friend in a 2v2 arena team because he pretty much died instantly and I’d finish the people off. Almost any class combo was toast on my plate. 😛

    Then gear came along…. /sigh

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