What To Get The Toon Who Has Everything

Winterveil is right around the corner folks, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be contemplating the perfect gift for that awesome leveling buddy or that special someone. It can actually be quite a daunting task if the player you’re buying for seems to have everything they could ever need, or if there isn’t much jingling around in your coin purse, but fear not! I have just the thing to keep those gift-giving blues at bay! Miss Mediocre’s Very Un-Mediocre Winterveil Gift Giving Guide, with over 50 gift ideas ranging in price from 30 copper all the way up to 150k gold!

I’ve divided my list up by price, but please note that I’ve used Auction House prices on my server, so your prices could be slightly different! Also, some of the items must be crafted or may not be currently available unless someone has posted them in the Auction House, these special items are in red. The rest of the items are in green, to be festive! I’ve also added a quick list of all the Florists and Jewelry Vendors at the end.

Gifts Up to 5g :
Simple Wildflowers – 2s – Florist
Red Rose – 5s – Florist
Beautiful Wildflowers – 20s – Florist
Heavy Copper Racer – 30s – Dalaran Toy Shop (44, 46)
Trusty Copper Racer – 30s – Dalaran Toy Shop (44, 46)
Zippy Copper Racer – 30s – Dalaran Toy Shop (44, 46)
Grindgear Toy Gorilla – 45s – Dalaran Toy Shop (44, 46)
Black Rose – 50s – Florist
Mood Ring “It’s blue, wait it’s green” – 1g – Jewelry Vendor
Happy Fun Rock – 1g – Dire Maul Drop or Auction House
Red Traditional Hanbok – 1g67s59c – Geenia Sunshadow, Moonglade – Limited Quantity
Big Berry Pie – 1g70s – Aimee – Dalaran (51,29)
Bouquet of White Roses – 2g Florist
Cubic Zirconia Ring “Trust me, she’ll know” – 5g – Jewelry Vendor
Paper Zeppelin Kit – 5g – Dalaran Toy Shop (44, 46)

Gifts From 6g-25g :
Chocolate Celebration Cake – 9g – Aimee – Dalaran (51,29)
Gnomish Army Knife – 10g – Auction HouseCrafted By Engineers – Saronite Bar x10, Skinning Knife, Mining Pick, Blacksmith Hammer
Silver Piffeny Band “Nothing says sorry like piffeny.” 10g – Jewelry Vendor
Elegant Dress – 10g – Auction House – Easter Item
Red Winter Clothes – 10g – Auction HouseCrafted By Tailors – Bolt of Runecloth x4, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Red Dye x2, Runethread
Unusual Compas – 10g – Auction HouseFishing Daily
Steam Tonk Controller – 10g – Auction HouseCrafted by Engineers – 3 Milthril Bar, 1 Gold Power Core
Darkmoon Flower – 15g or 5 tickets from the Darkmoon Faire
Lovely Blue Dress – 20g – Auction HouseValentines Item
Green Winter Clothes – 20g – Auction HouseCrafted By Tailors – Bolt of Runecloth x4, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Green Dye x2, Runethread
Lovely Cake – 18g – Aimee, Dalaran (51,29)
Miniscule Diamond Ring “Hey, It’s still a diamond.” – 25g – Jewelry Vendor
Tuxedo (Jacket, Pants, Shirt)Auction HouseCrafted by Tailors – 13 Bolts of Mageweave, 8 Heavy Silken Thread
Delicious Chocolate CakeAuction HouseBC Cooking Daily Recipe – simple flour x8, small egg x 8, ice cold milk x4, mild spices x4, flask of port, mageroyal x3

Gifts From 25g – 100g :
Flawless Diamond Solitair “Will you marry me?” – 50g – Jewelry Vendor
Lovely Red Dress – 50g – Auction HouseValentines Item
Lovely Purple Dress – 50g – Auction HouseValentines Item
Bouquet of Black Roses – 50g – Florist
Lovely Black Dress – 100g – Auction HouseValentines Item
The Rock “It’s huge!” – 100g – Jewelry Vendor

Gifts From 100g – 500g :
Blood Elf Bandit Mask – 100 – 300g – Auction HouseSuper Rare Drop
Noble’s Monocle – 150g – Auction HouseOutland Fishing Daily
Abyssal Bag (22 slots) – 300g – Auction HouseCrafted by Tailors – spellweave x2, ebonweave x4, eternium thread
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot – 300g – Auction HouseCrafted by Engineers – Adamantite Frame, Fel Iron Casing x2, Gold Power Core, Fel Iron Bolts x2

Gifts Up to 2000g :
Orb of Deception – 1000g – Auction HouseRare Drop
Ruby Shades – 100 – 1000g – Auction HouseNo Longer Available
The 1 Ring – 200g – 2000g – Auction HouseRare Fishing Item
Antique Silver Cufflinks – 100 – 1000g – Auction HouseOutland Fishing Daily
Haunted Memento – 2000g (Can be MUCH less) Auction House No Longer Available

Gifts For 10,000g +
Chopper/Hog – 13-20k gold – Auction HouseCrafted by Engineers
Jaina’s Locket Auction HouseGroup Hearth to Dalaran
Sylvanas’ Music BoxAuction HouseSummons Sylvanas’ Lamenters
Muradin’s FavorAuction HouseChange into a Frost Dwarf for 10 minutes
Tabard of the LightbringerAuction HouseMakes you Glow, 30 minute Cooldown
Reins of the Crimson DeathchargerAuction House Red Version of a Deathknight Horse

Florists :
Aerith Primrose -Dalaran (57,52)
Bernard Gump – Stormwind City (69,71)
Felicia Gump -Stormwind City (69,71)
Innkeeper Hazel Lagras – Howling Fjord (58,62)
Komin Winterhoof – Thunder Bluff     (50,39)
Nida Winterhoof – Thunder Bluff (50,39)
Sophie Aaren – The Culling of Stratholme (64,55)

Jewelry Vendors :
Arred – The Exodar (25,45)
Gelanthis – Silvermoon City (90,73)
Qixdi Goodstitch – Northren Stranglethron (42,74)

Don’t forget, the majority of these items can be gift wrapped, and that’s always a nice touch! Blue and Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper can be purchased from any <General Goods> vendor and holiday Blue, Green and Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper can be purchased during Winter Veil from any <Smokywood Pastures> vendor.

I’ve tried to include as wide a variety of gifts as possible to attempt cover those characters who like to collect interesting things, and might already have the majority of these items tucked away in their bank. I am a huge “vanity item” hoarder and have been at it since Vanilla WoW, but even I don’t have everything on this list! There will likely be a whole bunch of new items added after The Shattering and The Cataclysm, so I will update this list as I come across new gift ideas! If there’s anything I’ve missed, please point it out in a comment and I’ll add it to the list or if nothing on this list works for you, describe who you’re buying for and I’ll do my best to give you some personalized gift shopping advice!

What has been your favorite gift you’ve ever received in WoW?

Gnomish Army Knife
Orb of Deception
Blood Elf Bandit Mask
Ruby Shades
Abyssal Bag
Steam Tonk Controller
The 1 Ring
Antique Silver Cufflinks
Noble’s Monocle
Haunted Memento
The Rock “It’s huge!” – 100g
Flawless Diamond Solitair “Will you marry me?” – 50g
Miniscule Diamond Ring “Hey, It’s still a diamond.” – 25g
Silver Piffeny Band “Nothing says sorry like piffeny.” 10g
Cubic Zirconia Ring “Trust me she’ll know” – 5g
Mood Ring “It’s blue, wait it’s green” – 1g
Darkmoon Flower
Elegant Dress
Lovely Black Dress
Lovely Blue Dress
Lovely Red Dress
Lovely Purple Dress
Green Winter Clothes
Red Winter Clothes
Happy Fun Rock
Simple Wildflowers
Red Rose
Beautiful Wildflowers
Black Rose
Bouquet of White Roses
Bouquet of Black Roses
Unusual Compas
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot
Heavy Copper Racer – 30s
Trusty Copper Racer – 30s
Zippy Copper Racer – 30s
Grindgear Toy Gorilla – 45s
Paper Zeppelin Kit – 5g
Big Berry Pie – 1g70s
Chocolate Celebration Cake – 9g
Lovely Cake – 18g
Delicious Chocolate Cake – simple flour x8, small egg x 8, ice cold milk x4, mild spices x4, flask of port, mageroyal x3
Jaina’s Locket
Sylvanas’ Music Box
Muradin’s Favor
Tabard of the Lightbringer
Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger

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  1. Rosennia says:

    Happy Belated Website Anniversary! Saw this linked on your anniversary post. I love this list. There were a number of items I was unaware of, and I’m always looking for things to give people for birthdays and christmas on WoW.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rosennia : Thanks! I’m so glad someone found it useful! 😀 I’m a big gifter too, but I guess there are less of us out there than I’d thought, lol.

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