WoW vs The Sims Medieval

I’m not sure why exactly, but my interest in WoW has been fading a bit lately. I am very happy with Cataclysm, and there is still a lot I have yet to experience, but regardless I have noticed a significant dive in the amount of hours I spend logged in during a week. Real life has been crazy hectic with an unplanned move and some family stuff, but I do think I could have been playing WoW more than I have been had I really wanted to.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, in addition to WoW I am also very fond of the Sims. WoW and the Sims are at constant war for my attention, but thus far WoW has always  come out ahead. I am wondering if that is finally about to change? In March of this year The Sims Medieval will be released, and I am very excited to give it a try. The game appears to keep the basic concepts of the Sims 3, only in a medieval setting! Now I realize this will be far from a WoW replacement for the rest of Azeroth, but my toons are definitely a little concerned.

I think WoW has always won out in the past because I was addicted to the social side of it. Not only would I level this awesome elf all the way to level cap, but all my friends would see it and be like aw sweet way to go. Then we would all go stab a dragon together or something. I don’t know if I am just getting anti-social or the majority of players are getting slightly unapproachable, but now a days, despite recent efforts, I don’t talk to anyone. Maybe once a week someone will message me to see what’s up, but I spend the rest of my time playing WoW like any single player offline game. I don’t do dungeons because their difficulty scares me a bit and I hate doing bad, I don’t join groups for quests because everything is basically easy enough to solo and I don’t talk to people in general because there’s really no point. I enjoy questing and making gold and archaeology and achievements, but I wonder if there’s a point where those things lose their enjoyment, and if I am maybe nearing that point.

I am looking forward to playing the Sims Medieval because it’s something new with knights and castles and I love those things. Sure the Sims walking around my kingdom will be NPCs and sure I probably won’t be stabbing much, but I think I’ll be okay with that. Now if I blow through the whole game in a week like I did when the Sims 3 was released, of course I’ll be digging out my surveying gear and hitting some more Troll dig sites. If the Sims Medieval offers a similar amount of content to the Sims 3 plus it’s current expansions however, then WoW might be in trouble.

I don’t think the Sims Medieval requires much of a description, if you play the Sims you probably have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to be like just from *the Sims + Castles and  stuff* and if you don’t play the Sims you probably don’t care. If by chance you don’t play the Sims but want to check it out, the site for it is here.

Hopefully I don’t retire my toons anytime soon, maybe tomorrow I’ll find my Destroyer of Worlds and suddenly WoW will seem magical and wonderful all over again! C’mon RNG! Regardless of what game is holding my attention however, I’ll continue to blog about it! I’ve been thinking of leveling my Twinkerbell up to 85 and PvPing with her there, so if I get really into that maybe I’ll forget about the Sims Medieval completely?

Do you think you’ll be giving the Sims Medieval a shot? Is Cataclysm holding your attention? Have you been playing any other games? Leave a comment and let me know!

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16 Responses to “WoW vs The Sims Medieval”

  1. deadfajita says:

    Dont have to worry about wiping raids if ur not playing WoW. I also quit just recently. Got sick of guilds ‘lets raid in a guild run” then only taking like 6 guildys for 20 mans. Also unlike for some people. I found cata kinda of disappointing. And since then have recently been pulled back to an old fav, Guild Wars. And am playing ME2 again.

  2. Indy says:

    WoW is fairly well holding my attention; haven’t been doing much in Lotro except log on for a bit every week or so and use some crafting cooldowns (for crafting guild rep). Doing a lot of heroics, and my guild is going to start raids this week. Actually, I’ve done so many heroics that I’ve now maxed out all Cataclysm reps… including Gilneas. Ah, well.

    I got my Luck hunter to 22 today. Would you believe I found TWO more Timmy’s peashooters on the AH cheap? Hopefully I’ll see you on, sometime.

  3. Miss Mediocre says:

    deadfajita : It’s unfortunate but a good guild really can make WoW so much fun, where as a bad guild can sometimes make it not even worth playing. It’s slightly boring when you’re out there all alone, especially I supposed if the majority of your guild is off on a “guild run” and you’re left behind! I never got very far in ME2, though ME was one of my all time favorite games, so perhaps as my WoW play time wanes, I’ll have time to at least finish ME2!

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Indy : Lol, that’s awesome that you found two more peashooters! I’m still trying to sell a few things and have been using my crafting cooldowns, so I am on from time to time still! Someday we’ll have to hit the tram again and kill some more rats! 😀

  5. Alexcalibur says:

    I will defiantly give the Sims Medieval a shot .. I’m on the verge of quitting WoW too. The gear grind is growing really tiresome .. They are forcing us into heroics but as a nerfed ret pally and mostly solo player.. it’s killing me. I’m lucky if I can actually finish a heroic without major drama or frustration. Typically the tank quits for any little reason (because they can) .. then the healer quits and we have 3 dps looking at another 45 min queue. On the up side, I’ve started playing Guitar Hero and all the other games I missed out on. How come no one told me Guitar Hero was so wicked awesome.

  6. ChadG says:

    What does it say about the WoW community that you’d rather socialize with Sims NPC’s instead of real WoW players?

    I’m completely with you about the new 5-man content. My level 85 still hasn’t set foot in any of the instances. From reading the forums I feel like I should have to pass a written test on the boss mechanics before stepping foot inside.

  7. Miss Mediocre says:

    Alexcalibur : My main is a ret pally too, so I feel your pain! Guitar Hero / Rockband are awesome so it’s good that you are at least able to give them a try now! WoW has always been a gaming time sponge for me, so I rarely play anything else when I’m really into it, so you can tell I’m getting tired of it when I dust off the 360 and start playing the Sims lol.

  8. Miss Mediocre says:

    ChadG : Yes, it’s pretty sad but maybe the NPCs will start trolling me eventually too, lol. Heroics certainly are scary and I find I can only get a good idea of boss mechanics by fighting that boss, so videos and dungeon guides don’t do much to prepare me.

  9. DeMeNtEd says:

    …but hopefully they fix ret pally’s! lol my guild was totally quiet when cata first hit. pre cata we would talk n chat more then the trade chat in dal, but cata hit and everyone focused on their own toons…it kinda sucked because im huge into the social aspect of WoW, i mean thankfully the main core of us are real life friends, but then when i would invite them out to lunch or play some football at the park they wouldn’t because they were grinding gear lol. but at least now theres a shift back to the social side of WoW and it makes leveling my new dk (to replace my ret pally) more enjoyable lol…. and i am a firm believer that u should play whatever game catches ur eye… =D i will miss all ur awesome posts on WoW, but thats not til march so ill soak it up while i can…!!!

  10. Miss Mediocre says:

    DeMeNtEd : I’ve started leveling a DK as well, lol. I guess they are as close to a pally as you can get, only without heals and bubbles! I really wish more of my real life friends played WoW. They do off and on and it’s always great fun when they’re into it, but they always move onto other things or just get too busy to play. Hopefully I’ll be able to make room for both Sims Medieval and WoW, but the more I see about Sims Medieval the more awesome it looks, lol. It looks like you might even get experience for things, which makes me think level ups, which makes me think FUN! Lol, we’ll see. Either way I’ll keep writing about whatever I’m doing!

  11. DeMeNtEd says:

    lol i like to think that my pally died and then became a dk…and somewhere in the process became a goblin lol…still tryin to work out all the deets to the story lol

  12. Miss Mediocre says:

    DeMeNtEd : Lol, who knows what happens during a Death Knight resurrection session! Maybe Arthas was drunk that night and accidentally brought you back as a Goblin, lol.

  13. DeMeNtEd says:

    still tipsy from the brewfest brew? geez…lol maybe he wanted a lil goblin around because they are easier to kick like a football… /punt good stress relief right there =)

  14. Miss Mediocre says:

    DeMeNtEd : Lol, yes there are days when even I wish there was a little Goblin around to punt…

  15. DeMeNtEd says:

    lol u could always buy a small dog? …..or draw a face on a football =p

  16. Miss Mediocre says:

    DeMeNtEd : Hehe I do have a very irritating small dog now… but I couldn’t… I don’t think… haha

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