Tuesday Morning Downtime

Hello Readers! I was thinking that I would blog this morning since WoW is down and I don’t have anything to do, but that got me thinking that perhaps I could blog every Tuesday morning about what I do to pass my WoWless hours! It could be a little series and you guys could comment and let me know what you’re doing, so all of us WoWaholics can help each other be just slightly less bored!

So, Tuesday Morning Downtime Entry #1:

I played right until shut down today, I managed to turn in my final quest for The Summit of Storm Peaks with only 30 seconds to spare! I only barely hearthed before I was kicked off, so that meant I didn’t get a chance to check for medium/short auctions to bid on in the auction house, which I always try to do because it is a good way to make some easy gold if you are at least a little auction house savvy.

When I was kicked off I checked out a few blogs/sites that I like, of course I am sure a lot of other people do this as well, but here’s a quick list of the ones I went to today:

www.failblog.org www.regretsy.com www.fml.com www.wowgrrl.com (I did go to a few others, but those were just Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and such which are always a good way to pass some time! )

After I was done checking out sites I watched last night’s episode of True Blood. I find downtime is great for catching up on missed episodes of all my shows, though only True Blood airs during the summer.

After some TV it was time for some Xbox! I know this won’t help people without other gaming systems, but Tuesday mornings are a great time to give your neglected games some love, (if you have any) because we all know that WoW is way too high maintenance for you to squeeze in other mistresses! Today I played a bit more Red Dead Redemption, which is an amazing game, see my previous¬† review of it here. I haven’t had a chance to finish it yet though, because I’ve been busy working on my Loremaster Achievement! I also played a bit of Carcassonne on the Xbox, which is an arcade version of a really neat board game that I like. (wikipedia link)

So there’s still 2 and a half hours until the servers should come back up, but I do have some plans! Something sneakyish I like to do from time to time is look up those old WoW buddies you’ve lost touch with on the armory. You know, that guild member from like 3 years ago with the screaming kids you’d always hear on vent or that one girl who could not have been as hot as the girl in her myspace pic (lol). It can be challenging sometimes, seeing as you can change realms, races, genders and servers now, but so far I have been able to find everyone I’ve looked for! Then you can see if they even play anymore, what level they got to, what kind of gear they have, and if they are still in a guild with other people you remember. Maybe this little pass time is only entertaining for the stalker side of me, lol, but comment and let me know if you’ve ever done this or are bringing up the armory page to type in someone’s old character name right now, hehe.

My plans for a little later in the day are … CLEANING! C’mon you fellow WoWaholics, don’t tell me you can honestly look around right now and not see at least a few things that you were going to put away … after just one more instance, lol. I know I am horrible for keeping a clean apartment when I get on a good WoW kick (like recently, lol). So even though I hate Tuesday mornings, they do give me a chance to finish up everything I’ve been putting off all week.

And finally, when I am finished my cleaning, if the servers are still not up, I am going to check out some WoW art on deviant art! This is maybe something only my fellow artsy people would find interesting though, but even if you aren’t into drawing or painting, there are pretty WoW things to look at!

So what did you do this Tuesday morning? Did you visit any of the sites I mentioned? Or maybe some I didn’t? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanx 4 Reading!

MM <3

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