On My Way To Becoming A Platinum Princess

I enjoyed having enough gold in WoW to buy whatever I wanted. I think the biggest change I’ve experienced in my switch to Rift is that I’m no longer able to spend without consequence. I was happy with how much gold I was accumulating for the first few levels until I visited the mount vendor and realized that the highest currency in game wasn’t actually gold, it was platinum, and that the cheapest horse would cost me a whole 2.5! I was sitting around 65 gold at the time and realized I needed to develop some platinum making strategies, and quick. After a few more levels I discovered Sanctum and the Guardian Auction House. Unfortunately prices were all over the place and there really wasn’t much posted at all, as the shard had only been around for a few days. I posted what I thought people might go searching for, a few shoulder and head armor items that were a little harder to find than the rest and some leather I’d butchered. I way overpriced everything, and not surprisingly none of it sold, so it was back to the drawing board.

Later I was running around Silverwood Forest questing my little heart out when I saw a bright sparkly thing. Obviously I had to click on it, and I got my very first “artifact”. I thought it was pretty neat that you could find sparkly things just laying around the world, and became instantly hooked. I completed a few of the Silverwood artifact sets, spending any extra gold I had to purchase the ones I’d yet to find from the Auction House. I began finding doubles and triples of ones I’d already used, so I decided to post them in the AH to try to make back some of my gold. There were rarely any of the ones I found already in the AH, so I decided to risk putting them in for a platinum a piece as the fee to post an artifact is only 1 silver, so it wouldn’t really matter if they didn’t sell. To my surprise and delight, they nearly all sold! I started going out to explore and look for artifacts specifically, which was a lot of fun and is probably why I’ve yet to reach level 50. I only sell ones I already have because I’d noticed once you turn in 100 sets of artifacts, you can get one of the fastest mounts, which became a goal of mine. I also started purchasing artifacts to re-post in the AH that were under priced, something that isn’t easy to do without addons, but I managed.

I like hunting artifacts for platinum because it’s something I’d be doing anyway. I want to finish all the artifact sets and get my special mount and I want to explore every corner of Telara, I just so happen to be making money along the way! I’ve gotten to the point where I have every artifact from Silverwood and Gloamwood now except for a few of the rares. So I head out to search once a day until my bags are full of artifacts, which usually takes 15-30 minutes because I’m very familiar with the artifact spawn points in both zones now, and then I head back to the Auction House to post whatever I couldn’t use. I have fun riding around seeing the world and fighting off any rifts or invasions I come across, and I usually make at least 10 platinum in the process, sometimes much more. I don’t even have to worry about mobs getting in my way as I find the greatest success just sticking to the mountains.

I’m not sure how much platinum the average Rift player has right now, as I only have a few people to compare to, but I know I’ve got a fair bit more than them. I also don’t know what level 50 brings in terms of ways to bring in the plat, but I think as a nooby level 36, 220 platinum has me well on my way to becoming a Platinum Princess! At this rate anyway I should have at least 1000 by the time I reach level cap. Players love those vanity items, me included, hehe.

If you’re interested in starting to farm artifacts as well let me know and I’ll post a map with my favorite spots! Also if you’ve been working on making platinum with the Rift AH, leave me a comment and let me know how it’s going! If there’s a better method for someone still leveling to bring home the bacon, I’d really like to hear about it! Finally, how have you been managing playing Rift without any addons? Are you always glancing to your titan panel to see how long you have to go until you level up, or typing /auctioneer commands in the AH only to realize sadly you’ll have to figure that all out on your own? Oh, and do you like the new header? I thought I should throw some of my Rift characters in there now that it’s such a big part of my gaming agenda!

Thanks for Reading!
MM <3

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13 Responses to “On My Way To Becoming A Platinum Princess”

  1. Moravec says:

    Wow, you’re doing well there. I’ve not really spent much effort into earning plat in Rift, just pootling about doing whatever strikes my fancy. I’m sure I’ll get into that.

    As far as addons go, I find the AH really clunky at the moment, I’d love for them to incorporate the functionality of either AuctionLite or Auctionator into it natively rather than allow addons at this stage. Hope they have a dev team working on improving that aspect.

    My major gripe with the UI is the raid frames and not being able to track hots effectively. This has stopped me from playing the Warden soul to date, so my healing build is Purifier/Sentinel/Druid at the moment.

  2. Liz says:

    Holy cow! I thought I was doing good to have 2.6 plat! 😀 I’ve tried selling some stuff on the AH but haven’t been too successful yet — but I was selling mostly crafting materials I didn’t need anymore (wood I foraged, cloth I outleveled, etc).

    My current money-making plan is to just sell all the grey stuff I find. <:\

    @Moravec – I agree that the AH could use a couple features. One I'd like to see is a "post all" type of button where if you have a bunch of non-stackable items you can post the maximum number of items you have at the price you specify. The Rift AH has a few features that I really love like showing the unit cost (!) and remembering the price you set for an item if you have more than one to sell.

  3. jacob says:

    Great post! I too am obsessed with artifacts and would love a map. Keep up the work, you’re doing amazing at amassing plat. I’m at a whopping 7 🙂

  4. Rivs says:

    Boner Achieved!

  5. Rhimasha says:

    My server is pretty much dead, which is a shame, but that means that the AH is also dead. The only way I was able to make money was with bags. I also tried dealing in artifacts and wasn’t all that successful. They go for about 25-40 gold a piece and i can only sell about maybe 40% of what I post.

    Bags, on the other hand, are doing fine. The only problem being that at a certain point you outgrow the zones that drop the specific cloth you need for the silk bags, which are the biggest seller, and going back to those zones is meh.

    At the most I had ~100 plat, when I hit the level cap, but then went and trained all my 4 specs and did some respecs and whatnot and dropped to about 65 plat.

  6. Miss Mediocre says:

    Moravec : If they did incorporate either of those addons right into the AH that would be AMAZING! It sucks if you’re posting a stack of 10 things to actually have to physically click 10 times, and undercutters? I just can’t check for undercuts on 100+ artifact auctions on my own, lol. My thinking was that they must be working on the AH still, it’s just so inconvenient the way it is! /fingers crossed

    I play as a purifier as well, and wasn’t aware of the raid frame’s hots failure. I usually am only healing my warrior leveling buddy and when we get into RIft raid situations, it’s still usually just him who needs the healing. I had been thinking about switching up my heal spec, but perhaps I’ll wait to try warden until they fix that!

  7. Miss Mediocre says:

    Liz : I tried selling some crafting mats too, and even some crafted items, but it wasn’t working very well at all. I’d love to see those features you mentioned added to the AH too! It sure would make Rift life easier! I do like how it remembers the price you set for an item, unfortunately by posting so many artifacts at a time, I found out it only remembers through a certain number of posts, and because my inventory is pretty small and everything just is stored all over the place in my mail box, I tend to have to reprice everything anyway.

  8. Miss Mediocre says:

    jacob : Thanks! I’ll start working on a map in the morning! 😀

  9. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rivs : Lol, does that reward a title?

  10. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rhimasha : My first thought was that I should sell bags for platinum, but I’ve been leveling too slow and haven’t even found a piece of silk yet, lol. I’ll probably give it a go whenever I do reach 50 though, because everyone needs bag space! 😀

    I do have to sell some of my artifacts for around 20g, but those are usually the ones I find 5 of, so it still works out okay. I do have a lot get returned, but I just re-post them and hope for the best. My mail box has only been full once and that was just because I was also sending myself crafting mats, hehe. If your server is pretty dead, that might mean you can charge whatever you like for the rare artifacts! They currently go for 10-20 plat each on my server, and I know there’s a few of us out there farming them. 🙂

  11. Kreaton says:

    Hi Miss!
    I was so impressed that I linked this post on my blog Remaining on Rift + Another Rift Free Trial Code!

    Sadly, I’m not making the same profits as you, but I still manage to sell an artifact now and then for 50g (I can’t see artifacts going for platinum)… I suppose a lot of people are trying to sell their doubles!

  12. Miss Mediocre says:

    Kreaton : Thanks for the link. Also, how did you get your hands on those weekend trial codes?? 😀

  13. Phyrea says:

    Wowza… that is awesome. I have been trying to make plat, I am level 47 and i have 15plat!! LOL

    I fail…

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