Rift Artifact Hunting 101

I just broke 300 platinum this week, and thought I’d finally take the time away from Rift to post a bit more in depths about my big plat maker, artifacts! I only started collecting artifacts because of the vanity items you can purchase with the Lucky Coins you get for turning in sets. I have my eye on the Shiny Tartagon mount, which is a white version of the CE two-headed turtle mount, and am only 12 coins away now. Getting this mount will save me the 125 platinum it would have cost at level 50 to get an epic mount, which is also nice!

The thing with hunting artifacts is that you find A LOT of them that you already have. Artifacts have set spawn points in each zone, and if you’re always hitting up the same spawn points, I find you end up with a lot of the same artifacts, but that could just be me. You might think searching for artifacts would be a boring pass time, but it’s kind of like a huge sparkly Easter egg hunt! Sure the spawn points are always the same, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands of spawn points, so I’m always discovering new ones, even in well explored areas. I thought I’d share a few artifact hunting pointers in case any of you are looking for ways to bring in the plat and want to give it a try!

  • Roll a High Elf or Bahmi! The Angelic Flight and Mighty Leap racials will save you some serious headaches when getting to those hard to reach artifacts.
  • Look behind it! No matter what you see, a rock, a tree, a building, check around the other side! Usually you’ll find yourself an artifact.
  • Look up! There are artifacts in the trees, on top of structures, tucked into niches you can only just reach, so don’t keep your eyes glued to the ground.
  • If you see trees, you can probably reach them somehow, and there will be artifacts around their base!
  • Go down the mountain! Anytime you’re running along the crest of a mountain range, remember that if you see what looks like giant stairs down the side, each of those steps could have a couple artifacts on them! I have found SO MANY on the ledges surrounding Silverwood, so make sure you check! You can always climb back up to the top later.
  • Go to your opposite faction’s zones! You can still turn in sets of artifacts you collect even if they aren’t from one of your faction’s zones. Sure if you play on a PvP server it might be dangerous, but just think of how much you can sell those artifacts for in your auction house!
  • Some artifacts are needed for 2 sets! Remember to use these if you need them the second time, or post them for a little more in the auction house!
  • Check the Auction House for rares! Players who aren’t interested in artifacts are always posting rares for far too cheap. If you find one posted for less than 5 plat that isn’t from an invasion (it will say so in the tooltip) buy it out and repost it!
  • Don’t leave it behind! Even if an artifact is giving you trouble, remember that the harder it is to get, the more likely it is to be a rare!
  • Make artifact allies, not enemies! It’s important to remember the players selling the most artifacts are usually the players buying the most artifacts. So if you’re undercutting someone, maybe do it by more than just a silver (because there are no addons, nothing makes me angrier at a fellow Antiquarian than seeing they’ve undercut me by 1 silver. I won’t even bother canceling auctions to repost unless I notice I’ve been undercut by a silver, and then I go out of my way to undercut that player as often as possible no matter what they’re selling and won’t buy their artifacts, even if they are 1 silver cheaper than the rest.) Or if you notice two of you seem to be farming the same zone, talk to the player and see if there are certain days they post, so that you can post on the opposite days, or find out which zones they work in, and pick zones they don’t have covered (level permitting).Giving discounts to players you recognize who sell artifacts isn’t a bad idea either. They are going to find things you need and you are going to find things they need, so it can pay off to be nice!
  • Most of all, don’t sell yourself short! You went out and got your hands dirty collecting those artifacts, you fell off cliffs, got stuck in crevices and maybe even got ganked by some high level Defiants (or Guardians), so if you have one that isn’t already in the Auction House, post it for a platinum! If someone wants it, they’ll pay that much! If you find and uncommon, post it for 2-3 platinum. If you find a rare, post it for 10-20 plat! Remember that the deposit is only a silver, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell the for the first few times, and chances are it will sell eventually!

In addition, I finished my farming map of Silverwood/Gloamwood that I wanted to share. I leave from Sanctum (sorry Defiants, it will be a long trek, but you’ll run into almost no guards if you stick to the black line) and start to find artifacts as soon as I reach the black line. I zigzag into the hills above Moonshade Highlands and usually head down the hill by Palisade in Silverwood to check there, but other than that I just look on ledges and under trees and on peaks. There is a lake in the hills just southwest of Gloamwood Pines in which you’ll usually find an artifact, and a cave along the road leading north toward Iron Pine Peak where an artifact likes to hide behind the sparkly altar. When you leave the cave check around Loggerman’s Lift across the stream and there’s almost always one under the bridge there! Then head up the hill to Shadefallen Keep where there’s a bunch more!

My inventory is usually full of artifacts by the time I reach Shadefallen Keep, which is why my rout ends there. Sometimes I change things up by swinging into the Scarlet Gorge and heading down to Stonefield and Freemarch, or sometimes I stick to Silverwood and just do a few circles and check out Overwatch Keep just to keep things interesting. Rare artifacts seem to be very rare, so it always makes my day when I find one! I’m guessing they show up around once out of every 100 artifacts I find, which is why they sell so well and why I’m always so happy to find one! I hope that you find this information useful! I know it seems like a strange thing to focus on in this new shiny game, but I’m having a lot of fun and making a lot of plat!

Thanks for Reading!
Miss Mediocre <3

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25 Responses to “Rift Artifact Hunting 101”

  1. Indy says:

    Judging from the total screenshot, silver is the lowest currency, and 100s = 1 gold, and 100g is one platinum? So, a Rift platinum roughly corresponds to a WoW gold (and again roughly, one LOTRO gold is approximately ten Rift platinum or ten WoW gold, as that game throws in 1000s = 1g). That sounds like a really good haul to pull in from a newly starting game/server.

    Speaking of LOTRO, did you get a chance to look at it yet?

  2. Damerack says:

    Oh you’re just filty. You’re back digging in the dirt in another game. I gave up on WOW’s terrible artifacting system, and am much happier with Rift in general. The shiny’s…. are addicting. I thought I would quit buying them off the AH when I got the mount, but now that I know you can get a title for 200 complete (Magpie) and perhaps a costume (rumored to become a shiny) I’m back buying and trading. I’m currently at 133 sets complete, have the turtle and have the deep one costume for underwater breathing. I had my turtle at level 38, lol. Then I had to grind to level 50 to use it. I think I was the second one on our server to have it.

    You are probably not on the same server or faction for trading, but I’m on Deepstrike (PVP), Defiant. I couldn’t stand the look of the male characters and since I didn’t want a linebacker rogue I went went with a female Kelari. Crappy racials but I’ve figured out ways to deal with it.
    Since I when Saboteur, my in game toon is Cherrybomb. I’ll send you some screenies next time.

  3. Damerack says:

    PS. Have you completed Scotty’s Research papers yet. The only artifacts that are soul bound. Your get a sheeping wand, usable on both factions… It’s cash money! 😉

  4. Kammler says:

    What level do you have to be to start gathering artifacts? I just rolled a Warrior, up to L6 now. When should I start looking?

  5. Miss Mediocre says:

    Indy : Yeah 1 plat is about the same as 1 WoW gold. Kind of sad that they are about the same and I only have 300 plat when I had 200,000 gold, but I guess the gold was accumulated over 6 years or so, lol. I did give LOTRO a try! I made an elf hunter and played through the first couple quests. I’m not sure what I think yet, not bad character customization, but I wasn’t hooked right away. I’m going to play it a bit more before I make up my mind!

  6. Miss Mediocre says:

    Damerack : Lol, I know…

    You already have 133 completed!? I thought I must be way ahead of the curve with my 93 :S lol. I was hoping to get shard first for the mount, if there is one, but maybe that’s long since been achieved by someone else. It may just be my faction, or perhaps my server, but it really doesn’t seem like there are many of us actually out there looking for them. There’s maybe 2 rares (that aren’t from invasions) posted in the Auction House a week, sometimes way under priced, which is nice, but usually they are anywhere between 10-20 plat. I wish more people were out there finding the rares and posting them for me to buy, lol. I have soooo many sets that are just missing the rare one. I didn’t realized you had to be 50 to ride the mount, though that makes sense I guess, so I have a few more levels to go before I must have it.

    I do have a character on Deepstrike, not one I play often though and I’m not even sure which faction they are, hehe. I love the name too btw, I had made a kelari and attempted to name her “Cherry”, but it was taken, lol.

  7. Miss Mediocre says:

    Damerack : Oh yes, I love my sheepy wand! 😀

  8. Miss Mediocre says:

    Kammler : You can find them as soon as you leave the instanced beginning zone, so you should be able to start finding them now if you are level 6! Are you playing Defiant or Guardian?

  9. Indy says:

    Customization is one of the high points in LOTRO, I’d say, given the appearance slots – of which you can have two complete outfits saved to switch to at any time, and more if bought — and dyeable armor. Granted, some of the dyes can be a bit pricey on the AH. An early quest will give you a few dyes of your choice, though.

    The quests are well done, in my opinion, particularly what I’ve seen of the epic questline. The Shire is a notable zone; you may or may not like it, it’s well worth giving a try. The quests there often have a much different ‘flavor’ or feel to them. Sure, there’s some of the usual ‘kill whatever’ style, but there’s others that seem unique to hobbits… And while I’ve done Fed-ex style quests in other games, I can’t think of another one that was literally delivering mail!

  10. Krissy says:

    I have two questions: Other then the color of the artifict name, how do you know the rarity of an artifact? And what do you do with the millions of white low level artifacts? On my shard they sell for 8-30g and I find it more annoying then anything to post. Most of them end up expired and then I have to clean out my mailbox. Do you have a strategy for them? Btw, I’m a dwarf, you better believe I find ways to climb trees! You should see me walking across those suckers in Gloamwood!

    Also, for anyone interested, a good lower level farming area is the mountain range behind the Gloamwood Port. Just walk behind it and go up. You will come out with about 15 artifacts in 30 minutes.

    Thanks for the post, there’s just not enough first-hand info out there for Rift yet.

  11. Miss Mediocre says:

    Krissy : I guess there isn’t really a way to tell for sure the rarity of an artifact other than the color except maybe where it is in the list of artifacts. If the list is 5+ artifacts, the last one in the list is usually a rare. As for the millions of white ones, I sell them. Sure it’s a pain posting 100 auctions, but if even if you’re only selling them for 10g each, that’s 10 platinum. There’s always common artifacts that seem harder to find too, and are rarely in the auction house, so I sell a lot of them for 80g-2plat too. You can always vendor them if you just can’t deal with them, but if you can suffer through the monotony of posting and re-posting, it really does pay off! 🙂

  12. Miss Mediocre says:

    Indy : Customization is one of my favorite things about games, I love begin able to play a character who actually looks different! I’ll have to give the Shire a shot, but will I have to play a Hobbit to do that? I couldn’t help but notice the female Hobbits looked a little awful, lol. I’m sure I could suffer through it with one if i had to, but if I can get my human or elf there, that would be preferable, hehe.

    Oh, I guess I am assuming the Shire is a starting zone, lol is it?

  13. Indy says:

    You don’t have to be a hobbit to do the Shire questlines. The Shire is sort of a starting zone, although it’s not one of the zones you start off in immediately… when you begin the game, you’re in a special instanced story zone, which is different for each race; as I recall, they revamped some of these, and during the hobbit intro, you actually run into Frodo and friends leaving the Shire. (The dwarves give Gandalf a hand convincing Thorin that he should hire a Burglar for the expedition to the Lonely Mountain.) You’ll be level 5-7ish I’d guess (depending on how much extra time you like to take wacking various mobs) before getting into the common starting zones of the world. (The human intro area ends with the Blackwold bandit invasion of Archet.)

    Once you go through that initial area — it’s not quite a private instance, other low levels will be in there, but it’s separate from the actual world — you’ll go to the racial starting zone in the open world, and the Shire is one of these. You just need to use one of the stables to get a horse ride to Michel Delving, and you’ll be able to start questing no matter what race you are.

    There are also ‘Outfitter’ npc’s that sell various clothing etc items for appearances; I found one in Michel Delving that sells a nice backpack I could display instead of the ubiquitous cloak-that-looks-like-a-damn-cape — I’m not a super-hero, I’m an adventurer! (Actually, I think there are at least some cloaks in LOTRO that are better in that respect. Some are even hooded. My hunter, though, has a quiver displayed instead of a cloak, I just love it!)

  14. Indy says:

    Oh, you might check out a great LOTRO blog & podcast “A Casual Stroll to Mordor” ( http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/ ) — I know you like podcasts, and I mentioned this one to you back when we were whacking critters in the tram, I think… here’s a recent roundtable podcast they did for new players, you might find it useful:

  15. Miss Mediocre says:

    Indy : I was putting off responding to your comment until I’d checked out A Casual Stroll to Mordor, but I still haven’t had a chance, lol. I haven’t logged back into Lotro since that first time either. I think I’m just MMORPGed out these days, I’ve barely found the time to log into Rift and it’s my current favorite. I figure of all the mmos I’ll probably play Lotro again soon, just because it’s free-to-play and I won’t have to pay for a whole month to get a few day mmo fix now and again! 🙂

  16. Damerack says:

    Guess what we’re doing again in SWtor? Datacrons Finding!


    Oh and I did make it to Magpie in Rift before I left over 200 artifacts completed. Here some shots I took in game though.


  17. Alex says:

    you guys are crazy rift plat is not = 1 wow gold. 1 rift plat is like 10 -20 wow gold.

    i at one point had over 700 but it took a heck of a time to get it. i think the richester person in the game has about 200,000

    haveing htat kind of money in wow is ya lot but far from unheard up.

    Most of my friends rock around 15k

  18. I went over this web site and I believe you have a lot of fantastic information, saved to favorites (:.

  19. Rumjaku says:

    OMG! I’m crazy about Artifacts in Rift too! Awesome post btw.

  20. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rumjaku : I haven’t played Rift in a while now, but I really miss the artifacts! They were my favorite part of that game, lol.

  21. Imsosickxxx says:

    Just an FYI, Rift went free to play! Now I don’t have to pay over $100 to hunt artifacts!

  22. Drakil says:

    I stopped playing wow years ago because they ripped the weapons master class out just before my toon became master of weapons, in otherwords they made it so every one was stuck using the “Class’s” weapon of choice which almost always wasn’t what I wanted to use…
    I don’t mind the weapons restriction in Rift, but then again Rift is so much better then WOW… In so many aspects… PVE or PVP its so much better… And I had always wanted to check out Rift when I was playing WOW… Then I stopped playing WOW and about four years late Rift goes free… YOU KNOW I’M ALL OVER IT. LOL!!!
    I enjoyed your site, I wish there were an exact science to finding the artifacts but it’s pretty much a random find basically. Last week I kept encountering two artifacts roughly in the same place, side by side. I mean they were all over the place but at times I would see one and get over to it to find it’s two right next to each other. Also kept finding them in weird places… In the Y of trees, middle of the roads, nestled half way up a rock (just out of reach from the bottom or the top), found four in the lake of solace at the bottoms of the deep trenches… Then discovered there is a sunken house with around four to five elites in it, and about two artifacts too…
    Well thank you for your website and all the info on it.

  23. MMusashi says:

    Ive been lloking for people to trade artifacts, i have almost 150 repeated ones, and no one seems to be completing them on the game, which sucks. I cant use the AH so i trade them off for gear, other artifacts or money, i sell cheap, I like more the idea of collecting them than selling. My name is MMusashi i can be found in sanctum, look me up if you want to trade.

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