Shiny Tartagon!

I just wanted to post quickly to say I finally got my Shiny Tartagon! I didn’t get a shard first announcement for purchasing it, but am wondering maybe there isn’t one for the mount. It’s possible someone else has it, but my server is one that was added after the head start, and every set I’ve turned in lately has been a shard first, so I don’t know! Either way I’m very happy to have it, even though I still need 8 levels until I can actually use it, haha. That is what I’m going to be focusing on now though, that and making more platinums! Now that I’ve reached 100 sets complete I’ll do a post on some of the easiest sets to collect, because it can be hard to scan through the 1000+ artifacts in the auction house on any given day to see which ones you have and which ones you should get, and until you learn one from a set, you have no idea how many other artifacts are needed for that set and if you’ll need to find a dreaded rare! I tried to find a similar list while I was working on getting my shiny tartagon, but couldn’t find one! So now I’ll just make my own, lol.

<3 MM

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