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I’m artsy. At least, I like to think of myself as artsy, it’s a trait I always give to my Sim characters when I’m trying to make them close to my likeness anyway! I love drawing and painting and love hanging my stuff on the wall for my cat to admire (or anyone else who comes in my room I guess, lol). I also never got passed that thing parents tell their kids when they are too young to have any of their own money, that “a gift you make yourself is way more meaningful than something you buy at a store,” so my family has been bombarded with numerous sketches and paintings for Birthdays and Christmases over the years.

I was recently introduced to Easy Canvas Prints, a simple to use website that lets you upload whatever image you want to be printed onto canvas. I was very intrigued and had a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted to get printed onto canvas to hang on my wall. I was going to do an epic shot of my main WoW character looking over Stormwind, but since I don’t play WoW anymore, I thought that might not be the best choice. I thought of getting one of the sunset over Lake Huron, since I have some pretty awesome pictures of that from all the summers I’ve spent there, but since it could be an image of ANYTHING, I decided I wanted something more personalized! And what’s more personal than my face?

I like to play with Photoshop, so I took a picture of my profile, and then made it look all cool and blue. Then I went through all of my favorite songs and picked out a few lines of lyrics from each and put them into the picture around my face, each song in a different font. I was a little concerned about having such a large picture of myself on the wall (I went with the 12″ x 18″ size) but the more I look at it, the more I like it! (The picture itself, not my face, lol). I think it will be awesome to look back at in another 10 years, just to see what I looked like now and what my favorite songs were and how me and my taste in music may have changed. Plus the quality is amazing!

They aren’t cheap, but I think the bigger the size, the better the value. As someone who has bought blank large canvases in the past to paint, I know that they alone can be pricey. I do feel the price is worth the product, because it’s personalized and something that looks awesome that I will keep forever. I am planning on getting another one as soon as I decide what else I really want! They would also make an amazing Birthday or Christmas gift, and would still fall into that “something you make yourself” category!

What do you think of it? My little sister’s only comment was, “Why aren’t you smiling?” lol.


5 Responses to “My Easy Canvas Print”

  1. Nicole says:

    It looks great! I really like the idea of being able to look at it in a few years and reflect on who you were then. ^^ I’m considering getting one myself now!

  2. DeMeNtEd says:

    very nice… =D maybe next use the same or similar concept only facing the other way…or use ur significant others’ face, and put them on both ends of ur couch or bed or somethin…like ur lookin at each other…and when u get in a fight have them switch spots and look away from each other lol jk jk jk but nice art i like it =D

  3. Miss Mediocre says:

    Nicole : Thanks, it was fun to do, and yea it will be cool a few years from now!

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    DeMeNtEd : Hahaha love the idea, when I one day have/live with a significant other, I will totally do that!

  5. valentin says:

    Nice post about the print on canvas. Maybe like this people will start thinking more at this new version of “art”…. I go for it…

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