Experiment Fail

Hi Readers,

Thanks for the comments on my last post, I’ll answer them all asap, just been a bit busy lately! I guess my experiment didn’t really work, I was going to see if I noticed any change in my new “healthy(ish) lifestyle” while getting back into playing some World of Warcraft, but I haven’t logged on for more than a couple hours all month, so I can’t really judge. I have until Oct 6th before my account expires again, but since I’m starting a new job tomorrow and moving this weekend, I am doubting I will get a chance to play again at all before my time is up. My experiment should have been, can I handle any gaming while doing everything else I need/want to do in a day, because then I’d have a conclusion, which is apparently no. I haven’t played any games this month other than getting my mage to level 12 and a deathknight to level 58. I haven’t even built any Sim houses! I was going to play some Oblivion today because I’m starting to get excited about Skyrim’s release, but then I thought I should probably pack and not play xbox, lol. Now I’m doing neither, and blogging!

People seem to be liking my Lady Sylvanas dance video, so I thought I’d relink it here since it’s been like a year since I last did! It’s so silly, but yea, was fun to make. I miss Sylvanas!

MM <3

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  1. vivianalive says:

    Very glad to hear that you’ve got a brand new start. A new job and house move can actually means more than you expect. I remember last time I got a new job, moved to another house, then I realized how much surprise and joy I had missed in the past few years.

    The result of my experience is, after leaving WOW, I got no reason to keep myself awake in the early evening, I even sleep at 20:00! All entertainments are boring for me, WOW is but a little better, yet it’s still kinda reluctance to log on WOW.

    I am planning to move some of job to WOW. I am working for a software company, so maybe I could develop / test apps on WOW, like the way I design / implement my own UI compilation.

    Every time I try so hard to leave, only to find how much I love it.

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