Back to Telara?

I change my mind a lot… I was going to quit WoW, then didn’t, then did, then came back, now am quitting again. I loved Rift, thought it was the coolest thing ever, got to level 50, told everyone they should play, got kinda bored, stopped playing, and now am thinking about re-subbing again. The only reason Rift started to bore me was because I was mostly playing alone and they were missing a few (of what I considered to be) staples. I think it was the week after I cancelled my account that they introduced the Random Dungeon Finder, which was something I’d really wanted. Then a little after that they added Guild Banks, which would be very handy for my platinum making. In the latest patch, they are adding in new 1 and 2 person dungeons (called Chronicles), which is kind of awesome for a player like me, who can never seem to find more than 2 other people with which to do stuff in game. I even hear they are getting close to releasing the barber shop! That alone would tempt me to start playing again, there’s just something about running around with the same pink hairstyle that drives me crazy, and there’s not really enough cool cleric helmets to keep me from getting bored.

Also, one of my early posts here was about how Blizzard seemed to ignore their veterans more or less, and how I thought they should reward those players who’d been around since the beginning somehow. In Rift’s Ashes of History update they are adding special veteran rewards for people who keep their sub active for a certain number of months. The rewards are pretty awesome too, including your very own portable mailbox if you remain active for a whole 18 months. Sure that’s a $360 mailbox, but you’re paying to play anyway! I think it’s really great of Trion to give you special things based on how long you’ve been wandering around Telara and wish Blizz would have done something like that other than the odd Feat of Strength that everyone kind of has.

I just know there’s been a rift in my gaming lately, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll fill it with Rift! Lol…

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4 Responses to “Back to Telara?”

  1. Alberthus says:

    So good Rift to you then , i personally didn’t play it but from what i read and saw it was pretty amazing.
    For me the MMO are dead right now haven’t play one for almost 6 months now, don’t really know what one to chose.
    So been playing the 30+ plus game i have on steam.
    But i miss al the fun i had in WOW whit them mate i got there and even the bloggers like you and some many other other i spend some time whit one line.
    So enjoy you Game and see ya.

  2. Chad says:

    It seems like Rift is always adding stuff. Did you subscribe to their email newsletter? They gave a free title just for being a subscriber, how neat is that.

  3. Jim says:

    Morning Miss Mediocre,

    Should read Miss Wonderful and special but thats my opinion.

    I also played Wow for 5 years and tried Rift for 2 months until I also got bored, I also play solo alot, my wife stayed play WOW ha ha.

    I recently found a wonderful Free to play game called Forsaken World. I have yet to see any mention of Forsaken on any Blogs we read.

    I find it so strange…the game has a huge population. Every possible feature anyone could want it has. Yet it seems to be non existant in the blog
    circles I read (including you :).

    So I have two questions;

    1. Have you tried Forsaekn World ? If not can you give it a try/look.

    2. What reason can you think of that a game this great etc has fallen below everyones radar ?

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Jim : I like your opinion, haha thank you. I looked at the website for Forsaken World, and will maybe give it a try over the next little while. I’m a bit of a sucker for familiarity which is probably why I don’t try too many different MMOs, but if it’s F2P and you think it’s wonderful, I’ll at least check it out!

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