Still SWTORing

I’m still around, just busy busy but managing to find a little time for SWTOR. I have been playing maybe 3 times a week for about  6 hours total. I haven’t been doing anything but leveling alts really. My brother joined a raiding guild and has been trying to get me to sign up, but I just don’t have the time for that kind of in game commitment these days unfortunately, though I hear the end flash points and Ops have some amazing stories and I’m pretty jealous of his sweet gear…

I’ve managed to get one of every class to level 10 now, so I have 4 Republic characters and 4 Imperials. I’m trying to pick each of the different advanced classes as well, so for example my Imperial Inquisitor is a Sorcerer and my Republic Consular is a Jedi Shadow, just so I get to experience as much as I can through my 8 characters. All of the starting quest lines have been interesting and I am finding it harder and harder to shut down the game as I get further into each of my character’s main story. I am really enjoying my companions too and am finding myself driven to learn more about them and make them love me, lol.  I’m always so excited whenever the little icon pops up to let me know they want to have a chat, though sometimes it’s just tricking me and I get to my ship and they are all like, “what do you want?” That’s always disappointing.

I haven’t played my level 50 very much. I finished her story quest line and now only log on to check my mail for love letters from my husband, Andronikos Revel haha. He keeps sending me level 1 epic courting gifts. I’d prefer credits or maybe a sweet new pirated light saber or something, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. I’ve managed to get all of my Inquisitor’s companions to like me 10000/10000 except Ashara, who isn’t too friendly if you’re female and doesn’t really like any gifts, so she’s only at 6000/10000.

I’m really liking my Bounty Hunter who is level 30 now, but I’m only playing her with someone else, so I can only play her when they want to. Same goes for my Sith Warrior, Smuggler and Imperial Agent, but I may start soloing if I run out of alts!

Anyway I just wanted to pop in and update on what I’ve been up to! I’ve been thinking of playing some more Skyrim or buying The Vampires Masquerade Bloodlines on Steam, just for something different, but I really don’t have that much gaming time, so I’m trying to resist getting into anything else. I’ve been working on a new website too, it has nothing to do with gaming but in case any of you want to have a look at it, it’s

Thanks For Reading (even though I don’t post often lol)
MM <3

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  1. DeMeNtEd says:

    glad to hear, was hoping u didnt fall off the map =p

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