Someone Stole My Guild!?

I tend to take my summers off from gaming but when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to change I start itching to pick up a controller or log into some virtual world. I figured since the new expansion is almost here that I might jump back into WoW for a while. I looked around on the armory, checked out my characters and noticed that some of my guilds had been taken over! My main guild that I made way back when WoW first came out hasn’t been active in many years, but I kept it around and bought all the bank tabs and kept the characters of everyone who didn’t play anymore in there for nostalgic reasons. I used the many bank tabs for storage in my gold making campaign and never thought when I deactivated my account that I’d be saying goodbye to my guild, my inventory and my gold simply because I didn’t take the time to kick out all the characters that were not my own.

I ticketed a GM to try to figure out what happened and they told me all about Guild Dethronement, which did not exist when I left the game. They basically said there was nothing they could do but if I had a suggestion about how to improve this feature that I was welcome to share it. There was probably about 100k gold worth of stuff in the guild bank and I believe 100k gold as well, which I’m sure is now long gone. A level 42 druid is the new guild master of a guild I started 7 YEARS AGO! My guild is level one, there have been no achievements or perks unlocked, it was an obviously inactive personal bank guild that someone stole just for the contents of the guild bank. I’m sad and angry that Blizzard would allow for this to happen without so much as attempting to warn inactive players or to remedy the situation at hand.

They spend all this time working to make account security better. We get authenticators and do everything we can to prevent our account from being hacked, and then Blizzard implements something to allow people to ninja entire guilds and their bank contents with no repercussions. Because of my dethronement and the loss of countless hours of collected goods and golds, I will not be reactivating my WoW account after all. It seems a good time to say goodbye to Azeroth forever. The loss is just too great and at this point even angry birds seems much more appealing.

Update : I used a scroll of resurrection and got back into WoW for 7 days to check on my poor lost guilds. It turns out the two that I was dethroned from, the dethroners were kind enough to leave me at a high rank and to not touch anything from the guild banks! I am now the GM of my Horde guild and my dear 7 year old Alliance guild. I have now kicked everyone else out so someone less kind doesn’t dethrone me in the future if I don’t continue to play.

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4 Responses to “Someone Stole My Guild!?”

  1. Nostromo says:

    I’m sorry for your lost gold, but why did you have other people on your personal bank guild?

    Guild dethronement is in fact a very good thing that gets around the fact that sometimes, Guildmasters just take off without even caring to pass the leadership down. It’s frustrating to have to loose a raiding guild bank and have to deal with all the drama associated with remaking the guild just because the only person with admin privileges left. It happens often enough that blizzard listen to the community and implemented it.

    I feal for your gold, as 100k was surely hard to come by when you left the guild annatended. Nevertheless, 100k will be nothing to write home about, when the pandas come.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Nostromo : Thanks for your comment. If guild dethronement had been around before I left WoW I certainly wouldn’t have left people in my guild. It didn’t start out as a personal bank guild, back in 2006 it was a pretty popular guild on my server so over the years we accumulated a little group of people who kept alts in it who’d wear the tabard and occasionally say hi in gchat but the only active member was myself and the bank was totally non accessible by everyone else.

    I do totally agree the guild dethronement is a great thing for most guilds but I just think that if a guild is level 1 with absolutely no perks or achievements, it shouldn’t be eligible for a dethronement. Why would it need to be? If players have obviously been putting work into building a guild, leveling up and doing achievements and the GM takes off, awesome, dethrone them for sure!

    As an after note, I actually got all of my guilds back when I logged in as everyone who’d dethroned me had stopped playing a long time ago as well. The person who had dethroned me from my 7 year old guild actually did not even touch the contents of my guild bank, which I thought was pretty amazing and am now giving WoW another chance.

  3. Issac says:

    As a former WoW player, I still come by from time to time to read your posts.
    First, I think you should add in your original post the fact the eventually you were able to take back over your guilds.

    Second, I also was feeling the itch again to MMO. I thought about re-joining WoW after the new patch and the coming expansion (although I’m not a big fan of the pandas and pet battle ideas) but then I decided to try Guild Wars 2.
    So far, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s a refreshing approach, it has no subscription fees (you can play and stop playing whenever you feel like it) and the community is really nice!


  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Issac : I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Guild Wars 2! I think I might have to give it a try before renewing my WoW account actually. Thanks for the suggestion, I will add a bit to my original post about stealing my guilds back!

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