Terrific Trio

I really wanted the Love Rocket from this year’s Love Is In the Air festival thingy so I rushed my Warlock and Priest to 89 so they’d be able to que for the daily dungeon event. I wasn’t lucky enough to get it but I did end up with 3 level 90 characters, so it wasn’t a totally wasted week in WoW! My ret paladin was the first character I got to 90 as I mentioned in my last post. Next I leveled my destruction warlock, which was the most fun I’ve had leveling a character in a long time! She was a beast! Next I leveled up my shadow priest, who was fun and pretty beastly herself, but just couldn’t compare to my lock! I’m worried I should have saved the warlock for last and now everything I level will feel just not quite as fun, but oh well!

My lovely lock

Now I’m leveling my fire mage who is named Missmediocre that I made a while ago! She was only level 66 but I got her to 73 in only 2 days! Leveling is super fast now with heirlooms, guild perks and randoms! I haven’t even been minding the LFG experience this time around, there are still a lot of assholes, but some people aren’t too bad and you don’t have to deal with them for very long if they are really annoying.

I’m thinking it would be cool to have one of every class at level 90… I made it to one of every class to level 80 before Cataclysm hit and I think it was the coolest thing I’d achieved in WoW (imo anyway). There’s only one more achievement for having multiple 90s right now, Quintessential Quintet (for 4) but I think I’d still like to try it! Plus they might add more achievements for alt-o-holics like me in the future!

Pandaria is turning out to be a pretty decent expansion! And to think, I almost didn’t even bother buying it!

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<3 MM

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