SimCity Review Take 2

SimCity is finally up and running after one of the worst releases of all time. Now that it is, I hate it even more than when it wasn’t working because now I can’t stop playing!!! It’s so much fun! I have a region I’m playing with my two little brothers and we each have a few cities. I find it really fun trying out different cities with different specializations. My main one is a mining city that turns the alloy and recycled plastic into processors which I sell for big bucks on the “global market”, lol. I made it up to 10million simoleans and a 200k population in that city. I managed to build the solar farm Great Works with that city too by setting the trade port to “use locally” for all the different components (alloy, plastic and processors). It took me ages to figure that out and then it takes ages for your city to produce and ship everything to the Great Works site. It was definitely worth it though with the Solar Farm because it makes it so all the cities in your region that are connected to the site don’t need to create any kind of power and can just buy it for cheap from the farm. Now I’m working on the Archology site and trying to make a tourism specialized city.

I’ve had the game for a total of 144 hours… I’ve worked for 15… I’m now at 91 hours played! I don’t think I even played WoW that much when I first got it! Though that was probably only because I had a life back then, lol… I’d write way more about the game… but instead I’m going to go play it!

Thanks for reading!
MM <3

5 Responses to “SimCity Review Take 2”

  1. dustin says:

    wow that good huh?

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    dustin : Kind of… lol I did one last review of the game, now I’m going to play WoW!

  3. dustin says:

    o, yup! just read the last review lol but like u said over 100 hours in a game isnt too bad. look at it this way, most people spend 60-70 bucks to head to an amusement park for at the most, 12 hours…so i mean there could be worse ways to blow some extra cash. =D

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Dustin : 100 hours is worth the money I guess yea, especially comparing it to an amusement park, lol.

  5. dustin says:

    lol so with that logic…WoW is a freakin steal! lol =p even with the wee sub fee lol.

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