SimCity Review (Final)

Alright so after 117 hours, I’m pretty much done with the game. I guess that’s a pretty good hours of enjoyment vs game price ratio! I just feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I got almost all the achievements and the final straw was two more of my biggest cites “stopped functioning properly” and the roll back option that says it should take a few minutes, has been processing for days. I think it’s still worth the initial $70 to check out and play for 100 hours or so, but if you get frustrated easily, I’d still give it some time before jumping in!

Now I’m headed back to Azeroth, where I have (yep it’s disgusting) over a year of play time, and yet there’s still new things to do!

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  1. dustin says:

    …you know b4 WoW came out how they had that custom game on Warcraft 3 where u could pick a hero and play it…well, if u didnt now u do, but yea can only hope and pray that blizz knocks out an MMO set in the starcraft universe, i know it would be competeing with the cash cow that is WoW but one can dream cant they, ANYWAY the reason i brought it up was because while u were rockin some Sims i have been rockin a lil starcraft 2, and what’ll ya know i saw a custom game much similar to WoW, where the player could make and customize their fav troop build and rock it rpg style. i liked it but it left me wanting more, like a full blown game. even if they had to make it a WoW in space expansion, (not just outland) and did some crazy blizzard universe tie in =p never happen i know but a man can dream, and sry for ranting im just crazy bored lol

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Dustin : I haven’t ever played any Starcraft… but please always feel free to rant away! I read it all, even if I can’t really relate, lol. I do hope your dream of a WoW in space type thing comes true though! I tend to be less sci-fi, more fantasy, but anything WoW is cool with me! 😀

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