It’s Like Riding a Bike…

My blog is about gaming…. and Dungeons & Dragons is totally a game, so I am blogging about it!

So, I am a bit of a D&Der… I started playing when I was 13 and my uncle told me he would start me and some friends a campaign of our own if I could make it all the way through The Hobbit, which would prove I was ready to be included in such things. I read the book in only a few days, and loved it of course! I played a fair bit through my teen years, once every couple weeks at least, until our group got whittled down from people going away to school or just getting busy with adult life. When only my boyfriend and I were left back in 2005, our characters were forced into early retirement.

In the past year we’ve been trying to get started again. I DMed a few games, and was getting the hang of things, but it is a lot of work, especially making your campaigns from scratch, so my interest faded a bit. My brother just recently started DMing for us though, and I’ve really enjoyed getting back to playing as part of the group! He is liking being the DM, and doing a good job of it too, so I am thinking we might be able to get back to it being a regular event!

My current character is a level 3 cleric who keeps trying to be good, but has a bit of a bad temper… lol. I had never tried playing as a cleric before, but I am enjoying it! It’s nice to be able to focus on keeping friends alive rather than just slaughtering enemies for a change, though sometimes I get caught up and take a few more swings, when I really should have been keeping someone else from being knocked unconscious, hehe. I haven’t let any of my group members die yet however, though I did almost kill one of them myself…

So I am thinking I may start blogging about some of the funny/interesting things that happen during our games. I had tried making comics of some of the most humorous stuff from the game I was DMing, but I am a mediocre artist too, so they kind of suck, hehe. We’ve already gotten together twice this week to play, so hopefully I will have lots to write about soon!


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  1. Rochmoninoff says:

    Ahhhh D&D. That was really my gateway drug to all things gaming (I’m old so even the Apple2 was just a twinkle in Jobs & Wozniak eyes back then). Also I taught my self to read by fighting my way through the Hobbit in 4th grade. If it weren’t for that book I’d probably be functionally illiterate to this day.

    Great blog. Just noticed it when I was reading comments to Slice and Dice.
    PS I see through your evil plan. While claiming to be mediocre you fill your site with songs and interesting posts. Nice try.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rochmoninoff : Lol, my evil plan? Perhaps I should change it to something along the lines of “mediocre gamer, good blogger”? If you could somehow measure the dps of a blog post, I’m sure it would be higher than the dps of any of my WoW characters, hehe. Thank you for the kind comment! 🙂

  3. Rathay says:

    Wow.. you play Dungeons and Dragons? I’m jealous. That’s something I’ve always wanted to play but never had the friends to play it with. I love role-playing so… it seems like my kind of game. But hell, I haven’t even RP’d in a while.

    I tried role-playing on WoW but it’s just not my thing. I’m wayyyy more into text-based RPing, however Dungeons and Dragons has always appealed to me. Hope that I can find some people to play with. x.x

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rathay : You might not need friends to play with, hehe, you could always make friends by joining a game if you can find one! My best friend’s brother opened a game store here in town, and they have a sweet little back room where they host D&D games every Wednesday night. Anyone can join and it just costs something like $2 a person! Unless you have the unfortunate luck of living in a town even smaller than mine, you could probably find a similar group where you live! It always shocks me just how many people are active D&Ders, lol! Try checking out some game store’s websites in your area, hopefully you can find some people!!! 😀

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