Best Board Games to Play to Win Money

You can play many board games for money, and although board games such
as snakes and ladders can be significantly spiced up once you start
betting real money on them, as the results depend entirely on chance
your chances of winning are the same as the other players. The best
board games to play to win money are those where you have an edge, in
other words where you have a better chance of winning than your opponent.

Obviously this includes mind games such as chess, where you can always
beat a better player, but it is very difficult to hide the fact that you
are better, and after winning a few games nobody else will want to bet
against you.

However, if you choose a game that most people think is entirely chance,
but you know some special tactics and strategies that give you a
significant advantage, then you are in the driving seat and in the long
run you will always win.

An example of this kind of game is Monopoly. In this game there are some
mathematically proven strategies that will always increase your chances
of winning and that few people know about. For instance, Marlborough
Street, Bow Street and Vine Street are the most visited properties; and
this is where people are most likely to land when they get out of jail.
And Park Lane, a much coveted property, is rarely landed on. These are
just a few examples; there are others if you care to research them.

There are also many online casino games that are based on traditional
board games where you can win a very large amount of money. Play the best 
online casino games in the UK at For instance the afore mentioned snakes
and ladders is used as the theme in various instant win games as well as
some interesting slots. There are also slot versions of monopoly. Other
exciting examples include Cluedo slots, and although there are slots
games based on Draughts (or Checkers if you prefer) we are yet to come
across one based on Chess.

4 Responses to “Best Board Games to Play to Win Money”

  1. dusty says:

    whoa wait…did u say Marlboro, Bow, and Vine street? i have never played a monopoly game that had those on it…then again i havent played a monopoly game besides the “classic” in a while… so im wondering, are u playing a new kind of monopoly, or did they change the names of the properties depending on the market…. because arent u in canada? thats very interesting and i guess it makes a lot of sense i just never really thought that much into it lol…things that make u go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    dusty : I think there is a Canadian monopoly, but those ones are from the London monopoly board! 🙂

  3. Kate Dircksen says:

    Which snake has the largest mouth?

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Kate : The one with the biggest head probably…

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