Re-Subbed to WoW

I reactivated my WoW account for real today. This will be my test month, to see how much I actually play and decide if it’s worth it to stay subbed throughout the winter. Part of me misses my old obsession days when I’d wake up and log on before I even ate breakfast. It was unhealthy the amount I played back then, but it sure was a lot of fun. The only thing that’s really changed is now I play all alone and back then I was with a guild and a few family members. It really is the more the merrier with WoW, but I’m managing to have a somewhat merry time solo so far! I know I could probably find new people to play with if I transferred servers/factions, but I think my transferring and re-rolling on new servers days are behind me! I seriously have 80s all over the place from attempting to find a new group to play with!

I’ll continue to blog about my solo adventures in WoW and whatever other games I pick up in the next little while. I’ll also keep posting any game-related artwork I do. This one I finished last night of my main, Lauriella the Paladin, in her new transmog set.

Side note, as I was attempting to post this Friday, my internet went down and stayed down for the WHOLE WEEKEND! So I wasted the first few days of my WoW subscription but got a lot of artwork done while I was internetless. Thankfully it’s now fixed so I can get to WoWin’!

2 Responses to “Re-Subbed to WoW”

  1. GunbladeKnight says:

    I quit WoW almost a year ago myself for the second time. First time was during Wrath after I had been doing raiding through BC content and just got tired of the grind. I came back later to an RP server and had fun with that through Cata, but it seemed like everyone left when Mists came out.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    GunbladeKnight : I have quit and returned to WoW many times now myself! I have never given the RP aspect of it a try though. I think it would be a lot of fun, but for a semi-anti-social player like myself, it’s really hard to find a group to join to give RPing a shot. Are you playing any other games now that you’re away from WoW?

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