The Austerity Project

Gaming is a pretty awesome escape for me. When things get really bad, sometimes losing myself in a virtual world for a few days helps me deal, without really focusing on dealing. It’s probably not the best method, but hey, there are much worse things I could lose myself in! Someone I know was having a bad a day so I suggested World of Warcraft to them as a fun distraction. They thought it wouldn’t work for them because they didn’t want to have to kill things! Even in a video game, it was just something they didn’t want to do. That gave me kind of an interesting idea!

So I made, Austerity, the human priest, who will never kill a mob of any kind for any reason. I really don’t know how well this is going to work out but I am really interested to see if you can be at all successful in the World of Warcraft if you refuse to kill things. I know there are collection quests, experience for mining or herbalism, exploration experience and probably other things I haven’t even thought of.

My goal will be to get to level cap with a “–” still as my “number of creatures killed” (meaning zero). Then if I can get all the way to 90, to find out how successful/useful a character Austerity can be! This probably seems like a silly waste of time to a lot of people, but I’m hoping a few of you might find it as interesting an undertaking as I do! Anyway I will continue to post about my progress until I reach my goal or throw in the towel, lol. If anyone has an alternative experience gaining ideas for me, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for Reading,
Miss Mediocre <3

4 Responses to “The Austerity Project”

  1. sloppysam says:

    It has been done but requires some trickery. Good luck it sounds really hard.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    sloppysam : Thanks for the link! I had figured someone had probably attempted it before, that’s awesome that it’s actually possible. Though now I won’t be able to give up if it’s really hard and frustrating, because I know someone else has done it! Lol…

  3. Cori says:

    I had thought about doing this myself, but hadn’t tried. I am eager to hear how it goes! Good luck!

    And congrats on getting your own Moon Moon!

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    Cori : Thanks! I’ve been distracted the past couple days because I finally checked out the Timeless Isle but I’ll have another update post whenever I reach level 10 🙂

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