Night Elf Vampire

This is a Night Elf who is so excited to be dressed as a vampire for Hallow's End.

I have been playing WoW… A LOT lately! Mostly because right now it’s just a very effective distraction. I lost my poor sweet kitty to cancer a few days ago after 18 years together and very rarely while I’m playing I forget for a few minutes how sad I am. It’s better than laying in bed or watching movies for taking my mind off it anyway. Hallow’s Eve is almost here and though I didn’t really feel like posting anything, I did want to share the couple WoW/Halloween artsy things I’d finished last month before Hallow’s Eve has passed.

2 Responses to “Night Elf Vampire”

  1. sloppysam says:

    So sorry to hear about your kitty. It sucks so much to loose those furry friends.

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    sloppysam : Thanks, it really really does! 🙁

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