9 Years of WoW

In honor of World of Warcraft’s 9th Anniversary today I thought I’d write a little post about how WoW has changed for me over the years. As I believe I have mentioned here before, I started playing WoW just shortly after it’s release in 2004. My boyfriend at the time sat me down at his computer and told me to make a character on his account, claiming this shiny new game was just like Dungeons and Dragons, but ONLINE! Needless to say, from the moment my little human warrior’s feet hit the ground in Northshire, I was hooked. I then took over my old boyfriend’s account and still have that first level 12 warrior who shared a name with my D&D character. Since then WoW has been a big part of my life, sometimes a bit too big.

Years 1 to 3

When I first started playing my whole focus was interacting with other players. I was just so mesmerized by the fact that all those little characters running around were actual people and I wanted to befriend all of them. I started up my guild when I reached level 30, which was what I felt a good level to be able to really help people out. The guild was The Pink Fluffy Kittens and people still tell me that their time in that guild was some of the most fun they’d had in WoW. I’d help people level and run dungeons and make them gear, but the main focus of PFK was just fun. I’d organize trivia competitions, gnome battles, scavenger hunts, just any kind of fun event that everyone could be part of. We even had weekly guild meetings in a bar in Stormwind, thought it has since been destroyed by Deathwing. The guild got to be a good size, around 300 players in it’s prime, but when Burning Crusade hit, my focus changed and the guild inevitably died off. It’s still there now, but I use it and it’s bank as junk drawer more than anything else.

Years 3 to 5

In Burning Crusade I started playing Blood Elves a fair bit. I made the Evil Fluffy Kittens as a Horde guild to attempt to keep us all connected, but it didn’t really work. I also got interested in doing more dungeons and end game content and joined a guild that was a bit less casual than PFK. It was kind of incestuous though. The players were older and quite a few had actually met up IRL and had relations, a MMORPG thing I’d been totally oblivious to! I got really involved in the “drama” of the guild when I started actually speaking to them on team speak, making WoW more like a playable soap opera than a video game. It was really entertaining for a while but of course with all the drama, that guild completely imploded. When it all fell apart I started to get into raiding.

I joined a raiding guild close to the end of BC that was more or less drama free. It wasn’t a hardcore raiding guild, but we all did our best and progressed through the early BC raids, Kara being my favorite. I really liked working on fights and mechanics, figuring things out and overcoming obstacles as a group. I didn’t like having to play on a schedule though and I believe that is what eventually drove me away from raiding, that and the release of Wrath anyway.

Years 5 to 7

When Wrath hit and all the gear I’d accumulated while raiding for hours and hours became totally obsolete, I changed my focus entirely to leveling. I re-joined PFK on all my alts and just started leveling everything! By the end of Wrath I had an 80 of every class and two 80 priests and paladins. I’d always liked having lots of alts, but that was the first time I got them all to max level. I got into PvP then because I had such a good understanding of how all the different classes worked. It definitely gave me an edge and for a while I really enjoyed it. By the end of Wrath however my interest in WoW was starting to wain. I was playing more xbox 360 games than WoW, basically just because I didn’t really want to raid, but had done everything else I could think of!

Years 7 to 8

When Cataclysm hit I was determined to get a realm first, level fast and blog my face off about it. I missed my realm first for fishing by 3 minutes and leveled my first couple of characters very fast, but then my interested faded. I tried starting up a new leveling guild that would eventually raid called Luck, but it never really got off the ground. I’d maxed my archaeology, was making really good gold in the AH, was kind of sick of leveling and there was this new game, Rift. I didn’t want anything to do with other players in WoW anymore, any social interactions basically made me lose faith in the human race. Players were mean and greedy and would take you for everything they could. I joined a guild with my little brother and while they were nice to me, anyone not from their guild they were horrible to, just for their own entertainment. I cancelled my WoW subscription and started spending my time in Telara with all my pretty characters and their armor customizations. Then I stopped gaming entirely for about a year, lost 110 lbs, went through some very hard times and did a lot of growing up.

Year 9

I got Pandaria 2 months to the day after it’s release. It was the first time I hadn’t gone and stood in the midnight line up for an expansion. I played to level 90 on my main character and then un-subbed a couple months later. I didn’t come back until September of this year. I’m still very anti-social in game. I avoid interacting with players almost at any cost. I don’t even do dungeons. Now I basically spend my time leveling characters, trying to get back into making gold and farming old content. I spend 99% of my time in game alone and I’m not sure that will ever change. I’ve just had too many bad experiences with nasty players. Even my guild, Luck, I’m leveling completely on my own. I have a few RL friends who play, but they started on another server when they joined the game. I’ve started over on new servers so many times that I just can’t play over there without feeling like it’s a waste of time. My home is Terenas, where it has always been, unless the merge it with something else anyway.

I just found it interesting looking back over the last 9 years at how much my WoW playing has changed. When I started all I wanted was to interact with players and now I do everything I can to avoid ever interacting with anyone. I’m enjoying playing right now, but I am aware that unless I get into end game content, or they release another content patch, I’ll likely lose interest in playing again before Warlords of Draenor gets here. I will be back for WoD though, because that sounds way too awesome to miss!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary WoW! (Even though I’m disappointing that you didn’t send me a pet!)

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15 Responses to “9 Years of WoW”

  1. Auntie Kerry says:

    Hey Jennie! I really enjoyed getting caught up with your travels on WoW!!! It actually has intrigued me to check it out. That’s really sad that there are so many weenies out there who play and take advantage/are mean to other players unnecessarily 🙁 . Thanks for the blog 🙂

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Auntie Kerry : Awww you are the first person from the family to ever post on one of my blogs!!! 😀 That’s awesome that you found it interesting even though you’ve never played. It is pretty sad about all the crappy players but I have gotten very good at avoiding them, so they don’t get the opportunity to hassle me very often thankfully, lol. Thanks for reading it!!

  3. dusty says:

    wow! thats quite the history =D sorry to hear that u avoid other people tho, hopefully someone somewhere will help u instill that faith in the human race! (and while they’re at it they might as well instill ur faith in the blood elf race too =p) but yea i didnt start playing WoW til Wrath…i loved it, my RL buddies got me into it, i became one of the heads in our guilds trinity (for checks and balances) we had progressive raids and i was totally sold on it! then some people in our guild created drama saying that others werent learning their part and blaming the wipes on them and they were unhappy with the rate of progression for end game content and it all built up until it reached a head and the other two members of the trinity got into a huge fight and one left to a more hardcore raiding guild… he was replaced by our “guild g-ma” whom really wasnt that old and she was super sweet she’d farm anything for anyone and was all about helping our members…it was a great fit… but then we had a few guys get deployed overseas and every new member we recruited for progressive raids didnt “click” the way the rest of us had because we didnt know them in RL… so eventually my ADD got the best of me and i grew tired of WoW and went on to console gaming… i re sub every once in a while to check the new content hoping that i will have as much fun as i did in our hay-day =p

  4. Miss Mediocre says:

    dusty : I think it would take a few people to restore my faith in WoWers now, lol. Your guild grandma sounds awesome! It’s too bad to hear that your guild broke up too, but I guess that’s just what they do. It’s so hard when there are a few RL people that you play with because it takes a long time for it to click the same way with in-game people! It totally does eventually, though perhaps only with a few.

  5. Saga says:

    This made me smile, because your 1-3 years were almost identical to mine.

    I made a guild called The Helping Kittens (in Spanish) and we dedicated ourselves to help low levels in getting used to the game and finding their own path to follow.

    I also cherish those times as some of the most dear to me in my mmo history <3

  6. Miss Mediocre says:

    Saga : Aw, that’s awesome and I love the guild name! Do you still play now??

  7. Saga says:

    Yes, i do still play WoW :3
    I currently play in the European server Defias Brotherhood.


    This is my character <3

  8. Chris says:

    Not sure if you’re going to read this, but i accidentaly came across your blog. A very interesting read which i can relate too for the biggest part. Just today i installed Wow again after a two year break. I have to say though, that the past 5cyears i’ve always been playing on and off. Anyway, it seems every time i try to ge back into the game, i get sad. Sad because of all the people that aren’t there anymore and sad because it doesn’t get me excited anymore. I started playing Wow before it launched here in Europe. A friend from the US got me a key. That first month… i was completely obsessed. the months after that too, but a little less The first month though, i spent every single hour in Wow. I couldn’t wait to get home from work. I’d play all weekends the whole time. The downside was that everytime i had to go to bed, all my guild members and friends came online because of the time difference. So eventually i started playing on a EU server. Got into a great guild with many nice people. And there i met this Swedish girl. Who also happened to be a hot blonde girl Yes, you’d expect a fat bald guy behind the toon, but it wasn’t We used to play a lot together and when we weren’t playing, we chatted or talked on the phone a lot. We really really clicked. We were supposed to meet, but after 1.5 years i never heard from her again from one day on another. She just disappeared like that. Didn’t pick up her phone anymore and after a while her phonenumber wasn’t valid anymore either. Didn’t know if she was mad (i wouldn’t know why though) or something happened to her or whatever. didn’t know anything at all. I was so upset for several months. Kept mailing, but eventually my mails returned, so that meant she didn’t use the email account anymore either. That was three years ago. So today i log in, roll a panda and of course i have to think back off all those great years in Wow. It’s funny that you seem to enjoy the game the way you play now. Thats great, i wish i could do that too. But i can’t seem to get off my nostalgia goggles. And of course, i have to think of that girl too. it still upsets me a little that i never found out why she disappeared like that. I guess my MMO days ended a bit with that. It’s crazy how you can get carried away in a game like that and how you get attached to people. Don’t think i ever want that again. And now i’m also a console gamer like you

  9. Miss Mediocre says:

    Hi Chris, no worries about the smileys, I’m not sure why but they always show up wherever they feel like when I try to use them on here as well! I get pretty bummed out while wearing those nostalgia goggles as well, but I have been able to take them off (mostly) this time around! That’s sad to hear about your blonde friend, I have had a few friendships like that spark up from in-game but luckily (for the most part) I’m still in contact or at least able to get into contact with any of them. It’d definitely put a damper on a game if something like that happened to me!

    I hope you enjoy your WoWing this time around, I’ve had to take a bit of a break because I moved but I’m still excited to play again now that I’m settled. Thanks for commenting and sharing your story!

  10. Chris says:

    Hey again, it’s been a while since you updated your blog. Are you still playing ESO? Wondering if you’re going to pick up WoD next month. I just installed Wow again and still have the Mop trial. Going to give it another shot and see if i like it this time. HAve not played in a very long time so perhaps this time i find the joy again. Hope you’re well and you give us an update. Yours is the first and only blog i follow really 🙂 And you haven’t updated in half a year or so. Take care!

  11. Miss Mediocre says:

    Chris : Hi! I have actually been doing next to no gaming lately, but that’s usually the case for me in the summers. I stopped playing ESO a while ago, not because I found anything wrong with it but just because I went back to WoW in the spring and only let myself sub to one MMO at a time! If WoD wasn’t right around the corner, I’d probably be re-subbing to it instead of WoW, but I heard the big pre-expansion patch was applied today too, so I’m probably going to get back into Azeroth as soon as tomorrow! I got a beta invite to WoD as well and checked that out briefly, which got me pretty excited for next month! I had no idea anyone was checking back on here wanting to read my stuff so I promise, just for you, I will get back at it again! I am honored that my blog was the first and one of the only ones you follow! 😀

  12. Chris says:

    Heya, thanks for the update. Yeah, i’m like that usually also when it comes to gaming in the summer. Although i have played really a lot of Fallout: New Vegas this summer. Bought it for 5 Euro at a Steam sale and already gotten 110 hours out of it. It’s so good and has such an unbelievable amount of content, i’m amazed by it. Took me a while to get into it though. Anyway, i haven’t even played MoP. But this wouldn’t be the first time i get hyped by an expansion, only to have to get to play the older expansion first. But WoD seems really my thing and i’m especially hyped by the garrisons. I’m not much of a raider, i like playing solo, exploring and doing stuff at my own pace. And the garrisons seem perfect for me.
    It’s true about yours being the only blog i follow. Because it’s just nice to read about your enthusiasm for gaming, but also because a lot of things just are very recognizable to me. Your burnout with Wow back then, why you played The Sims so much, your first steps in Eso. Anyway, i’m very honored that you’ll update it just for me, heh. Just update when you feel like it. Your blog’s still in my favorites and i’ll check now and then. Have a great weekend.

  13. Chris says:

    Just a quick last word. Back in 2004 a friend from the US sent me a key for Wow, when it wasn’t even out here in Europe. That gaming experience was one if not the greatest of my life. The first months i was totally obsessed with the game. Every free minute of my life i played it. And god, i was happy. sounds like a no-lifer, but then i was 🙂 If i resub now and i can find half the enthusiasm i had back then, i will be very happy. Now and then i just listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78xB_GqLwPY I know this sounds geeky, but that ashenvale music makes me nostalgic beyond words. Yes i do have a life, i really do, but i will always miss the life i had back then for a few months.

  14. Miss Mediocre says:

    Chris : I have seen some of Fallout: New Vegas, it looks like something I’d definitely get into if I had the time! I either go into a game knowing I’m going to have 110 hours to put into it, or I save it until I do, lol. I probably miss out on trying a lot of games because of that, but the ones I play, I play the hell out of, lol. I’m glad you can relate to a lot of what I write about! Originally I wasn’t sure anyone would, I just wanted to write about this stuff because I like it so much, lol. I totally know what you mean about the Ashenvale music, I am like that with the Elwynn Forest stuff, since that was where I started out. I haven’t ever had as much fun with a game as I did when I started WoW either, not even close. Hopefully WoD will be at least a little bit like that! 😀

  15. Chris says:

    Started all over on a new server. Well, the first hours i thought i couldn’t get into it, but i made a click after a while. Also found a guild with some really nice people.
    It’s nice to have found the magic again in Wow. Started a human hunter and thought about what you said about Elwynn music. and while it’s nice, it comes nowhere near ashenvale music 😉 So how is your wow adventure going? too bad you play on Us server or we could have teamed up a bit.

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