There’s Only “I” In This Team!

I just wanted to write a quick post about my latest achievement. I have a guild that, up until 2 days ago, was made up of only my own characters. Because I have been into making gold for the past few expansions, I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with all the different professions. I noticed that there were only a few professions that I didn’t have at 600 yet, so I started working on them. I have Windwool Cloth coming out of my ears, so First Aid was simple. I’d found SO much Exotic Leather just grinding for rep and killing Zandalari Warscouts, so Leatherworking was rather painless. I had just reached level 85 with my Skinner, so I just ran around Pandaria for an hour and got my Skinning up to 600. The last step was Engineering! My warlock is 90 and had her Engineering around 500. Thankfully I have 3 level 90 Miners, so I had just enough Ghost Iron Ore to reach 595. For the last recipes I had, I needed Spirits of Harmony, which I had just used up making Living Steel the day before because my warlock is also an Alchemist. I really didn’t want to go and farm motes but I was SO close! Then I noticed all the Darkmoon Faire posters and balloons and remembered that you get 5 skill points for completing the profession quests there!

I headed happily to the faire, did my quest, reached 600 and NOTHING! I was so disappointed. I noticed that the guild achievement was missing Jewelcrafting, so I logged over to my JCer and because she is a Draenei, it was at 602/610. I whipped up a couple of rare gems and sure enough as soon as she reached 610/610, I got the achievement, Working Better as a Team. I was pretty happy since it is a guild achievement and I soloed it! I was even happier to see the reward was the Heirloom Leggings! I only have two more characters on my main server that can even use them, but I did notice something interesting yesterday that might make them more useful for me!

I know Blizz has talked about making BoA items cross server and I’m wondering if it’ll actually be fairly soon! I was mailing something to my alt and I noticed “Stelark – Drak’thul” as one of the options. I’m not even sure who that is, but I decided to try it out for one of my own characters! I typed in “Sylvadora – Winterhoof” (my blood elf paladin) and tried to send her some Timeless Plate Gloves. It didn’t go, but some text popped up that said, “You cannot send mail to that server”. It seems like a good sign that the option is already in the game, just not accessible yet! My alt-o-holic fingers are crossed!

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  1. Rivs says:

    I’m glad to see your back at it. 😉

  2. Miss Mediocre says:

    Rivs : Thanks! I’m glad to see you’re still at it! I think yours was one of the only blogs I used to check out that’s still going strong 😀

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