My Black Desert Online Home

I have been loving Black Desert Online’s player housing system since I started playing. There are houses that you can buy all over the place, from mansions in major cities to small cottages on the tops of mountains. I spent a long time looking through houses in Heidel, which is my favorite town so far. I really wanted something that had 2 stories to work with but that I could actually compete for Rank 1 in. A lot of the houses that are Rank 1 look more like fancy item storerooms than a player’s home. Unfortunately people just fill their houses with the cheapest/highest interior point items a lot of the time so that they can gain access to the investment banking, which is only available if you have a Rank 1 house in a major city.

I did manage to find a house I liked eventually that didn’t have a crazy Rank 1 score to compete with. It was nice because I didn’t have to buy items from the Pearl Shop to make my house the way I wanted. There are actually a lot of really nice looking furnishings available from in game vendors and the auction house, plus I got a fancy chair for playing 100 hours or so and you get a bed, bookcase, couch and dinning table for buying the “Explorers Package” version of the game (which my friend who gave me his account had).

Anyway I wanted to share my little walk through video of my place! It’s #8.5 in Heidel and I think it’s a good example of how you can fit a lot of furnishings into a pretty small space, while still having it feel cozy. Finally those interior design courses are paying off, lol.

(Sorry there’s no audio, I tried to add a voice over explanation but it didn’t save with the video!)


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