Makeovers and Overs and Overs in BDO

I have been in Black Desert Online for 40 days now. I’ve had a Value Pack on my account the whole time, which lets me change my character’s appearance whenever I want. I find if I’m waiting around for something or just depending on my mood, I end up in the “Beauty” tab, giving myself a makeover. Because the characters are just so awesome looking and the character customization is so in depth, I have a lot of fun with it! I was looking through my screenshots as I wait for server maintenance to be finished however and I realized just how many makeovers my poor Sorceress has been through now. 7! So I wanted to share them on here. You may notice the face changes pretty drastically around #4 and that’s because that was when I got a new graphics card for my pc!


No doubt there will be more makeovers in the future, (or maybe I should just make more characters, lol) but either way I’m sure I’ll end up posting them on here!

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